Friday 29 July 2005, by Anonymous :

I have to say, I want to hang out with Boreanaz too!!!

Saturday 30 July 2005, by Miranda :

Thanks for the info! It sounds like a awesome movie that I’d love to see. David IS a funny person so I can just imagine how funny it would be.

Saturday 30 July 2005, by SUSAN :

Cant wait for this movie...Anonymous@>your comments are strange beacuse you have said in past comments (in short) "that you dont like David and he ruins shows"..yet you are saying here ,you wanna hang with him?Confused!!!!

Monday 1 August 2005, by Anonymous :

not the same person!!!!

Tuesday 2 August 2005, by Zoti Bemba :

Good to hear this movie is moving down the post-production pipeline. I was just wondering this morning if we would ever get to see it. Patience!

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