Tuesday 9 August 2005, by grifter :

Fox markets its really cheap shows (reality and other crap). If you remember it even tried to kill the X-files, by far one of its best shows, and later launching corner stones. Also 2 million an episode is not accurate, that is counting salaries and special effects. Show like the OC and what not cost more than that when you take into a fact salaries and what not, but they (this author and other crap-spinning apologist) don’t include it in budget cost when they compare it to shows likes Firefly, Buffy and angel. Face it Fox blows. Strange Luck, Harsh Realm, Family guy (oh wait that came back), Wonder Falls, and the feather in their proverbial "we hate original material" cap, Firefly. blah blah blah, why bother. I’ll just go with name calling, Scott Nance, more like......I can’t do it.

These comments are an anwser to this article : Why "Firefly" failed on Fox - This Is Why We Have A Channel Called SciFi

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