Friday 19 August 2005, by linda :

wow sarah looks amazing. now you can see that she is just brunette and that her blond hair in the movie southland tales is a wig. She looks amazing especcialy the last picture is sooooo beautiful. OMG!!!!! haha

Friday 19 August 2005, by Anonymous :

She’s too beautiful for words

Friday 19 August 2005, by Anonymous :

Looks like she could be doing with a good meal :(

Friday 19 August 2005, by Anonymous :

sarah looks absolutley gorgeous (sp) and she has always been naturally skinny and i love the picture of her and max looks STUNNING!!!

Friday 19 August 2005, by Anonymous :

Sarah isn’t too skinny. She looks fine for a barely 5’2 actress.

Friday 19 August 2005, by Anonymous :

she IS very skinny.just tiny actually.i’ve seen her in person.very pretty! they do use an awful lot of makeup though.I love the pics!I could have done without the close up of the old guy lol

Friday 19 August 2005, by Anonymous :

I have been noticing this for a while now. It appears Sarah had her eyes done to remove her trademark slant from the bottom eyelid. I could be wrong , but I have seen many shots of her now where it is pretty straight across the bottom. She looks great either way.

Saturday 20 August 2005, by rachie-pants :

too. freiking. adorable.

There are no words!! lol

Saturday 20 August 2005, by Sarah :

STUNNING!!! I love the dress... and I hate dresses! If I had one like this I would wear it...somewhere...LOL! :)

Sunday 21 August 2005, by GL :

Are you kidding me? She always looks annerexic. I like her better blonde. Plus you can tell that she is already aging. Poor woman.

Sunday 21 August 2005, by Anonymous :

I think she looks perfect. She is a perfect weight for her frame. You can’t even tell if she’s skinny, so people just say that to bitch about something. Jealous of her I guess.

Monday 22 August 2005, by jo :

GL - Thanks, you’re good for a laugh.

Sarah looks absolutely wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look so radiant.

Monday 22 August 2005, by yorkshire_chik_sarah :

omg i luv the dress lol i so wud wear it but lol u no!!! i think she is skinny but she always has and it suits her she looks beautiful.

Monday 22 August 2005, by Anonymous :

She isn’t anorexic. She hasn’t aged badly. She is absolutely perfect for a woman who is barely even 5’2. If you are trying to insult her get something new to say. These things are getting old. Get over her not having blonde hair. She isn’t a natural blonde and probably wants to have brown hair, which goes a lot better with her eyes and skin.

Tuesday 23 August 2005, by Kyo :

GL - You’re hilarious, really. It’s spelled anorexic btw. If you don’t even know how to spell it perhaps you don’t even know that it’s a disease or that anorexia isn’t about "looks" or how a person "looks". Maybe you should do some research and buy some sense before you make comments.

Tuesday 23 August 2005, by Kyo :

P.S. Of course Sarah’s aging, if I remember correctly aging is a part of life. No one is saying anything new by saying "omg she’s aging", no, really?? She looks more mature than say when she was twenty which makes sense since she’s now twenty eight. She looks the same as she has in the past couple of years.

Wednesday 24 August 2005, by Anonymous :

O.k moron, who thinks she had her eyes done. Are you a plastic surgeon? My cousin is. Now I haven’t asked her wether or not it looks like she has had her eyes done, but don’t tempt me. I don’t think you are qualified to make statements on this subject. She obviously looks exactly like she always has.

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