Thursday 25 August 2005, by Anonymous :

Some pretty stupid choices....I mean, Jennifer Beals? Demi Moore?? OK for Wonder Woman’s MOM maybe...

Thursday 25 August 2005, by martheev (Jason) :

Yeah, not really any good choices there. But at least they didn’t have Katie Holmes on the list!

In my (completely non-racial) opinion, Vivica didnt even need to be on that list. She’s a beautiful woman and a wonderful actress for sure. I just hate it when they force ethnicity on a role where there doesn’t need to be. Now Micheal Clark Duncan WAS Kingpin! He’s big, overpowering, intimidating, just the way Kingpin should be. He was perfect for the role and I’m glad they cast him, even if it changed the ethnicity of the character. But with Wonder Woman I just don’t see a need to do that.

Angelina IS hot, gotta give her that, but I just don’t really see her as Wonder Woman. I went with Jennifer Beils myself. At least the picture they had of her made her look really pretty. But I’m still hoping they’ll go with someone maybe a little younger. Someone in their late twenties or early thirties maybe. Someone who can do a number of sequels without needing plastic surgery, but still looks mature enough to play the character. You know, a timeless beauty like Lynda Carter herself!

Friday 26 August 2005, by Anonymous :

Yeeeah. I’m not racist but this pole has a few african american actresses waiting to play the role of wonder woman. thats odd. seeing as wonder woman was a white girl with blue eyes. i voted for angelina.

Friday 26 August 2005, by Lindsey’s girl :

If they pick ANY of those actresses, the movie is definitely going to bomb in the theaters. Not one of them is a good match for Wonder Woman.

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