Saturday 27 August 2005, by Lightess :

Whoop! James and Mick in the same scene... I can’t wait!

Sunday 28 August 2005, by Isabell/Pandora :

To Anomymous: Shut the fuck up and go somewhere else!!! I’m so fed up with you "Anonymous" posters who just bring bad attitudes on this board and keep bad-mouthing the actors/actresses presented here. I’m always for speaking one’s mind - free speech and all - but you just keep posting stupid and disrespectful things about hard-working people which they don’t deserve. I don’t support all actors on these shows but out of respect for them and their fans I refrain from making hateful comments. I say "I don’t like him/her + work/person" but anything else is just immature bashing! For that: write a diary.

As for James being on ’Smallville’, I don’t like the show and I’m going to watch only the eps he’ll be in but for the fans of the show - I hope you’ll come to enjoy his work as much as I do and see him as a win for the show, I’m sure he’s doing the best he can to fit in with the rest of the cast and give you something you’ll like. He’s an actor - he’s doing his job (which he obviously truly loves!) and he’ll be great! Thanks for reading.

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