Saturday 24 September 2005, by Anonymous :

i’d say wrinkly is the better adjective.

Sunday 25 September 2005, by Sara :


Yeah whatever

He’s better looking than you i’ll bet:)

Sunday 25 September 2005, by Anonymous :

Uglyness is in the eye of the beholder...

Sunday 25 September 2005, by L :

Huh? *rolls eyes* Jeez, yeah that’s worth commenting isn’t it?

James looks great! I know I for one can’t wait for Smallville to finally air... mmm James/Mike... the only reason to watch the show IMO!

Sunday 25 September 2005, by Isabell/Pandora :

Geez, why do you even post a comment??? Sure, he’s not looking "healthy" in my opinion (those extra pounds the camera is supposed to add surely look like they’re missing right from his face...) but I love him all the same and still think he’s looking fucking good!

Hope you’r doing great, James! Rock on.

Monday 26 September 2005, by Anonymous :

Yeah ugly.. in a completely gorgeous kind of way. Can’t wait for Smallville to start.

Monday 26 September 2005, by Kim :

James is looking good.. it’s going to take sometime to get used to him without the blonde hair though. But he is very, very yummy.

Sunday 2 October 2005, by Abby :

He looks really cool.

Friday 7 October 2005, by Tyger :

Jealous? He is soooooo hot! Not just sexy-beautiful. When you have enough gut to leave your name you can criticize legitimately. Until that time keep your sour grapes to yourself. JM is the only reason I even watch Smallville and this was an awesome scene just for the special effects alone not to mention James. He looked as cold and calculating as Braniac is supposed to be. It was worth suffering the whole show just to get to it.

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