Sunday 25 September 2005, by Anonymous :

wth. hes not even in it. pssh.

Sunday 25 September 2005, by Anonymous :

You see him for about a split second when they’re doing the speedy picture finale sequence thingy..if that makes any sense

Sunday 25 September 2005, by Slayer_Cass :

Yes hes not even in it wat game are they trying to play at, you’s can keep fuking with ours heads STOP it, its not right. i shure other people can see him either.

Sunday 25 September 2005, by L :

He is there! The two Screencaps came from those VERY short shots of him. *bounce* Lex hit Clark! *pout* I wish Fine and Lex gang up on Clark and beat that annoying kid’s boreness out. Can’t wait!

Sunday 25 September 2005, by Natalie :

You see him for sure. Once in a close-up (he’s got dark hair) and once standing in front of something and pulling his hands off (I think it’s the black ship). Also, I’m almost certain he says the words "The life of someone close to you will be exchanged for yours." Because that sounds more like American-accented James Marsters than Terrance Stamp, the voice of Jor-El.

Monday 26 September 2005, by Anonymous :

Of course he’s in there! Just look closer. I would love to watch the new season of Smallville, but I guessI have to wait till they show it in Germany. Damn!

Monday 10 October 2005, by Anonymous :

I think Natalie is right!!!

Tuesday 18 October 2005, by Anonymous :

That voice isnt james Marsters.. Its actor John glover who plays Lionel Luthor.

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