Tuesday 27 September 2005, by Michael :

Here! Here! Time Warner is brutal here (San Diego).

I think it is vastly unfair to requrie hardware purchased from the very "utility" service that provides the signal. That is, force an abandonment of what ever you have (old, new) and force them (just so can "read back" what you are watching, er, oops, just to provide "On Demand" services.

There are no alternatives to they are doing, and it makes criminal signal stealing a thing everyone should think about. (Govenment should redefine what "basic" means, include news, sports, channels as required "locals" for all areas). This brutal treatment by the cable industry (and Satelitte is trying to follow) is contrary to commercials where are everywhere. Shows on most cable stations so chopped up, with ads appearing on the show. Should not have to pay for a commercial channel. They should pay us to watch their commercials.

Tuesday 27 September 2005, by Michael :

I apoligize, a second post.

I can repeat many of the same stories here. Worst of all, is the lies and misleadings. Classic "bait and swithch" techniques (isn’t that illegal?)

If any one can suggest where to centrally report such complaints, I would love to add my voice.

(I should probably apply for a job with them. Become what I hate. Right?)

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