Sunday 2 October 2005, by Anonymous :

ew.she’s like a billion years old and he’s....BUFFY’S!!!

Sunday 2 October 2005, by Anonymous :

are they dating?!?!

Monday 3 October 2005, by Anonymous :

Lucky ass....

Wednesday 5 October 2005, by miffed :

That’s what I’m talking go, Lauren! They look cute together!

Tuesday 8 November 2005, by Lar :

He looks incredible, and happy with Lauren, and they’re together in public the way he rarely was with the ex. I think they make a smokin’ couple. (And it’s only 5 years between them - go Lauren!)

Monday 6 March 2006, by Anonymous :

I read on a web site today that they split after five months together. Don’t know if it’s true or not????

Tuesday 21 March 2006, by Unknown :

Marc Blusca was lucky to have Lauren Graham!! Lauren Graham rocks!!! and Marc Blusca sucks! Lauren Graham is awesome on Gilmore Girls!!!! Loralie gilmore!!!!

And she’s not a billion years old moron!!

Friday 14 July 2006, by katie :

Lauren Graham’s dress is very pretty, and Marc Blucas looks good with Lauren Graham.

Sunday 16 July 2006, by alycia :

Lauren Graham is the best person ever , and is so awesome. she is my favorite actress ever. You Rock Lauren! I also love the Gilmore Girls.

Thursday 7 September 2006, by Anonymous :

Does anyone know if they are still an item????

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