Monday 3 October 2005, by Shasta Popsicle :

Look what last week’s "bad" press did for Flightplan!

How about a cross-country Serenity fly-over? Oh. wait. Its probably a little model. People might not be able to see it. Maybe Joss could say something controversial on conservative talk radio or get busted with a hooker. We just need press!

I’m going again this Saturday. matinee. Hubby can watch the kids while they nap.

Tuesday 4 October 2005, by sarah :

it’s sad when quality films such as Serenity don’t get nearly enough exposure as, say, movies like The dukes of hazzard. I guess people don’t wanna see a movie that doesn’t insult their intelligence.

Tuesday 4 October 2005, by Matildie :

The tv show was referred to me back in the day by someone I highly respected...and I so I’ve watched, but I never felt drawn to it, and, well...I still don’t. I’m sure this is a fine movie for folks but I’ll wait for the DVD. The idea of our world and history as is extended into the future without grace or growth in the spirit or society is hard to wanna go watch. Star Trek was a hit because it binged the note in the collective spirit about how we could actually really evolve into a collective ’enterprise.’ Gotta speak some truth here; Firefly talks about perpetual conflict. Existing in the center and dealing with cycles of conlict but with no real hope for lasting change—because if these humans hadn’t gotten it right with all the high tech and toys by the Firefly timeline, I’m led to understand that it’s never gonna happen for these guys and it’s all about singing the glorysong of banging your head on a brick wall and/or living semi free in the outskirts of society through crime and that’s just too dispiriting to watch. Also, when I hear ’browncoats’ I hear ’brownshirts’—cringe, think of Nazis and that’s that. Doesn’t need to make sense—it’s the pavlov thing. So, if how I feel is any indication—I think it might be missing the pulse of the public and if it could be presented in some way that feels comteporary or as a story that has a plow/plant/reap reality and not an ad infim et al; that might help.

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