Wednesday 5 October 2005, by nmcil :

Thank you Mr. Whedon for your great defense of The Browncoat Fans - I loved your film as I loved the series Firefly - and I know what I will be doing this weekend - I will be out there buying 2 more tickets, just like last week to show my admiration for your work and all your efforts to follow your dream. Maybe the most important thing about Serenity is not how much money it will eventually make and what happens once The HOLLYWOOD NUMBERS GAME brings its supremely ugly head into the story of this film. Perhaps the most important thing for all the fans of The Jossverse is the lesson of following your dreams with passion and dedication, and that’s a lesson for life, not just two and something hours worth of a great film experience.

Thank you and all your creative staff for bringing Serenity to our Film Experience - and BTW, nothing would make me go see the BIG NUMBERS WINNER of this weekend film money count.

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