Tuesday 18 October 2005, by anonymous :

Someone please remind me (if you can remember), how much did Joss say Universal wanted the film to make for sequels to be seriously considered? Was it $80 mil domestic box office, domestic and foreign combined or combined + DVD sales? I know 80 mill is the figure he gave, I just can’t remember what exactly it referred to.

Wednesday 19 October 2005, by Dawn4ever :

The report was that if the movie grossed 80 million+, so it’s a pretty safe bet it includes DVD sales and overseas earnings because Universal knows how well the Serenity DVD will sell, but don’t hold me to it.

Wednesday 19 October 2005, by anonymous :

So there’s still hope. Cool. Thanks Dawnster.

Thursday 20 October 2005, by Anonymous :

I believe the $80 mil figure was referring to worldwide b.o. totals. But I agree, it will be smashing on DVD.

Friday 21 October 2005, by Anonymous :

I love the optimism of Serenity/Firefly fans. This movie is so dead its not even funny. Unless Joss will do a direct to DVD sequel this situation is dead. Joss wants to be bigtime and that wont happen by doing direct to DVD things.

Friday 21 October 2005, by Dave :

Look: At least we all got to see the movie. I’m pretty sure the DVD sales will be spectacular. Just about every Browncoat who saw the movie will be buying the DVD shortly after the release.

If it ends at that I will be satisfied. If I goes on —direct to DVD or TV Movies, or even another movie — I will be very happy.

The "optimisim" mocked in a previous post is what got the movie made. For those of us who loved the series, the movie itself was a victory.

Firefly and Serenity will mark a very special place in DVD collection for probably the rest of my life, even if nothing more is added.

Of course, Joss could always pitch another movie on it’s own merits — somethine like a second browncoat rebellion: the big space war, which is something that has more wide appeal — and then just happen to mention that it would be a continuation of the Firefly franchise.

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