Saturday 22 October 2005, by Anonymous :

It’s been sort of canceled in Sweden too. The largest cinema company have passed on it, leaving it to a smaller one which means it will only open in select cities.

Sunday 23 October 2005, by Velvet :

We are lucky, in Ukraine and Russia it’s now in theaters

Sunday 23 October 2005, by Anonymous :



I was looking sooo forward to watching it on the big screen.....

*Is Singaporean

Sunday 23 October 2005, by Darling_Violetta :

Are you serious?!?!?! ARG! i currently live in Thailand and have been waiting for Serenity to comes since it came out in the states!!! well i was going to the movies with my friends today anyway so i might as well ask them if Serenity is no longer going to show!! This is so bad though because just a month ago it was on HBO giving out the dates in which Serenity would show in Southeast Asia!!!! grr if this is true im going to be very mad! id just have to go to the states to buy the DVD because knowing Thailand id only come out in its pirated version cause their arnt very many REAL dvd shops and all my Joss Whedon stuff (Buffy, Angel etc) are all real so that means id have to wait till summer or get someone to buy it from the states for me during spring break or something unless the dvd comes out during christmas in the states arg -_- this is horrible!!! i REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to go see it in theatres!!! and so did a bunch of people from school over here! oh well if it really isnt coming out to theatres gotta break the news to them to arg.

Sunday 23 October 2005, by Jo :

That’s really bad news. It’s doing so well over here in the UK, too.

Saturday 29 October 2005, by Anonymous :

I’m from Argentina as well and was patiently waiting for the movie to be showed in cinemas, I would have even dragged friends and family along, where’s that petition?

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