Thursday 27 October 2005, by kile :

Well, obviously, you hate browncoats, but since I can’t claim to be one, (I recently became a FF fan) I won’t take it too personally. Anyway...

Let’s consider the facts here. Serenity has gotten excellent reviews from critics and viewers alike. Ebert and Roeper gave it two thumbs up, which still means something to most people. If I’m not mistaken, Firefly even received good critical review, but was cancelled due to low ratings (probably due to the fact that it was juggled around and shown out of sequence by FOX *shrug*). Now I understand that everyone won’t enjoy this series or the film, but I don’t understand the hatred toward fans. I didn’t particularly like the latest Star Wars films, but I’m definaltely not going to attack the fans who love the series and enjoyed them. That would be really sad.

Saturday 29 October 2005, by M.Damata :

I am a Browncoat, proudly. I received two bad news today about Serenity (it’s low box office and it’s awfully cancelled theatrical release here in Brazil), and now this new really saved my day. The victory of Firefly and Serenity shows that FIREFLY is now a worldwidely successful saga, such as Star Wars. I’m confident it’s DVDs will make it a true classic just like Blade Runner (it was a critical and comercial failure in it’s release). I think Firefly is a genius, perfect and heartfull and extremely creative and daring multi-genre creation, so I’m very, veeeeery proud to be a fan of it.

These comments are an anwser to this article : Firefly voted greatest ever space science fiction work

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