Monday 31 October 2005, by Anonymous :

Why would SMG do an Ad for cigarettes and she hates them? That goes against everything she stands for.

Monday 31 October 2005, by Anonymous :

It’s fun !

Monday 31 October 2005, by Slayer Comma The :

Is this really authentic? If so I agree with the first post, cause Sarah has expressed her disgust of cigarettes on several occasions. It wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity promotes something he\she doesn’t necessarily like, but this is a little weird...And am I the only one who thinks that pack of cigarettes seems kinda planted, you know, like she’s not really holding it? Here’s hoping it’s fake!

And on a different note, she looks fabulous in that pic! :-)

Monday 31 October 2005, by Anonymous :

she may say she is against smoking but alot of boards have talked continually about her being a closet smoker and where she has actually been sighted smoking off camera so what she does and what she says may be two different things. it wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity behaved that way

Monday 31 October 2005, by Anonymous :

to the first post.. the ad is fake.. it is artwork

Tuesday 1 November 2005, by Anonymous :

oh dear god get over yourselves! its artwork, its spose to be a bit of fun, no need to start going into what she loves and hates, its a piece of work someone did. and may i say its good how you blended in the face good job.

Wednesday 2 November 2005, by sunluvjoy :

Ok for those in doubt about if this is real or not, the tag on the bottom left corner "" takes you to a Photoshop contest site. So don’t worry, SMG hasn’t gone back on her opinion on smoking. Whether she’s a closet smoker or not, well, that’s her business.

Thursday 3 November 2005, by Anonymous :

The real question is why do any of you people care whether or not the woman smokes? You don’t live with her. Why the hell should it matter? And the photoshop work is very nice.

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