Wednesday 2 November 2005, by Phil Fury :

What is Joss’ problem with Doyle!? I mean its in the top five episodes on most peoples lists and I havn’t heard him say one nice thing about the character or the actor before. In fact he usually completely avoids the subject of Glenn by talking about why Wesley was brought in. On the Angel season 5 DVD 100th episode celebration, Quinn isn’t even mentioned once by Joss neither Hero in Joss’ favourite episodes. It really bugs me how the only actor who’ll talk about Glenn is DB, at least he hasn’t erased Quinn or Doyle from his mind completely.

Wednesday 2 November 2005, by Anonymous :

Anyone know when we can expect to see the Region 1 release of this boxset?

Thursday 3 November 2005, by Chiron :

Aaah Joss, how I do adore you. Your #1 favorite Angel moment is the same as mine!

Sunday 13 August 2006, by Anonymous :

when will the angel complete series be released in r1? EVERYWHERE i look its only r2 and sold in the UK. Does anyone know?

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