Thursday 3 November 2005, by Anonymous :

So this guy just finished boning her or what?

Thursday 3 November 2005, by There can only be one :

Oh...bright Blondy Sarah! Please come back to us! (with real blond, not wig-on-account-of-southland-tales blond) ;-) I know she looks great as a brunette too, but she works so well as a blond...

Thursday 3 November 2005, by ZeoRangerVRed :

well... the guy looks like Freddie.

Thursday 3 November 2005, by tinkle :

little 12 year old boys obsessed with sex and "boning" should not be allowed near certain websites.

Friday 4 November 2005, by Anonymous :

Holly molly!! So even Sarah has greasy hair !!

Friday 4 November 2005, by Anonymous :

Lol. That bag is the same bag Jessica Simpson always carries around. Except Jessica’s is gold. Well, since these pictures were taken in 2000 and Jessica still walks around with this bag, I’d say it’s obvious who the trendsetter out of the two is!

Wednesday 16 November 2005, by Anonymous :

Sarah DOES NOT have greasy hair in these photos. She looks 100% better with dark hair, though. But still, her hair is not greasy, so you obviously have no idea what greasy hair looks like. And that guy is NOT Freddie. God you people are stupid. Just because she’s talking to some guy doesn’t mean she slept with him. How stupid...

Sunday 20 November 2005, by Anonymous :

I think sarahs hair looks nice. not flat and deff not greasy. that does not look like freddie one bit. if you do not know what you are talking about and do not even know who freddie is why even visit this site? you are sure not a fan so you must be lonely and bored. women and men can be friends and she seems to be chatting with a friend.she seams a genuinly nice person and i bet a great friend to have

Friday 14 April 2006, by SpuFFyFreaK :

Gellar looks simply beautiful *-*, that’s for sure! Her hair looks marvelous that way, doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect T.V-style. Her clothes look great! Her smile is miraculous! She’s just... outstanding! She’s drool’able and I’m a girl!

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