Saturday 5 November 2005, by Isabell :

James - love him - really... just the hair. It’s ridiculous! Get him a decent buzz-cut again, please!!! Macbeth was great though and I’m happy I came to London to see it.

Sunday 6 November 2005, by Anonymous :

weren’t cameras not allowed for the concerts? or was it only the play part?

Sunday 6 November 2005, by Borgs :

He can sing, act, but can’t write song lyrics ;)

Monday 7 November 2005, by Enigma :

It was just the play that cameras were’t allowed in :) I totally disagree, i LOVE is hair and his lyrics. Thank you James for coming back to London!!

Monday 7 November 2005, by Enigma :

I disagree! I love his hair longer, all he needs to do now is bleach it again :) And i love his songs, some of the lyrics about lost love are really touching.

Yup photos were allowed at the concerts, just not video, he was great!!!

Thursday 10 November 2005, by Anonymous :

James doesn’t look ridiculous Isabell - I saw him on all the dates & I can tell you he’s looking a lot better with long hair - anybody agree,you’re the only 1 to think this. Anyway,photos were allowed but no videos - PAT have taken photos & no videos so before to send messages,thanks to keep a look. James rocks!

Sunday 13 November 2005, by Nebelelfe :

I was a bit disappointed that James didn’t really spoke to the fans in London. He just came, did his music and was gone again. I came from Germany just to see him. But at least he played all my favourite songs like Smile, Angel and no promises.

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