Friday 11 November 2005, by Anonymous :

Seriously, where did you see THAT level of chemistry, like they were Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie?!. They have timming? yes, but mostly for DB’s work. Deschanel is not good, barely average, and the fact that she let pass the moment the writers let her to shine at the past episode (her scene with the boy when she was less monotone than usual but not moving at all, not to mention the cheap way the writers used a serious plot llike a child abuse only to show that Brennan was human and was at the system for a while, was lame. Go and watch L&O SVU to learn how to deal with those themes with respect) or Deschanel’s total lack of charm at the bear episode, it’s the final prove I needed to.

Sorry, I find no chemistry at all, and more some people insist and pressure the viewers to wanted them together, worst result!. Booth/Angela, good. But I think Hanson, and avid ATS fan wanted the bickering, sassy, witty banter that Cordelia/Angel had, scpecially between season 1 to half of 3..... like when Cordy wanted to make Angel go out and get fun and Angel didn’t understand nothing she was saying.... or when she confronted him or demanded more things and he was clueless.... I think that’s what Hanson wants but ED & DB are no near to that spark in the dialogue, not even talking as a shipper or anything, just that chemistry for that. I don’t want to sound rude, but I even saw some Emily’s interview and she’ dull, not shy, it’s not that, she’s dull and as an actress she trasmit that.

So really, there are a lot of us that don’t see that chemistry there, not matter what they writers want to makes us see or force us to see. I respect other opinion, but the "hot chemistry" is not there, sorry.

Friday 11 November 2005, by Anonymous :

Well, I really see a lot of chemistry between Booth & Brennan. The reason why I watched the premiere was because I love David. But I’m not really into CSI kind of stuff. So I’m actually loving the show because of their chemistry

Saturday 12 November 2005, by Mo :

See, I think they have a certain thing between them. Chemistry, if you will. The back and forth bickering is of the good, but not nearly on par with Cordelia and Angel, back in the day. So far so good, and more of it can only make it better. I do like seeing ’into’ the characters and that’s just now starting to come out, so I eagerly anticipate each new episode. And of course, David is outstanding so maybe Emily will catch on that much faster.

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