Sunday 13 November 2005, by Just Me! :

Aww!Finally the appearance of Amber’s!!Haven’t seen her for a while.. :( She seems so nice and mellow and sweet..

Tuesday 6 December 2005, by Michael :

I met Amber (and co-writer Chris) in San Diego, right around same time. (my first brush with greatness...)

I had "number 3" (thanks whedon info), but got "ushered" out by guy who was trying to do two at a time (meet CHris, then Amber).

Got to talk with Chris quite a bit (never heard of him before). Pretty cool dude. The number 2 bookee, way-over stayed and I only a hello, sweet smile, and out the door. (Love the book store I just discovered here in SD).

Amber (if ya...) I was "Queen Victoria" spoiler & told Chris about a possible ghost alchemist. Email maybe?

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