Tuesday 6 December 2005, by Darien :

Wow, that’s funny! No, wait...it’s tedious and boring. My mistake.

Friday 9 December 2005, by michael :

You gots to know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold ’em. Know when to chow ’em down. And, know when to chum.

You can’t count your epidermis’, ’Tilll everyone’s done their rapin’. They’ll be time enough to pierce your buns... [SOMEBODY ELSE FINISH]

"bun piercing", re: Jackass DVD’s — stocking stuffer idea.

I thought the Reavers were going to turn out to be Vampires. I.e., the fear reactions (Jayne’s face); they eat people, make "more" of their kind [sire], they come from "imaginable darkness" - Mal to Alliance officer in "Bushwacked" episode. Also both Fray & Firefly had that future thing. Thought this when the picutre of River with long machete & axe/sicle thing. She looked a lot like a Slayer to me...

Also, check out Adam Baldwin’s dental work, and compare to Urkonn’s teethy grins in Fray comic books. Also borh Urkonn & Jayne were decently horny... Thought River Tam might end up to be Meleka Fray...

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