Monday 5 December 2005, by Anonymous :

I’ve been watchint Buffy faithfully since the very first episode aired way back when. In fact, I’ve been buying the DVDs as they’ve come out and watch at least one episode a night, often two. I added Angel to the end of the cycle and now have 12 seasons that I just cycle through. It’s awesome, I love the show and expect I will always watch it as I have been for over 10 years.

I feel like one of society’s elite because I have found this show when so many other people are too blinded by their own shortcomings to even give it a chance. To hell with them, I can enjoy this show all by my lonesome if necessary.

Saturday 10 December 2005, by Gina :

GRRRRR ARRRRG I got into Buffy in reruns on FX and am a complete dy-hard lifelong fan. I started buying the Seasons on DVD ( I have 5, 6, & 7) I wish the new boxed set of the entire show would have come out before I started my quest to own every single ep. ever made. (I MUST HAVE THEM ALL). I simply cannot get enough BUFFY. Its funny that the show’s title is BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, when the other characters are the real interesting ones. Buffy is fine and good, but EVIL WILLOW could do a show by herself. So far, season 6 is my favorite. Witty humor, cool chicks kicking butt, what more do we need people! Yes, people make fun of me because I know everything Buffy, but I can live with that. I have 2 teeagers that don’t quite get it but don’t worry Joss... I am determined to get them hooked to. And finally we have a Vengance demon.. who is afraid of bunnies. bunnies it must be bunnies!!! God I love that!!! Joss we need a new series!!

Friday 6 January 2006, by Stephanie H :

I’ve been watching BtVS since 6th grade, now I’m in 9th. Basically I started watching it on FX cause I didn’t know what channel it was on until season seven, so now almost 4 years after I started watching it I’ve seen all of the episodes in seasons 1-6 except 5 episodes and most of season 7 (Damn FX changed times half way thru season 7, and right before they aired the ones I missed on the WB, but I only had missed a few!!) and I have seen almost all of Season 5 of Angel (cause of Spike and I had too see how Angel would handle "Chosen") Also I know a whole lot about BtVS and some about Angel,and a-lot about James Marsters. Most people don’t get why I like it,so I tell them to watch it a few times,but don’t watch a whole season or you’ll be wanting to see all of them!! Which is true! The way I see it is that being addicted to the Buffyverse is in a way like herpes but at the same time is not like it at all, cause the Buffyverse has sex!!!!

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