Friday 9 December 2005, by jamie_marsters :

All of these features (plus more) are also on the Australian version of the Serenity DVD.

Friday 9 December 2005, by Anonymous :

that’s actually in the US version...

Friday 9 December 2005, by Anonymous :

And a better cover than the US! Although I havent seen it anything will be better than the Region 1 version!

Friday 9 December 2005, by The Truth Is Out There :

To the anonymous posters who blames Joss Whedon for the different versions of the DVD across the regions, I take it you do know that the format and contents of the releases are not his decision. The product is owned by Universal and the various international divisions of that organisation intend to maximum revenue, as happens with every other DVD release. It’s just business. The "Joss’ favourites" comment is not a quote from Whedon, but just something put into the announcement to make it sound more enticing to the people it was intended for (people buying the R2 version).

Saturday 10 December 2005, by Nathan :

Don’t blame Joss, people. He has already stated that the DVD is "yet another thing" he has "no control over." Joss Whedon DVD commentaries are the BEST—we as fans know this. Joss obviously loves the DVD home market with regard to his shows and would more than know what he was doing if he would be responsible for producing a disc’s contents.

Sunday 11 December 2005, by Anonymous :

So what’s a reaonable (rantlessly as possible) reasons why the difference? I remember the Buffy big S6 Featurette "TV with a Bite" that was never seen in US until the DVD.

So many bogus things in US "HD" progress. Cable Systems thinking the made and produced the things they show. ("I am the DJ, I am what I play"). They reformat things already in HD to standard, plot ads on top, overright sound, and brutely cut originals so that they are almost unrecognizable. (Don’t know really, but HD —> US standard reformatting is just so they can then offer "HD" as a service, where they re-re-format or whatever. An attempt to requie a message "this show reformatting such and such by whomver" was voted down in committee a few weeks ago.) Am I starting to rant? Didn’t mean to.

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