Thursday 22 December 2005, by Anonymous :

"Best marketing efforts" my ass. There was better marketing for Pluto Nash than there was for Serenity.

Thursday 22 December 2005, by Miffed :

Heh, if that’s Universal’s "best" marketing effort, then their employees better pack up and go home. The company’s on it’s last legs!

Friday 23 December 2005, by Dave :

Joss has already come out and said this article is not accurate.

Friday 6 January 2006, by L.S.DAN :

Are you kidding????? Best marketing from Universal?????? Not here on the east coast. The marketing was pretty thin. I think I saw about four TV trailers in the FOUR short weeks that the movie was playing in the area. I saw NO interviews with the cast[and believe me I was looking] and not one mention on Entertainment Tonight. The newspaper adds were non-existent. At the multiplex where I viewed the film three times, they didn’t seem to have the SERENITY trailer to show on their lobby video screens. I felt like I was living in a blackout zone!! It was difficult to encourage people to see the film when their was very little BUZZ. Oh, and to add insult to injury, my recent trip to blockbuster video revealed that there were NO SERENITY videos available, the staff explained that they only had six copies at the store-all rented out[they said that they usually get about 25-30 copies of new release videos. go figure] I can go on and on . This movie made what,25-30 mil at a time when NO ONE was going to the movies. The studios were crying in their milk at the turnout for their blockbusters. Don’t squash the FIREFLY yet JOSS.........the DVD sales may encourage you to continue the journey. And thanks for the trip.

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