Friday 13 January 2006, by Anonymous :

The reviewer makes some good points, and I also agree w/his aside about S6 of Buffy. That said, what I loved about S4 was that 2/3 of it at least feels like 1 continuous movie, which was very much like parts of S2 and S3 of Buffy, what I think were by far the strongest of the series. I don’t think that is necessarily the case w/S6 since I don’t see the continuous flow going there as you see in the other examples. Also of course S4 of Angel echoes alot of the elements of S2 of Buffy, as well as S3 w/the return of Faith. I know this fact, as well as alot of what the reviewer said, are why many people think this was the worst year of the series. Fair enough. But that’s what appealed to me about it, the flow is so "on" and seamlessly continuous that I think watching S4 in a smaller block of time is better since most episodes pick up right where the previous 1 leaves off. This year for me is easily Angel’s best, along w/S5.

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