Monday 23 January 2006, by Eduardo :

sadly that won’t happen in my lifetime. and it isn’t the case of "maybe this is the first step to help push people to make it happen" the costs are too high for producting an episode. you would have to have 3 million people signing up and paying 20 bucks monthly..that wont happen

It’s a little sad too this "alliance"’s business, people...things happen for a reason and not because people are evil and stuff. it’s an incredible show, but there’s not so many of us to make this do-able.

Tuesday 24 January 2006, by Lockescythe :

Its very unliikely but possible. Im sure FF/Serneity has 3 million fans worldwide. If they actually announced it was possible for this to happen. With Joss Whedon and cast and crew asking for 50 dollars a person for the season+you get a dvd with extras at the end of it. This COULD happen.

very unlikely though.

Thursday 2 February 2006, by Anonymous :

Look’s like you have made me an upset Browncoat...

What the hell is this Joss Whedon is the only person who can make firefly work !!!!

This is a bad Idea .... Nuff Said

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