Saturday 28 January 2006, by Anonymous :

*Bangs head on desk in frustration.* The Vampires in the Buffyverse DO age! The Master? Kakistos? For another, guess what; Angel looks older than when he first appeared. As does... Spike! Does it actually matter? Nope. Not one bit. /vows petty revenge on IGN. One day. Yes... one day.

Saturday 28 January 2006, by Anonymous :

PMSL. So the WB came up with this idea did they? XD

Saturday 28 January 2006, by Beth Ann S :

I would love that "beyond words" I think all true Buffy, Angel, Spike fans would be thrilled to see that. personally I hope Willow can be cast also, she is cute on how I met your mother but I miss Will. I wish Buffy would at least show her face. But I don’t think she will. ... that’s a true fan disappointment. But Spike was so great on both shows that he could pull off anything. And as far as him getting older he could have been the one vampire that the prophecies were written about and not Angel, Spike has a soul so he could be made human now. and not frozen in time. Maybe he could be a half breed Vamp/ human... that could work. Beth S

Sunday 29 January 2006, by buffyangelfan :

a spin off on buffy that would be well the most awesome thing in the world the best series of all time are buffy and angel and when they cancelled angel i was petrified and if this spin off cames to life then i will be the happiest eprson ever

Sunday 29 January 2006, by Nick :

This would be nice. It’s a good idea. But pathetic.

I can’t believe TheWB wants some kind of Buffy material back on the air. It’s only because their ratings are so low. Buffy and Angel are two of the few shows that made TheWB what it is...or was when it was still successful. They regret cancelling Angel. But they don’t want to admit it.

A Spike movie would be nice, but it won’t make up for their dumb decisions.

Sunday 29 January 2006, by angellover :

I fully agree with all the above. Joss we would love a Spike movie or a Angel and Buffy movie. But i agree the actors are not getting any younger and i for one would love the movie to be done in a way where all the buffyverse actors would agree to appear in it. But all we can do is wait. As for the WB i hope they don’t let us down again, because there is alot of the Buffyverse fans around and we DO NOT WANT TO BE DISAPOINTED.

Monday 30 January 2006, by Sarah :

I wonder how reliable this information is.......

Monday 30 January 2006, by Ophelia :

James is worried about the age factor himself and he said last year that he would only play Spike again if t were in the next couple of years ... so one year left and counting! As much as i would be in rapture if there were a Spike movie or series, lets face it guys, it just aint gonna happen! Any spin-off would have happened by now, they would have striked whilst the iron was hot and made the most of demand once Angel had finished

Monday 30 January 2006, by latent fan :

The Spike movie could still be made, even several years from now. Spike could have shanshued in the intervening years, and that would explain his aging. And, in a perfect world, it should be Spike that shanshues and gets to live happily ever after with Buffy. He did what all women want their boyfriends/spouses/sos to do, to change, through their love and direction, into the hero of their dreams. Spike was once an evil, blood-sucking fiend, but because of his love for Buffy (and a pesky chip), he became the hero that saved her and the world at the same time. It’s a no-brainer, as far as this fan is concerned.

Wednesday 1 February 2006, by DrJ :

To begin with, this reads like a bunch of excuses as to why it’ll never happen, and second, WB is getting merged with UPN and won’t be making any production decisions as WB anyway, so it’s kind of moot.

Wednesday 8 February 2006, by Endorill :

The WB wants a Spin-off? What a suprise? We’ve only been telling them for years that we’ll accept no substitutes. I think the problem lies less with Whedon not having time and more with the WB not having the funds to purchase the rights from FOX.

Monday 20 March 2006, by HOLLIE :


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