Saturday 11 February 2006, by Instant Sunshine :

IMDb have simply added JLH’s name to the possible cast list in response to her name being included in the information available on the British Film Council website. They have left SMG’s name in the list even though there is no mention of her on the BFC site. This is all speculation and half-truths. The simple facts are these. In late 2005 Blue Star Movies, the sales agents for this film, listed SMG amongst the possible cast, saying she was "in negotiations". This simply suggests that the producers wanted her and an approach had been made to her agency. There is no more to it than that. As of 13 January 2006, JLH is listed amongst the cast, although the BFC site indicates this is still "to be confirmed". There is no mention whatsoever of SMG.

These comments are an anwser to this article : Sarah Michelle Gellar - "Streetlight" New Movie (2007) - has false infos ?

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