Tuesday 14 February 2006, by darkraven1753 :

It made me cry to read this again. I still have not turned on the WB since the Angel finale. What an awful thing to happen on Valentine’s Day. Oh, how I miss the Buffy/Angelverse. :(

Wednesday 15 February 2006, by Anonymous :

Big deal, this is all rehashed B.S.

Wednesday 15 February 2006, by dbfan :

Man i was tryin to move on but.. Angel is my fav show and i dont think i can replace it with anything else why oh why it ended :( And about a movie or so,it better be soon cos david boreanaz is getting old with all the other crew and it wouldnt be logical to see the dark,tall,handsome vampire with a soul 40yo..

Thursday 16 February 2006, by Anonymous :

2 years later and that thing still makes me cry.I miss Angel.Who else doesn’t watch the WB anymore? who else will not watch the UPN/WB..hahahaha.losers!karma beotch!

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