Monday 20 February 2006, by Anonymous :

the hair doen’t look too good,too plastic-y,but overall the statue looks well done.The face looks exactly like her because SMG was dissatisfied by early Buffy figures and had herself Realscan-ed,and that’s what they use now for every Buffy figure.

Monday 20 February 2006, by Anonymous :

IF they change the hideous hair on this figure and loose the cow boobs and sculpt the dress instead of using that cheap shiny fabric crap, this would be a kick ass figure - even the best figure ever! BUT...if they keep it exactly like this, they are wasting the absolutely perfect likeness of Sarah. I mean the hair, boobs, and dress are SO bad - it’s a downright shame! I can guarantee SMG did not OK those oversized plastic boobs! REDO HER PLEASE - this could be THE Perfect Buffy.

Tuesday 21 February 2006, by Anonymous :

what would be really cool is if they took the realscan data,and made a life size head and shoulders bust,with realistic hair.

Thursday 23 February 2006, by Anonymous :

Yeah the face is a real close niceness. but come on the way she looks and standing looks like a stripper doll. so all she needs is a stripper pole instead of the stake she would be set. I don’t think i will buy this one. maybe if they change it. and come on her boobs aren’t that big.. and with them plastic boobs make her look cheap. as in slutty... she is suppose to be a role model not a sex craved hooker model..

Saturday 23 September 2006, by barstr7 :

Seems pretty accurate compared to the season 1 promos. Sarah was a bit heavier then (ie, bigger boobs) and was crammed into a supershort, cheap looking dress with an extremely low neckline. Plus her hair was all high and sculpted in the front much like the figure.

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