Friday 24 February 2006, by Anonymous :

I Would have to say that this this guy is so wrong i mean Buffy the Character was the reason i started watching buffy 9 years ago, i mean she was the essence and Joss has said that the show wasn’t about slaying vampires or killing hell gods, it was mostly about her and her trying to fit in and having a normal life without feeling lonely, so if so many people dislike buffy why was buffy an icon, and why did it lasted 7 seasons?.

Saturday 25 February 2006, by Anonymous :

Because this is the internet and alot of things are *true* here but not in the real world. Buffy was my favorite also and had chemisty with so many characters that ignite shipper wars. Others may have different favorite characters but to truly HATE Buffy who was in pretty much every scene and STILL watch? Someone is either a glutton for punishment or a

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