Saturday 25 February 2006, by Anonymous :

wow — i was always suspicious for her but this seems too real to just brush off. i wonder why she is so secretive about it? i guess the pressure to maintain her image is just too intense. i guess will probably get some more studies from the sets of her new films but frankly its not really a big deal. sarah smokes but so does just about every other hot actress in hollywood today

Saturday 25 February 2006, by Anonymous :

How is this "secretive"?

You can tell from her husky voice she’s a smoker, and just because she doesnt do it on screen doesnt mean she’s trying to hide it.

I mean come on, tons of people in show-biz smoke, why is this such a big deal with you people?

Saturday 25 February 2006, by Anonymous :

Even *if* this is true. How can someone smoking outside a public restaurant be considered doing something SECRETLY? It’s not like he caught her outside in her backyard behind a She could of just started or restarted or whatever. Besides had she smoked on BTVS Im sure one of her castmates that hated her would have said so. Anyhow, its not like she is suspected of child molestation.

Saturday 25 February 2006, by Anonymous :

I read that before a long time ago. To be honest, I really don’t believe it. For one, I’ve seen just about every paparazzi photo of her there is and I’ve yet to see one of her with one.

Saturday 25 February 2006, by Anonymous :

As a member of many SMG related boards out there, I just want to say that this is FALSE. There is a guy out there who makes up stories and has been banned from a bunch of sites because of it. He has a fetish about Sarah smoking. I know it sounds strange, but if you ever visit smgfan, fanhost,, imdb etc, etc... you’ll have certainly seen this guy. This is not the first time he has COMPLETELY made up entire reports. She tried smoking when she was younger, but is now very much against it. If she did smoke, she might not announce it to the world, but it’d be very easy for her to simply keep her mouth shut. This particular report has appeared elsewhere and generally been accepted as FAKE. You’ll also notice there’s no real information about where it came from.

Saturday 25 February 2006, by anon :

I wouldnt believe anything that this person has posted in the article he is well known on sarah sites for starting these stupid smoking rumors, He forever posts questions like "does Sarah smoke...?" and he probably has the world record for being banned on as many sites at one time.

Saturday 25 February 2006, by Anonymous :

um, she doesn’t smoke. the dude who wrote this is obsessed and the shit he posts is totally made up. it might sound real, but it’s an elaborate fantasy in his head

Saturday 25 February 2006, by Anonymous :

The paparazzi follow her all the time and she has never been caught smoking. That’s because she doesn’t. Not that I care that much. This has been posted on other sites and nobody takes the guy seriously. He’s a freak.

Saturday 25 February 2006, by Anonymous :

it’s a little hard to believe though

Saturday 25 February 2006, by Anonymous :

for the love of god she doesnt smoke this stupid ’rumor/accusation’ has gone around alot such bull she has clearly said in interviews that she does not smoke

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Anonymous :

I know this is not true. We ate at a restaurant a few months back while visiting friends in California and SMG was there with her mother. Our friends were smoking and SMG asked to be relocated because the smoke bothered her. Everyone knows the guy at tvgasm doesn’t like her.

AND... this is a quote from Movieline Magazine:

“In terms of cigarette smoking, we just do not allow it. Not only do you have to go outside our house if you want to smoke, but you have to go outside the gates of our house.”

 Sarah Michelle Gellar Movieline magazine, May ’02, p. 50

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Anonymous :

Frankly I didn’t find it credible as it would be idiotic to smoke in a public area where you could easily be seen and photographed and SMG doesn’t strike me as an idiot

Also as to the title of this article how are you a "secret" smoker if you light up in public. It’s not very secretive

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Michaela :

This isn’t true at all.

SMG has been very open about NOT smoking. She said once in a magazine that she asked a guy she was dating to stop smoking and he did for her because she thought it was gross and like kissing an ash tray.

And if she’s a smoker then there would be photos of her doing it online somewhere that wasn’t as a character in a movie. There are enough pap pictures that she would have been seen someplace if it were true.

Freddie Prinze Jr. even told a radio station in Atlanta that his biggest vice was occasionally using chewing tobacco but he had to use it when he was away from Sarah and that their house was completely smoke free. He even joked that Sarah’s nose was so sensitive that they had to use unscented candles for ’ambiance’.

So no. I think this is fake and it makes me question the integrity of the material this site posts.

Sunday 26 February 2006, by cookie-cutter-baby :

There’s nothing "wrong" with smoking...of course not. However, Sarah is vehemently against smoking. Her being caught smoking would expose the hypocrisy of the situation. The point is that she does not smoke and trying to convince people of this otherwise is lame and obsessive.

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Anonymous :

Look out world and stop what your doing SMG smokes and things will never be the same. All our lives are completely different now that this bomb has been dropped on us. How can we function correctly again. This will be on the front page of every paper by morning...

Sunday 26 February 2006, by JuneX :

As I said with Michelle T., I’m terribly disappointed in finding that SMG smokes. I thought she was intelligent also, as I thought so of Michelle. Apparently not. Well, my Dad died last week due to lung cancer, and my Mother had 5 years earlier of the same disease. I watched my Mother die. She didn’t even know me, the cancer spread to her brain. And this woman was a PHD! I was very disappointed in her too, she knew better and did it anyway, as did my Dad.

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Anonymous :

There Are Vids of her smoking a cigarette

Sunday 26 February 2006, by CaliSmoker:) :

To the person who saw SMG in the restaurant in California, can you please let me know the name of this place??? It must be special because us Californian’s haven’t been able to smoke in public buildings for years!!!! We can’t even smoke in the bars!!! Please tell where this place is because I haven’t been able to puff at the table after eating in a lot of years!!!! Thanks!!!!

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Anonymous :

sarah was not smoking inside the restaurant, she was smoking outside as many people do during or immediately after they finish dinner. the name of the restaurant is Kabuki, a Japanese restaurant in Hollywood. also the person who witnessed the sighting is one of the owners of TVGASM.COM which lends even more credibility to the story.

Sunday 26 February 2006, by DurangoKid :

My life just won’t be complete until this matter is settled once and for all.

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Anonymous :

The anonymous people above talking about videos of her smoking and pictures of her smoking are all the same person. The person who obsessively goes around all of the smg and smg movie sites talking about this stuff. The video he claims shows her smoking is of her on the Harvard Man set, and every other sane person who has seen it knows that it’s NOT a cigarette but simply one of her fingers is at a weird angle while holding onto a coffee cup. It’s actually quite clear. The pictures he talks of have never been posted when others have asked, which of course suggests they don’t exist. But since Sarah admits to trying smoking when she was much younger, it’s not impossible that there could be a picture from when she was 16 or some equally distant time. Since he’s refused to produce the pictures, it seems that even they don’t exist though.

Get a life you fool.

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Anonymous :

it’s known that she goes to that restaurant. people have mentioned a dish being named after her etc. so that piece of information wouldn’t be hard to come up with to make it seem authentic. i don’t care who it was posted by (or allegedly posted by), we all know the same weirdo wrote it. this got old a long time ago. there are authentic reports by people who have validated who they are of her moving away from people when they’re smoking. not just the one previously posted in this topic. she’s never been spotted by the paparazzi which she almost certainly would have, especially if she’s smoking outside like this made up rubbish suggests. so pointless since we all know it’s the same guy.

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Anonymous :

i really like this site. i’m a bit disappointed that this junk is allowed to remain here though when most of the other sites out there realised it was rubbish posted by the same obsessive guy who seems to be obsessed with proving smg smokes when she doesn’t. not that most of us would even care if she did. he posted this about a year ago on other sites. he’ll probably send in more junk that allegedly mentions her smoking in about another month or two. it’s what he does. he reregisters on the sites he’s been banned from and posts the same junk. since it’s not an issue that anybody else cares about, if a post or submission mentions smoking, it’ll be this same guy. that’s just a fact.

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Anonymous :

yea, this she DOES NOT smoke b/c al those times smg has said that she hated drugs. why would she turn around and smoke. god i hate people who start nasty rumors.

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Anonymous :

Anonymous above: You’re not helping your cause because again you can’t supply links to the pictures. So you’ve really just helped prove what the other person said. SMG said herself she tried smoking, so if there are old pictures of her doing it, that wouldn’t mean a thing. For what it’s worth, I don’t really believe that even they exist. Pictures of her smoking in the last 5 years? They don’t exist. If you claim otherwise, prove it. Put up or shut up. Claiming she’s smoking in blurry pictures where people simply can’t make out that she’s holding a pen or a straw or something else remotely cigarette shaped do not count.

Sunday 26 February 2006, by Jo :

I’m not bothered about the smoking, just would have been a lot happier not to hear about the writer’s "boner"......... yak. TMI.

Monday 27 February 2006, by Anonymous :

she does not smoke, i was on another forum on a smg website and a thread was started about her smoking and the admin closed it, and also look at the candid pictures of her do you ever see her smoking no she had said countless times in alot of magazines that she hates smoking and drugs PLUS in the tv special ’revealed with jules anser’ she clearly said " if i can stop one kid from smoking a cigarette then my job is done" her and freddie are both against smoking people just like to start up trouble especially this guy

Monday 27 February 2006, by Anonymous :

I love how so many people who don’t give a damn either way are passionate enough to testify to their apathy. The article itself is full of inconsistencies. She’s secretive about it but does it outside a public restaurant in broad daylight in LA, the paparazzi capital? Don’t think so. Also, the guy is so caught up that he goes out of his way to get a another look, but can’t be drawn away from the food to see what she ordered? Ahh...OK.

As for the posters, husky voice? Are you serious? The Harvard Man vid has been disproven already. After skating... you mean that old SNL skit?

For me, the fact that there aren’t any pap pics catching in her and those are the sort of things pap agencies *love* to get on camera, along with statements by Marsters, his stunt double, Freddie, fan reports, and SMG herself leads me to believe she doesn’t. I’ve seen pap pics of her wedding reception, her honeymoon, sightseeing in Rome, out shopping and eating dinner, leaving bars, on film sets...Not one of her smoking that wasn’t a screencap.

Monday 27 February 2006, by CaliSmoker:) :

I asked the question "what is the name of the restaurant that SMG was at", because you said "You were visiting Cali and your friends took you to dinner and SMG was there and asked to be moved because the smoke bothered her". I don’t care if she was smoking I’m just saying that you can’t smoke in restaurants in California so part of your post must be off. I have been to Kabuki and you can’t smoke there. I just want the person who posted the topic that said there was smoking INSIDE the restaurant to make sure they are correct, now it changes to SMG was smoking outside!! I DON’T CARE IF SHE WAS SMOKING OR NOT, You are the one who said there was smoking INSIDE of the restaurant, not me, and I just wanted to know where in Cali you went to eat where YOU said people were smoking so I can go there. Thank You Again,:):):)

Monday 27 February 2006, by The Truth Is Out There :

As has already been mentioned here by many others, it’s not appropriate to criticise someone if they do smoke (it is the personal choice of that person to make), but equally it is pointless to claim that someone who does not smoke is actually a smoker. This rather childish rumour about SMG has been hanging around like a bad smell for some time now. Numerous messages have appeared on posting boards and in other on-line forums claiming that she has been sighted smoking in a public place, even though she is supposedly very secretive about her "habit". Oddly enough, even though she is persistently followed by paparazzi photographers, often taking photos from a distance using zoom-lenses, she has not once been captured smoking on film. Clearly, this bizarre need to believe she smokes somehow enriches the lives of those who continue to make the claims, but it is mystifying why they should feel the need to spread this nosense around. It doesn’t take much effort to work out that it’s absolute rubbish. No matter how often a lie is told, it always remains a lie.

Monday 27 February 2006, by Anonymous :

hey CaliSmoker — you obviously didn’t read the original posting in TVGASM.COM very well. the guy writing that post saw Sarah smoking outside the restaurant. He never said anything about smoking in the restaurant. i am still baffled why so many people who have commented on this can’t believe its veracity. who cares if sarah smokes? it is totally understandable why she has been quite adept at hiding her habit. most celebrities would never want to be caught on camera. plus as another poster mentioned, she probably is more of a social smoker anyway, not a chain smoker like Britney Spears or Sienna Miller

Monday 27 February 2006, by Anonymous :

@CaliSmoker:) Not to defend someone I don’t know, but I believe there was a miscommunication. A person said that she asked to be moved, but I think the person who answered your question misinterpreted that as asking which restaurant was named in the article, not the statement of the person claiming she asked to be moved.

Monday 27 February 2006, by Anonymous :

I don’t believe she smokes. First of all there has never been photographs of her smoking. I’ve seen almost every picture of her on the internet, and she has never smoked. As for the harvard man video, I have it at home, and it is the straw on her coffee cup she is fingering. She pretended to smoke in an snl skid while ice skating. I won’t believe she smokes until I see solid proof. It seems nobody can find any though. Besides she is 28 years old, not 12. She has nothing to lie about.

Monday 27 February 2006, by Kate :

My main problem with this article is not the ambiguity over SMG’s ’smoking’ but the comment the author made about her and Freddie. I honest-to-God don’t see why so many people seem to have such an objection to him and I really don’t see why said people can’t just leave the pair of them alone. I’m not talking about the pap pictures because frankly, I’m as guilty as anyone else is...I love ’em but really...dissing (apologies, couldn’t think of a better word) someone’s husband is just the height of bad taste. They’re in love, leave ’em be. It’s a sorry day when someone can’t even marry the person they love without someone else feeling like they have the right to pass judgement.

Tuesday 28 February 2006, by martheev(Jason) :

Yeah yeah, I posted this message over at the Michelle Trachtenburg smoking article, but I felt so fired up I had to post it here as well.

First off, before I say anything: I AM NOT A SMOKER! Now that we’ve got that out of the way and you think you know which side of the argument I fall, on to my point.

All this backlash against smokers almost makes me want to become one! You know, just to piss people off. Sure sure smoking kills whatever. How do you explain the pictures of old people lighting up? Or that fact that my friends grandfather (who lived to be quite a ripe old age himself) used to cut a hole in this breathing mask to stick a cigarette through? How do you explain the fact that not all people who smoke die from it or it takes a damn good while to kill them off?

I really hate those so called "Truth" ads. I honestly think those are more staged than they try to make them look. They have some good points every once in a while. Ooo, smoking kills? Thanks, didn’t know that. But then there’s the lame ones like standing outside a cigarette office and asking them why they make a product that kills people. Uhm...hello! People from companies that make cars to chicken wings kill people! Car crash, chicken wings choke. Sh!t happens. And okay, cigarette companies make a product that is only for fun and has no real purpose. Guess we’d better stop McDonald’s before they give everyone heart disease and start knockin’ people off, as is thier grand plan I can assure you.

This is America people and my foot is DOWN! Isn’t this supposed to be a country of freedom? Isn’t that why we have so many imigrants, legal and otherwise, making thier way into this country? If "Truth" can post thier television ads, why can’t Marlboro? Even if it is pushed back to late night tv, at least let them say their piece! People choose to smoke. Okay, it may not be the smartest thing, but it’s still thier choice! Some people need to grow up and realize that there are other people in this world besides themselves and, yes, those other people are in fact going to do things they don’t like and piss them off. They are not so important that they need to infringe on the lives of others.

First smokers were pushed outside, then they were pushed to only certain areas outside. What’s next, Tabacco Nazis? At least they’ll know where to drive by and load up all the smokers. They’ll all be outside huddled in one little corner of the side of a building, possibly already standing in a little box or, beter yet, some kind of enclosed coccoon so they can’t harm anyone but thier own selves with thier nasty death vapors. And while we’re at it, why don’t we pass some law that these coccoons need to be placed only at train depots so all the Tobacco Nazis have to do is bring a forklift to load the smoky bubbles onto the train with? *POOF* Off to some seculded smoker’s camp and all the harmful ill in the world will suddenly magically disappear forever!

Now that that little rant is off my chest excuse me while I go hinder my own health and slowly kill myself by playing video games instead of exercising.

Saturday 11 March 2006, by Anonymous :

Sarah’s too smart to smoke. Besides she has asthma!

Saturday 11 March 2006, by Anonymous :

Don’t smoke and you save the rainforests.

Tuesday 14 March 2006, by Candice :

Oh my F@*%k! this guy is an absolute freak. how can he make up such garbage. if he was a real Sarah fan then her would know that she doesn’t smoke and in fact hates it. SMG Quote:"Smoking is so bad for your skin", " when people want to smoke at my house, I tell them to smoke outside, off the property".

What a loser, I feel sorry for him, he must be so lonley...

But more importantly, he should be stopped because as a Monumental Sarah admirer i feel totally offended and disgusted...more for Sarah’s part than as a fan!

Tuesday 21 March 2006, by SUSAN :

If she smoked ..the pictures would of been on every front page of every celebratie magazine...And believe me they dont miss a thing as big as this....BUFFY STAR SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR CAUGHT SMOKING...Oh and why dont you throw in AND SHES PREGNANT WITH JACK BLACKS BABY...Now wouldnt that be a head line......WOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT TOO.?.So untill I see one hanging from her mouth and actually breathing it into her lungs...this is just total bull-shit.

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