Tuesday 7 March 2006, by Anonymous :

This is from an episode of Buffy, Season 5 called "You were made to love me", about Warren and his robot girlfriend, which prompted Spike to have him create the Buffy-Bot.

Tuesday 7 March 2006, by Rudy M. Bantista :

Well, that looks like April, Warren’s robot girlfriend, in the flower print dress to me. So, I believe this must be on set from that shoot.

regards, rudy bantista@thuntek.net

Tuesday 7 March 2006, by Anonymous :

This is from the Buffy episode ’I Was Made To Love You’ about Warren creating the sexbot named April. This was the park scene.

Tuesday 7 March 2006, by Anonymous :

This looks like it is from the filming of the Buffy episode "I was made to Love you". That was during the fifth season (2000-2001). It is episode 16 of that season. That is all I know

Tuesday 7 March 2006, by Anonymous :

those were scenes from I was Maed to Love you

Tuesday 7 March 2006, by Ikepear :

This is from a BTVS ep. The girl in the tight dress is Warren’s robot & the tall girl standing is Warren’s about to be ex girlfriend Katrina. The ep is "I was Mde to Love You" fr S 5.


Tuesday 7 March 2006, by 5x5 :

Judging by the fact that the April-bot and Warren’s ex girlfriend are in one of the pictures, I’d say this is on set during the shoot of "I Was Made To Love You," whenever they shot it.

Tuesday 7 March 2006, by Ivana :

that is from buffy’s set, because girl in pink dress was warren’s robot-girl! and sarah looks like she did in 6th sesone of buffy

Saturday 11 March 2006, by Anonymous :

Why is everyone repeating where these pictures are from when we all quite clearly know anyway...and it tells us if we don’t. Humph. I’d much rather comment on the prettyness that is Miss Gellar. And so I will. Pretty.

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