Monday 13 March 2006, by g :

yesssssss omg! i cant wait!!!!

Tuesday 14 March 2006, by Anonymous :

At last!!! I can’t wait T.T

Tuesday 14 March 2006, by Anonymous :

Just to let you know that this film isn’t even close to starting filming. It’s one of the many pieces of incorrect info posted on imdb. The film will start shooting in the late summer at the earliest, with further proof being that she’s finishing off shooting in Mexico before going to Japan and then in May shooting another film in NY. No room for Alice.

Thursday 16 March 2006, by SCT :

Dude, can’t your read? The item itself says that Sarah will start filming it in the summer! They’re probably shooting other things right now (they could be shooting locations, for example). You probably just read the title without reading the actual item.

Wednesday 12 April 2006, by Kurotenshi :

I’m a HUJE fan of the game and I have somewhat of a passion for Alice so i’m not that exited...i’m not expecting Sarah Gellar to make a decent Alice (not in behaviour and even less fisicly) so if she sucks, i was right, if she’s ok the it’s a good surprise, this way ill never be desapointed.

Saturday 6 May 2006, by stars :

and what was she thinking sde doesn’t care about alice if she don’t give a space for the movie imagine she will act tired anc she won’t care about what she is doing (casting as alice)

Sunday 4 June 2006, by Angry Alice Fan :


Monday 21 August 2006, by Anonymous :

She’s too old...

Monday 4 September 2006, by Becca :

ARGGHH!!!! she has ruined American Mcgee’s Alice!!! that sucks what a disgrace you cant make that into a movie if its like that it would be better if it were like animation like not cartoon but 3-D animation but do it with the company that created Final fantasy VII that had good animation it only makes sense well to me anyways. becuz I dont think many ppl want to see sarah gellar playing alice AHHHHH *cries* I’m so depressed now that disturbs my demented love for american mcgee’s alice

Friday 20 October 2006, by Inspector Gadget :


I love how you think SMG ruined the American version of the Grudge when a ton of American movies suck in the first place anyway. She didn’t ruin the movie, the fact that America tried to rip off someone else’s idea to make money ruined it. It never would have been good. (I’m American, so don’t think that I’m some USA-basher here to be the Devil’s Advocate)

Saturday 28 October 2006, by finalfantaso sammo :

well I really do think that sarah michelle is too old to be playing that part. she isn’t very skinny, scary, or dead/anorexic looking. she just doesn’t give off that Alice atmosphere. Not only that but she is a very typical actress for scary movies. sorta lame. if they did do an animated movie that would be cool but only if the squaresoft/square enix teams worked on it. although I think that would be impossibble because they would only do animation for final fantasy games or games that tetsuya nomura animated and produced (final fantasy VII advent children). well whatever happens I still hope that they will do their best to keep the original atmosphere to the game. and i really hope that they don’t change the music(i love the game!).

Saturday 28 October 2006, by demmanners :

Hey Guys, After years of being more than a fan to wonderland and through the lookin glass alike it about knocked my socks off to find out by mistake earlier this year (2006) that a darker twisted version of wonderland is on the cards. The fact the story will have a darker moodier rewash has got me grinnin like, well a cheshire cat. As Ive read n re - read the story over the years of growing up as well as watching such productions by director david lynch the story in my own mind has been getting more twisted by the page. The only down fall to such a brilliant idea is as all ways will they pull it off?, or send it plumeting down n down n down the rabbit hole so far well want it leaving there? So far the plot looks thick, a desperate grieving alice steps back into wonderland for comfort to mourn but only to find the dreamy childhood characters grown over years twisted and edgy like those of a nightmare. All sounds more than good for me however lets hope they dont just leave it at twisting and updating a story (and its more than a story for me and i garentee a lot of other people) thats over 140 years old for purely box office sales. The production team n who ever deals with the style and depth of the film needs to know that this cant be another revamp of a great idea to make quick money n leave both film fans and wonderland fans leaving the cinema feeling both cheated and i surpose heart broken. However if this is done correctly just think of the possibilities, An older (and lets face it sexed up) version of alice (SMG) chasing through a moody land of cracked characters, deranged mushrooms, pot toaking catapillers n a feline friend that looks like its had sum angel dust thrown its kit-e-kat dish. Marralin Manson is rumoured for the part of the queen of hearts, cant say im a fan of his music however i understand his status and feel as if they should just give him the part. Visualy lets hope they give it the same twinge as they did in charlie and the chocolate factory (2005) and a wicked variety of background music to create atmosphere for our stories depth, and please dont make it a goth fest, personally if I heard some Portishead (Bristol sound England who i know hadda track of the film ’the craft’) all the way through or even once it that would do me nicely! maybe something like undenied, Elysium or numb should be featured, but obviously this is all left in the hands of the suits upstairs, lets hope the tick all the right boxes.

Thanks for reading this - a slightly over obsessed fan!!!!

Friday 10 November 2006, by mosh :

it sickens me that smg is playing the part. shes overused, and really? will she be able to pull off an Alice character, let alone a twisted Alice? shouldnt the character of Alice be pulled off by someone new, and can look the part too? i really hope she doesnt ruin Alice in Wonderland entirely

Tuesday 5 December 2006, by Theresa :

I read over these comments, and I just cannot believe what I have read on this board. Why would anyone think that Sarah will ruin Alice? It makes me sad that fans of Sarah would say such things. How can you say this when the movie has not even been released yet? How can anyone think Sarah could ruin anything in the first place? Shame on you. Shame shame.

I personally think the movie sounds like a great idea! I always thought Alice in Wonderland was a nifty story, and a dark and twisted Alice sounds like it would be a really fun storyline! I can’t wait to see it! Of course, I can’t wait to see any of Sarah’s movies. I end up counting down the days until the opening day of each and every one! Sarah is the ultimate best!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 7 December 2006, by jen :

omg u need 2 get a life sarah michelle gellar is a gr8 so back off if you dont like her movies iv got an idea dont watch them n stop saying a movie will be bad when it has not been made yet. sarah michelle gellar is gr8 come on i mean who ells could have pulled off buffy that well

Thursday 28 December 2006, by Rogue_Recruit :

Personally, SMG isn’t my actress of choice. I think they should’ve found someone new to be Alice. I can’t say that she ruined the movie but I can’t say she’ll be perfect because I have not seen the movie yet. So, it’ll be interesting to find out how the movie is.

PS has anyone found out some NEW info? I keep searching but I keep finding old stuff.

Saturday 17 February 2007, by Jess :

They should have chosen an actress with a british accent. I believe the Alice in the game has an accent. And Lewis Carrol’s Alice was English, too.

I don’t know, it’d make more sense. Sarah isn’t the greatest actress anyway. And those of you who have never even played that game and are whining on the Sarah-bashers should shut up. You don’t know how Alice is portrayed in American McGee’s version. Go paint your toenails or something.

Friday 23 February 2007, by Anonymous :

Alice in the Looking Glass was one of my favorite stories growing up. I played the game when it was first released along time ago and am a huge Alice fan and if you actually pay attention or know anything about Sarah Michelle Gellar you’d know she’d try to do it justice in everyway possible. Who would you suggest do it Dakota Fanning? Give it a chance it’s going to be hard enough to do justice even with a talented actress like SMG..... ummm....Losers.

Monday 5 March 2007, by darthfleenor :

Watch the episode of Buffy where she’s in an institution. Then tell me Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to ruin Alice. The truth is, the way great games are being made into crap movies, SMG will probably end up saving the movie. The game is magnificent, the star is perfect— it’s gonna come down to how dark they let the script get and if the art direction stays true to the game’s playfully dark mood.

Sunday 18 March 2007, by smg’s no1 fan :

i think smg will be perfect for the movie! but can any1 tell me is the movie going to be animated because i don’t want it to be????!!!!

Monday 16 April 2007, by Anonymous :

If I’m correct the Alice character in the game was only 18 (if anyone read the journal with the game) and Alice’s appearence was more gothic than how Alice looked in the Disney toons, but she has matured in her looks in the EA game, and so it’s possible that this movie will be for older people since it may scare very young children, but it still will be an interesting movie.

Saturday 21 April 2007, by Anonymous :

alrite i cant wait for this movie to cum out and i wuz kinda dissapointed at first wen i herd that sarah michelle gellar is playing alice but then i thot about it, and hav any of u seen cruel intentions? she wuz reeeely good in that, and can deffinately pull of being fucked up and twisted. i just wish they wood start filming it i meen dam

Sunday 22 April 2007, by Anonymous :

Alice was a great game and still is. The movie is what I’m really excited for. What I’m worried about is that movies based on video game are going to be such a drag. Sort of like Tron for whoever has herd of is.

Wednesday 30 May 2007, by Ragamuffin :

I just saw IMDB and it says the movie will be realesed on july 2008!! Why?!? Why they make me feel miserable?! Why!?! TOT!

Saturday 23 June 2007, by sarahlover :

I disagree with anyone on this board who says that Sarah would ruin the movie. Sarah is a very diverse person, who, in my opinion - - has never done a role injustice. This actress is one of the most talented, and intelligent actresses that I know. She’s been in so many great films. ( Cruel Intentions, anyone? ) She can go from a Slayer, to being a crack addict, to a porn star.

So, to any of those people out there who say she will suck in this movie - - do you pay ANY attention to her movies, at all?

Sunday 12 August 2007, by Em0 Rainb0w :

Personally, I adore the idea of this movie. The video game, though i havent played it, is probably genius, and the original story is inventive, and has always had a sort of macabre feeling about it.

I dont really enjoy the idea of Sarah Michelle Gellar playing this part, because, she is NOT young enough, and I doubt she has the proper look to pull off this sort of Alice.

She’s been in too many movies that are like this, and i dont like seeing the same actresses/actors used over and over again in the same genre.

Either way, I cannot wait to see the movie, since I may be wrong about her. ^^

Tuesday 21 August 2007, by Sketch :

I’m really torn between most of these comments because as a Buffy fan I really liked smg and as I’ve got older I’ve really began to like a good film. And although smg has got talent (Cruel intentions, I know what you did..) she clearly doesn’t use it to full potential in some films (Grudge, Return, Simply Irresistable) I think primarily because she is repeatedly accepting similar roles and weaker scripts but I really hope she pulls this through as it would be good to see her make a bit of a comeback and not be slated by the critics, I’d also really like to see the film do well as the storyline uniqueness should be seen. SMG u have the potential...put in the work!!

Sunday 16 September 2007, by DarkAliceLove :

I LOVE this game, i’m so excited to see the movie. But the roles? Bah! Sarahs a good actress, I agree with that but I don’t think she’d play a good Alice. Honostly I think it should be animated.... and what about the Cheshire cat? I’m a little weary to see how theyre planning this all out.

Wednesday 19 September 2007, by Anonymous :

I really don’t see how everyone can say she’s ruining the game when NOBODY HAS FRIGGIN SEEN THE MOVIE!!! My god!! Give it a chance.

Wednesday 24 October 2007, by bella donna :

u ppl are stupid!!!! SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR IS THE BEST CHOICE EVER!!!!!! SHE WOULD MAKE THE LOVELIEST DARK ALICE.if u think otherwise tooo flippin bad. thats just the way it is. gawd!!!! u should be as excited as i am that she’s the leading role. i cant wait till the movie is finally finished

Tuesday 6 November 2007, by berryblitz :

I just hope they won’t make Alice do the karate chops like Daphne on "Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed" did. The real Daphne of Scooby Doo doesn’t really do the Buffy the Vampire Slayer moves. Alice of "American McGee’s Alice" is like a cruel killer, not a karate fighter.

Sunday 2 December 2007, by Anonymous :

Of course, SMG is going to do a kick ass power girl- just like she did in scooby doo and all the other films she has done. I would of liked to see the new Alice movie really use it’s imagination- a little girl who looks about ten, dead skinny, with really manic dark eyes and carrying a bloody knife and a quiet voice with an english accent. No karate kicking power pop wham women cosplaying as little girls and doing the whole buffy thing. But we’ll see.

Sunday 30 December 2007, by Anonymous :

I don’t see her as Alice at all. I think Ellen Page [1] would fit the role a lot better. I just hope the movie actually gets filmed, I would hate to have gotten my hopes up for it for nothing.

Tuesday 1 January 2008, by ryan talbot :

oh my god / i have been waiting and looking up things on this game becoming a movie since 2000 and i can’t believe they want to use Gellar / she will absolutely destroy this movie / i’m actaully pissed right now! There have been so many video games become movies that have flopped and this is one of the reasons / really bad casting / i believe in going with unknowns especially in this case / American McGee don’t let this crap go down - and when the hell is Oz coming out??

Thursday 10 January 2008 :

The Oz game has been axed, but the oz movies are still going to be made apparently. Check out American Mcgee’s website for more info. I can’t wait for GRIMM!

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