Monday 13 March 2006, by g :

borrrrring. season 6 dailies are much much more better.

Tuesday 14 March 2006, by Anonymous :

i definitely prefer the earlier seasons, like this one!! thanks

Tuesday 14 March 2006, by Anonymous :

wow this rocks!! love season 2!!

Wednesday 15 March 2006, by Anonymous :

Season 2 is the best!!!!

Wednesday 15 March 2006, by Anonymous :

i LOVE season 2 dailies!! do you have any of ’innocence’ or more with david and sarah!! thanks for these.. they are awesome!

Wednesday 22 March 2006, by Anonymous :

awesome, THANKS!! do you have any more of season 2 or 3?? Especially with buffy/angel scenes?? like in surprise or amends or anything? where do you find these?

Wednesday 12 April 2006, by Anonymous :

yeah g, who needs plot, story, characters, or believability when we can have NAKED SPIKE AND BUFFY?! YEEAAAAH.

Season 2 forever.

Tuesday 25 April 2006, by MichaelSD :

If anybody is actually listening... I’d vote for a few daily scenes from Buffy 7x06 “Him” . Specifically, the one(s) where Willow and Anya answer the door and smitten by the dudes “heart that must be in his ... ass”.

The real funny dailies (I bet) is the following scenes where the four gals square off and argue who deserves RJ the most (Anya, Willow, Buffy, & Dawn). Anya shouting to Willow: “ can’t love him, his personal presence has a penis!”

Maybe Dawn’s cheerleading audition day would great too. Or Buffy trying to kill the principal with the rocket launcher she used to get “The Blue Smerf Judge” with (Buffy 2x??, “What’s My Line? Part II” , sorry, can’t rememember everything off the top of my head, right?), & Spike’s subsequent tackles & chase scenes with the rocket launcher.

But I’ve heard it said the funniest/best dailies on the planet were from Angel episode 4x06 “Spin The Bottle” . Eh?

I think these ones are great, have been shown some insight as to how these shows get made. (The Amy/Aly/Sarah/Amber dailies from B6.09 Smashed, and these from Buffy 2x19 “I Only Have Eyes For You” , showing the very scenes when Joss first realized that David Boreanaz could handle his own show (DVD commentary). But a set of dailies for their pure entertainment value would be in order (before we really do fade away, eh). Too much to hope for: Buffy B6.07 “Once More, With Feeling” ..., eh?

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