Wednesday 22 March 2006, by Anonymous :

lmao!! look at the gaurd in the white. look at his face!

Wednesday 22 March 2006, by Anonymous :

She is always running around with a bottle of Fiji water, no wonder everyone recognises her lol

Wednesday 22 March 2006, by Anonymous :

Fiji water... O think thats her new best friend

Wednesday 22 March 2006, by Anonymous :

The guard in white is in shock at seeing a celebrity pulling her own suitcase but then Sarah isn’t your average celebrity. You can also see she isn’t bothering to hide her face like some celebs do when you see them in airports and other places. She’s a beautiful lady.

Wednesday 22 March 2006, by AnnaVissiRules :

Fiji water?Huh?What’s that?And I was going to ask what kind of liquid she is holding on..What’s so special about thiswater & why is it yellow? Lol,I’d have the same reaction with this man in white if I’d seen her!And she’s not thrying to hide because she has nothing to hide & because apparently when u try to hide that’s when u draw all the attention to you!Besides these glasses cover almost all her face!

Friday 24 March 2006, by Anonymous :

I don’t think her hair is back to blonde again, but it’s definitely less darker than it was before.

Saturday 11 November 2006, by Bonjour for i am Jaz yes i am and i am very pleased to meet you :

i love the guys in the background lol. This pic is so cool i love fiji water bottles thats the only reason i buy it lol but why is the water yellow...maybe there wasnt a toilet.... eww gross thought! gross thought! lol xx Jaz xx

Friday 15 June 2007, by Hhanna :

Oh my God! My grandfather has that hat! But I must say that both looks good in it :) SMG you’re always so pretty!!

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