Wednesday 5 April 2006, by Marie :

Luckiest woman on the face of the earth. We finally see her. I’m not jealous. Nope. Although, I’m noticing a trend with the girls he goes out with. -runs off to darken hair-

Wednesday 5 April 2006, by Anonymous :

Wow, these pics really look like private pics. I wonder how they got online, or who did he manage to piss off so much as to make her/him want to post these photos on the net.

Had I been in shoes I wouldn’t have posted them.

Wednesday 5 April 2006, by Anonymous :

is he with her now? ugh. i hate her just cause shes with him!!

Wednesday 5 April 2006, by Anonymous :

What are you thinking James?! There are billions of BEAUTIFUL girls in this world who would give anything for you! And you pick this woman? I dont know about everyone else, but personally I think she is very ugly and not attractive at all.

Wednesday 5 April 2006, by Anonymous :

Young as usual.

Wednesday 5 April 2006, by Elina :

:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Drowning in tears...

Wednesday 5 April 2006, by SUSAN :

Wow !!!!I finally get to see James Marsters Girlfriend.And her name is Patricia..Good name..shes very pretty and they look wonderful together.....great photos....Thanx

Wednesday 5 April 2006, by Anonymous :

OOOOHHHHHHH how sweet ........ how old is she ? 23 ?

Wednesday 5 April 2006, by Guevara :


Wednesday 5 April 2006, by Ilona :

So she`s the german gal he sings about ......

Wednesday 5 April 2006, by a :

Thank God, i thought he was gay!

Wednesday 5 April 2006, by Anonymous :

she`s not that pretty and looks very young but if he`s happy with her..

Wednesday 5 April 2006, by Anonymous :

for some reason, she just doesn’t look very nice/interesting/good for JM to me. yeah yeah, blah blah, "none of my business." whatever.

Thursday 6 April 2006, by Anonymous :

he deserves better ..

Thursday 6 April 2006, by Womenhavelivestoo :

Patricia who? Is she in the biz?

Friday 7 April 2006, by Ho hum :

FINE! I’ll start....yeah, so....ok....So this means we all might have a chance at him too? >:)

Friday 7 April 2006, by Ho hum :


Friday 7 April 2006, by Anonymous :

They look good together. I hope they’re happy! The beach one reminds me of Buffy and Angel :D

Friday 7 April 2006, by mirandajane :

These photos are kind of stalker-ish.

Sunday 9 April 2006, by Anonymous :

oh :(((((((((

Sunday 9 April 2006, by Angela :

they make a beautiful couple. He looks happy. Good. he deserves it. but...Damn! *g*

Monday 10 April 2006, by Angela :

She looks nice but....I am so jealous!!!

Monday 10 April 2006, by babs :

Oh, so that’s who the song is about (Civilized Man, ’Patricia’)... Makes me wonder how ’Katie’ is involved. :)

Tuesday 11 April 2006, by SpuffyFreak :

I think he looks way freakin’ better with Gellar!

I bet when he’s doing love to his German gal he thinks ’bout Gellar. No doubt!

How could he? Oh, my! Since he likes gals with darker hair, he must think Gellar looks majorly hot now, y’know, that she’s brunette!

It’s all connected!

Wednesday 12 April 2006, by Pastiche of the ’Shades of Grey’ :

There are enough similarities in their facial features to suggest a good match, but is anyone else picking up on the body language? She seems very confident in his affection for her, but she’s maintaining a certain aloofness in all the photos... Maybe she’s just private about the way she feels for him but, James strikes me as a ‘passionate, I love you, I want the world to know’ kinda guy. And previous posts are right about the ‘type’. Long brunette hair and delicate features, me thinks James remembers what he used to look like in a previous life and is projecting a little. Like he quoted, “It’s better to have loved and lost...” I hope they’re happy, I hope it lasts, I hope he knows that there are people out there that care about his happiness.

Sunday 16 April 2006, by Mistress Marie :

Be well and happy. Love the fantasies, pictures, websites, and ALL YOUR WORK! Thank-you! Blessed be, Mistress Marie

Sunday 16 April 2006, by Sarah :

I think she’s butt ugly.............

Monday 17 April 2006, by anon :

I think she is a bit of a cow!! He has written a new song called ’finer than gold’ about her where he bought her a yellow gold necklace and she gave it back saying that yellow gold didn’t suit her skin!!!

Thursday 20 April 2006, by Tammy :

I am now crushed ..... lol !!! James O James .... what are you thinking honey ? I read the one comment of how the gold did not suit her skin type * sounds very cold on her part. This man is a total babe and yet he has chosen this Patricia to be by his side and yet all she cares about is herself. Thats too cold for a hottie like James. Anyhoo * I hope he finds a woman worthy of all the special gifts he has to offer and treasure him. I am keeping my opinion about how the girlfriend looks but I will say this .... he deserves soooooo much better !!! Conciet and being shallow are two attributes I don’t see James putting up with for more then a hour. Oh and psst James ( I’m a brunette ) and anything coming from you would look good on me.

Thursday 20 April 2006, by Panda :

These pictures look photoshopped....

Sunday 23 April 2006, by Anonymous :

Those pictures look like a little girl hanging on to her dad....okay, I’m going back into lurkdom. lol

Monday 1 May 2006, by Lisa Dixon :

What a lucky girl.....I am so jealous of her.

Wednesday 3 May 2006, by A Lurker... :

Hahahahha, some of these comments make me laugh and I so agree on, they don’t look suited. She looks like shes saying oo look at me I’m with James look at me look at me.....bah! Attention seeking cow lol. He can do better, alot better. And ain’t a couple of his g/f been non dark?

Thursday 4 May 2006, by brodie :

How long have they been together? And how long do you think it will last? he isn’t getting any younger..but he keeps getting hotter. She is exotic pretty, but I’m not a big fan of her nose..or her at all honestly. :D

Thursday 18 May 2006, by kat :

I heard that she ’s only 19, and they met when she was 17! He is old enough to be her dad for god sake!

Sunday 21 May 2006, by J :

Eww. Yuck...and an ick! He got "THAT" with rock-n-roll? Must’ve been desperate. She is not the least bit pretty or attractive. She’s a wench! And the fact that she threw the necklace he got her for her birthday in his face because it didn’t suit her skintone doesn’t help her case at all in my book. And anyone who tries to tell me that he said she graciously accepted the gift so I should back off should remember the song ’Finer Than Gold’. If she accepted it, why’d he write the appologetic little ditty? Selfish, ugly, arrogant and smug little brat that one is. Patricia’s beneath James. Where’s Helena?

Wednesday 24 May 2006, by Anonymous :

Has anyone ever noticed how many of his songs are about women. Valerie, Katie, Robyn, Patricia. who are these lucky ass women?

Monday 5 June 2006, by Anonymous :

she’s not that ugly... I think they look sweet together. get over it.

Tuesday 6 June 2006, by Anonymous :

another tasty piece of meat off the market... =(

Tuesday 6 June 2006, by Anonymous :

Ok, I’m getting sick of reading these posts from people commenting on their relationship without even knowing them personally! I’ve seen both of them together in person and they look great together! They seem incredibly inlove and Patricia... well, she’s very beautiful! You guys should’ve seen her in that outfit she wore that night... damn!!! She’s also very classy and very smart, so I don’t understand all these mean things you guys are writing about her. Is it because you’re jealous? The important thing is that they’re both happy and they are. Oh and those private pics that are posted on here were stolen from a private blog/website and if anyone can tell me how to report that, that would be great.

Friday 9 June 2006, by Anonymous :

I pity you. Don’t you have lives of your own. You are just fans and I doubt even this because if you were you would respect his private choices. By the way his girlfriend looks very beautiful and they siut wonderfully as a couple, I saw them once in real life. She looks really mature and you’d never guess that James is beyond his forties. The fact that James is able to chose between masses of beautiful girls and women supports the fact that she looks amazing. You say that you are fans but at the same time you say that his girlfriend exploits him. So do you think that James is a smart guy or a dork? Get some therapy bitches cause it seems that you need it! By then, gotta live My life! Oh and Gellar looks like an ugly bat and this girl looks like the total opposite of her, luckily!

Sunday 11 June 2006, by Mike :

To the two posters above me; An Opinion From The Y Chromosome:

1. According to James, he met Patricia backstage at a GoTR show in Germany around 2004. She took his number down one digit wrong and roadies cleared his pockets out, tossing her number in the trash. Now, if he really liked her at that point, wouldn’t he have made sure that her number was kept in a safer place? Wouldn’t he have made sure that she got his number right? NO! Instead, he goes about living his life for six months (even rumored that he was going as far as to sleep with another fan in Amsterdam shortly after meeting Patricia) while she’s at home in Germany trying all the different combinations of his phone number. Yes! He’s so in love....(gag). Hello! He’s a man! If any of you ladies on here know anything about men it’s that we’ll tell you anything to get your panties to hit the floor!

FACT IS: She was just a fan girl like the rest of these girls/ladies/women posting here! He met her during a time when he was nefarious for having one night stands with his fans. Though, the effort she put into reaching him must have been appealing to James.

2. How the H-E-double hockey stick are we supposed to know if she’s nice or not? It’s not like she makes any effort to appear friendly to anyone. Not like she has to, but, honestly, the way she goes about acting at fan conventions, it’s easy to see how someone might see her as smug. She doesn’t smile (maybe she’s shy or maybe she has bad teeth, who knows), it’s rumored that she starts fights with him at fan conventions because he (GASP!) spends way too much time with his fans. DEFINE THE IRONY!! None of his other girlfriends acted that way.

FACT IS: She may be nice, but, her way of showing it, even in an impersonal setting isn’t enough to convince anyone. Though, this is one of James’ more longer relationships, he may be happy. Hopefully he is. I’m rootin’ for the dude.

3. Real Fans wouldn’t go about picking apart their fave celeb’s choice of partner? What alternate reality are you living in?

FACT IS: If you love someone and don’t want to see them get hurt, you’re going to voice your opinion about something their doing, am I right? It doesn’t mean a lack of respect. It means you care! It’s his personal choice, and he don’t give a rat’s behind about what anyone says, but, that doesn’t mean his fans can’t voice their opinions about it. Positive or not. I highly doubt he needs the two of you policing the boards for him. He’s got a publicist for that.

4. They’re uber-happy and oh so in love? Let’s hope so, considering it’s been rumored she’s dumped him three times already because of his spending way too much time with fans, his crappy demeanor whenever they’re together and beautiful actresses. (I would have ditched her and never looked back.) Break-up/Make-up relationships hardly constitute happiness, unless you’re in highschool. It constitutes the fact that there is something WRONG in the relationship! It also means that the person doing the breaking up and making up is highly immature and unable to deal with adult relationships in a mature and responsible manner.

FACT IS: In October of last year, James told People Magazine that he hopes Patricia can stick it out a little longer to get to know the real him. Now, are those the words of a man who is in love and secure with the stability of his relationship or a man who knows it’s not going to work out? All’s well in paradise, huh......

5. We’re all just jealous fans don’t have lives of our own? Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but, I have a pretty impressive scheduel.

FACT IS: I’m a 26 year old, MALE law major at University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor, Mi, I am a member of the Sierra Student Coalition, The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Environmental Law Society. I am a shift manager at Red Lobster (a dude’s got to make a living, right?). I spend most of my free time that isn’t devoted to school, work or my extra-curricular activities partaking in the arts in and around the Ann Arbor-area, I like to discuss politics over a good brew with my friends at local pubs, take in movies, walk my dogs through the park and cuddle with my girlfriend. When I’m not doing this, I like to read, paint, play my guitar and watch football and Nascar. But, when I’m not in the mood to do any of the above mentioned, I like to come on here, where,unfourtunately, I have to read the excrement pouring from the keyboards of people like you. It’s almost as if you people have nothing better to do with your time than troll the boards looking for fights with other posters. (Please do not tell me you’re not trolls. If you weren’t, your names wouldn’t be ’Anonymous’ and you’d have no problem sharing your identity with the rest of us. Common sense, people.) I ask, who then, needs a life? So, I’m not jealous. I haven’t the time for it, really. James isn’t my type. I like spunky, little red-heads.

As for James and Patricia, I hope they are happy, but, if the rumors are true, (which every rumor has an element of truth to it, or else it could not have been created), then, they need to split ways. No good has ever come from a negatively charged relationship. It always leads to heartache.

*Oh, and coming from one of the guy’s only male fans, she’s not that attractive and her overall demeanor in these pictures are enough to make me want to stay away from her. My prospective ladies have to smile and laugh or I pay them no mind. Looking smokin’ hot in an evening gown just isn’t enough.

Monday 12 June 2006, by conventionattender :

oh my god, don’t you have anything else to do but analyse this man’s love life. Leave him alone. Seems like there are enough bitter people in this world who need to destroy the happiness of another. Even if you don’t consider his girl to be that pretty, well, then that must mean she’s got more to offer, right? Like personality for example, charme, witt... As said already above, James has alot of girl to choose from and he chose her. That must mean something... so again... get over it! =)

Saturday 17 June 2006, by Spuffy Freak :

Oh! Thank you, Mike, for the biography of your lovely “successful” live. As if, anyone ever stopped to actually care. As to the two ditz above mister highly impressive Mike, I don’t know what the hell you two are talking about. Are you Marsters’ personal Spy? Or maybe Marsters probably told you everything that you just mentioned in your ports, ’cause your his best buddies. Give me a break! And you don’t even should start to dare call Gellar ugly. She is the most beautiful woman -in my opinion- that I have ever seen. And I’ve always considered her to be an exceptionally intelligent woman. Truth be told, Marsters would be lucky to date her. He even mentioned in an interview once that it would be like dream to date Gellar; just to show you a glimpse of what he actually thinks of her, and how shitless wrong you are to call her those things. And, as far as I’m concerned, everyone here is entitled to their own opinion, so shut your mouths and go drool over someone else with your stalker-ish ways and play freakin’ know-it-all and board-police somewhere else.

Saturday 17 June 2006, by Anonymous :

He does not just date brunettes. James dated Alyson, she was an actress, she played the Pink Powerranger role. And she was BLONDE. And she was also very pretty. But I guess this is kinda cool huh? It seems like James dates anyone. That means even I have a chance. I’m a blonde fangirl who’s about 115 lbs, 17 years old, and 5’5’’. Maybe I should go backstage at one of his concerts and get "close" to him. Then someday you might be looking at photos on here of James and myself. lmao but its still funny that he likes young girls...a little too young for his 43 year old self.

Friday 23 June 2006, by Anonymous :

Hey Anonymous girls, if you know Patty and James, maybe you should tell them that him dating someone young enough to be his daughter is just gross, and although it is really none of anybodys buisness what he does, It made alot of people I’ve talked to lose respect for him. I mean come on what can they possibly have in common except the obvious. and she was like 9 when his SON was born *shudders*

Sunday 25 June 2006, by Anonymous :

Your his fans and your riping his girlfriend apart,SOMEONE HE LOVES.He has feelings love you James-Kiwi D.B Fan So MaD!!!!!!!! hope he don’t see this.

Sunday 25 June 2006, by Anonymous :

Hope he don’t see this.

Sunday 25 June 2006, by Mouse :

These pictures are private... posted by one of her "friends" in another forum on December/January. James got angry with these pics.

Patricia R. is only 20 (born *1986).

Friday 14 July 2006, by Anonymous :

i think we can say whatever we want in my opinion i think he can do better espesicaly if she gets mad everytime he is spending time with fans i bet she is a gold digger but whatever and people stop telling people to shut up its not are business but he can type or say whatever we want ok

Saturday 15 July 2006, by Anonymous :

i think you all have some problems with your own selfconfidence judging a woman you’ve never talked to just because youre jealous or whatever. this is no rat race. you wont be able to change anything about the fact that they are a couple and obviously in love and happy together. so piss off

Monday 17 July 2006, by Anonymous :

wow someone is taking this personally, lol

Monday 17 July 2006, by Anonymous :

A couple really. Him in california, her in Germany. It sounds more like a convienence for him, not really a relatioship at all

Tuesday 18 July 2006, by Anonymous :

The relationship is already dead. Patty’s immaturity and pushiness has seen to that. She’s too young and obsessed to realise that while he may have shagged her, he’s never let her into his life and never will.

Tuesday 18 July 2006, by Concerned :

If they are so in love, why is she still in Germany or rather right now she is in Oz? I don’t see this relationship going the distance as in marriage because he has made it quite clear that he does not need a wife. I mean, come on. Why buy the cow when you can get it for free?

I don’t know the girl at all. I know that what I have seen and what I have heard from other fans that she oviously is so very insecure in their relationship and his attentions that she gets offensive and rude. She should try to be a bit more friendly to his fans. They can make or break him. Without them, his career could go into the trash. Fans are an integral part of his job. He has to depend on them to buy his DVD’s, his CD’s, go to cons to see him and buy merchandise. This is something that she seems to not understand.

The girl that says she has seen them together, well, good for you. But, personally, Miss Patricia is not the most beautiful girl in the world and why does she not wear her glasses? Is there some reason for that? I am not a jealous fan at alll. I want James to be very happy in his life but I don’t see it happening with this very young, insecure, delusional girl. Grow up, Patty. Find a nice German man to marry and have babies with. I don’t think it is going to happen with this man that is probably your father’s age.

Thursday 20 July 2006, by Anonymous :

re: above: weird post!!!! Why does anybody care who he dates, (although the young thing is creepy) but all his girlfriends have been very young, nothing speacial about this one

Saturday 22 July 2006, by STB :

wow. he looks very happy. I think she seems sweet. Jealous? Of course I am! If he thinks she is pretty, he should try a swedish girl some time ;) No but really. He seems to be happy with her so I’m happy for him. No matter how jealous I am.*growl* :P

Saturday 22 July 2006, by Hotstuff :

These could of course be promotional shots for one thing or another. Should it be the real thing, then I hope that they are really happy together, as being with an actor or actrice is not the easiest thing in the world. I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Sunday 23 July 2006, by Anonymous :

WOW people get your own life!!! He is just an actor on tv. you do know that right? He is an adult and i am sure he is capable of making his own decisions....

Sunday 23 July 2006, by anony :

To Spuffyfreak: Gellar is now to old for James

Sunday 30 July 2006, by wano :

She can have James. I want Tom Welling.......

Sunday 30 July 2006, by LJE :

After reading through all these posts and as a huge fan of all things Whedonesque and a devoted JM groupie, I feel I really need to add my two cents worth.

I went to a convention last year that James attended and he more or less told a room full of women (aged in their teens and up) that he personally didn’t consider anyone who is mature (ie 30’s and up) attractive or desirable. In my opinion he really fell a couple of steps off of his proverbial pedastal at that point. I think it is so sad that a "man" his age feels the need to be with "girls" her age to hold on to his youth. I am the same age as him and my son’s friends are the same age as her and the thought of anything happening between me and one of those "boys" is downright creepy. My daughter is a year older than her and if she came home with a boyfriend his age my husband would go postal.

I have also met this girl at one of his concerts last year and she was sullen and rude. Although I certainly didn’t consider her to be unattractive, quite the opposite in fact, her immaturity was obvious by the way she would ’roll her eyes’ when his fans would make comments that she felt threatened by or when James would flirt with somebody. James also acts very differently when she is in the audience, not quite as flirtatious or animated, probably for fear of incurring her wrath later which I have been told does happen by someone who worked behind the scenes at one of the conventions they were both at.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore James and have followed him to many of his appearances (okay that just sounds stalkerish doesn’t it?) but I’m afraid the fascination is beginning to wane. By the way, the conventions I attend are mainly for the huge circle of friends I have made and whose friendship I truly value. And please, don’t think that for one minute that I think I would have a chance with him or I am "jealous". I just think that it is time for some people to get over their mid-life crisis and maybe focus on their future. What do you suppose will happen when he turns 50 and she’s still a young woman in her 20’s? Or maybe when his son turns 18 and she’s still in her 20’s?

I have really tried to remain objective about all of this but I’m afraid my maturity and common sense is winning. Perhaps James’ will also come to light or else Patricia’s will fully develop. I really wish them both what is best. :-)

Friday 4 August 2006, by tiskit :

Even if a man does indeed feel that women over thirty are undesirable it is surely immense folly to admit it. Having read much of JM’s political views and other such serious matters I am disinclined to take him for a fool. Perhaps he does have a proclivity for younger women however I doubt that his obvious intelligence would allow him to voice any disdain of "older" women in public. As regards the remaining comments, some people are worryingly obsessed!

Saturday 5 August 2006, by Anonymous :

I think James must really love Patricia. She’s not beautiful and doesn’t have a good figure. In LA, no one would look at her twice. She’s in Germany and he lives in LA where he is in constant contact with the world’s most beautiful women and I’m just talking when he goes to the grocery store, not when he’s on set filming. Patty is average looking.

While I do think James feels more comfortable with young girls and that’s part of Patty’s charm, I also think he fell in love with what is inside of her, because otherwise the relationship wouldn’t have lasted, as she’s not all that pretty.

Sunday 13 August 2006, by LJE :

Thank you so much for the back-up JUNIE. I was at the same convention in Houston when I heard the comment and was fairly certain I didn’t misinterpret his meaning. And yes, he did lose fans from that careless comment. In fact the whole diatribe on biological propensities of "all men" was insulting to his gender and was rather bizarre.

Thursday 17 August 2006, by Anonymous :

that messed up what he said so is he going to dump her when she gets to thirty and go for a younger girl if they last that long?

Friday 18 August 2006, by Anonymous :

Yeah she seems kinda insecure on conventions. Only in the Mermaid theatre, I said in the row right behind her: she seemed quit free, cheering and applauding and all... She even talked to some of the fans... well anyway, I guess noone knows what she’S really like. Does anybody know any friends of hers?

Friday 18 August 2006, by Brodie :

By the time she is 30 I don’t think we’re going to have to worry about it. :D

Saturday 19 August 2006, by Anonymous :

I’m really saddened to hear that James made those comments about mature women at the Huston Con. in ’05. I only met the man once but I never thought that he was that shallow. And to assume to speak for ALL men is just the height of arrogance.

I truly hope that this was all a misinterpretation of his words because up until now I really liked the guy. Now... I just don’t know.

Sunday 20 August 2006, by Anonymous :

I bet James could have bitten off his tongue after he said those remarks about older women. I think he just is trying to justify why he prefers to dates girls who are eighteen (and Patricia had just turned 18 when they met, I have heart this for a fact, he met her at the GotR concert right after her 18th birthday) instead of women who are even in their late 20s or early 30s.

I think he is a very nice man who happens to be very insecure and girls this age make him feel better about himself.

Stuff he has said in the past make me think he thinks the real James is kind of boring and it’s much easier to fool someone who is as young and immature as Patty is (and she is very immature for someone who is 20; from what I’ve heard she really kicked up a fuss about that stupid necklace). At the same time, Patty seems to call on the shots in the relationship.

I wish James would go back to therapy and get to the root of his problem with women. Maybe he just needs to finally forgive his mother instead of holding on to his anger and then he can move forward in his life instead of making the same mistake over and over.

I wish someone would tell him that’s just how 18 year old girls behave.

Monday 21 August 2006, by BuffyFan44 :

Since originally reading the posts on this site regarding James Marsters comments on mature women at the Huston con. I have been searching the internet boards to see if anyone else has posted anything regarding these "supposed" comments. These comments bothered me and I wanted to see if there were any other posts to support them. And guess what? I haven’t found anything. I’ve seen posts from people who attend almost all his cons and were in attendance at the Q&A in question and no one has mentioned him making such comments. I am beginning to highly doubt the varacity of the previous posts.

Also, I can not believe that so called fans can post such horrendous comments regarding his girlfriend. While I don’t agree with the huge age difference, it is really none of my business, or anyone elses, who he chooses to date. While she may be young she is an adult and if they choose to be together that’s their business.

We should be focusing on his talent as an actor not his personal life. He is not in this business to look for your approval of how he lives his life. How would you all like it if everything you did was posted on the internet for all the world to see? If people were constantly trying to dig into your personal life? If people who didn’t really know you interpreted everyting you said to try to determine what type of person you "really" were, and then used this hearsay info. to pretend to "know" you. None of us are perfect and under such conditions none of us would come out smelling like a rose. Everyone makes remarks and decisions they sometimes wish they hadn’t. So why do we hold celebrities up to a standard of perfection that we ourselves cannot obtain?

Thursday 24 August 2006, by Spuffy Freak :

Sorry to say this, but James’ whole act & thoughts are just a bit too pedophile.

Sunday 27 August 2006, by Anonymous :

WHO CARES?!!?!?!? It’s not going to change anything he’s doing. Let him do what he wants.

Sunday 27 August 2006, by Anonymous :

James is not a pedophile. The girls he dates are of age. There is a big difference between dating someone who is 18 and sleeping with a child of 13.

And while Patricia seems very immature even for someone who only turned 20, she must be very smart. It’s not easy to get into university in Germany, only the really good students can secure a place in their system. In fact, all of the young women James has dated seem bright and have their own interests.

I do think Patricia has a crush on a celebrity and this makes me feel sad for James.

Monday 28 August 2006, by devoted fan :

I cant ever figure all you ppl out always looking for an excuse to cut some one down I saw James awhile back in downtown Santa Monica where indeed he was with an older woman who i might add he was quite friendly with.They were sharing food with each other and such... they had a small boy with them not sure who he was But if he doesnt care for older woman who and what was that.........At one time i even saw a quick kiss back off fools

Tuesday 29 August 2006, by Anonymous :

I am from Germany and I have to say that you don`t have to be very bright to attend a university here. There are a lot of freaks who are studying and are utterly dumb. I don`t know Patricia, so no offence regarding here intelligence. A friend of mine is dating an guy over fourty and she is just 19. It is making me sick but if both are convinced that it is love, what should I do? This is the great thing about love, that you cannot define it, it is coming from our hearts! I think that the only person who should be allowed to judge this relationship is the son of James, if he likes her and still gets the attention by his dad that he deserves than everything is fine! Now, because i agree with the other fans that someday this age difference won`t work out or he is going to be the next Hugh Hefner! :-) Hopefully I did not made to many mistakes and it makes a certain sense ;-)

Tuesday 29 August 2006, by Spuffy Freak :

@ devoted fan : I think it was probably his ex-wife, Liane Davidson, an their son, Sullivan. If it was, then you were probably pretty lucky and you didn’t know it; I’ve always wanted to see a picture of the little boy. ^º^

Wednesday 30 August 2006, by Anonymous :

the older woman he was with is probly his ex wife and his kid

Saturday 2 September 2006, by devoted fan :

no the boy was younger than his son and called him james 2 or 3 times and i am definately sure it wasnt his ex wife have seen pics of her for the theater.

Saturday 2 September 2006, by Dana :

oh my god shes ugly!!!and is only 20yrs old wow...i cant believe wot james is doin!! and if he gave me a necklace i would take it! not say it does match my skin type...

Saturday 2 September 2006, by Anonymous :

Can you tell us when this was? I would love to think of James dating a woman in her late 20s or early 30s who has her own child. I think she would understand the demands of fatherhood and just be more understanding in general.

I don’t know why James always goes for drama in his life. I think he’s a very smart man intellectually and a nice person but emotionally immature and he probably thinks the way Spike does about real love being all fireworks and passion and not about trust.

I admit I dislike Patty who sounds like a real brat. I would love to hear at James’s upcoming event on the Queen Mary that he has found a woman who is in her late 20s at least. That would show he’s grown up some.

Saturday 2 September 2006, by Anonymous :

I don’t think James picks these young girls because they’re easier to control because these young things always seem to be in charge. He’s mentioned changing his shoes because Helena didn’t like them and getting a tan over the summer,even thought Joss didn’t like it, because Helena didn’t like him so pale.

Patricia completely rules his life, making him dance to her tune. Honestly I don’t know how a grown man could put up with a girl throwing a tantrum because he didn’t get her the right present.

I think James lacks confidence and does date women who initially have crushes on him. None of the girls he’s dated have been shrinking violets. I heard Liz was a real bitca, always putting him down publicly when he said something a bit silly. And we all know James tends to have foot in mouth problems from time to time.

All of James recent girlfriends have made the first move. I think James threw away Patricia’s number and deliberately gave her his wrong number. He was flattered when she tracked him down and took her crush as a serious feeling on her part.

I feel bad that James doesn’t have enough confidence to date anyone he’s attracted to.

Sunday 3 September 2006, by Jay :

i know her she is my neighbour nice girl very young

Sunday 3 September 2006, by Kindra :

I am thrilled to death.........I was in a shop yesterday and turn around and smacked right into James........all i could do was say i was other words would come out. He smiled and said no problem Then turn to the woman beside him and said "Give me your keys and lets boogy" I follow to catch one last look. He took her by the hand and they ran across the street they got into a red had nebraska plates on could not catch the plate number to much traffic.......think guys who does he know in this state thats our mystery lady

Wednesday 6 September 2006, by futur :

funny, how some people try to endorse rumours. just sayin.

Wednesday 6 September 2006, by wanda :

GOd, I’m relieved to find this forum. I thought I was the only one to dislike (being polite) patricia!’Cause on the conventions I attended everyone seemed to be thanking her ’for making James such a cheerful character again’... pah!

Wednesday 13 September 2006, by devoted fan :

Junie sure does like to quote ppl doesnt she..........beside some ppl take affense t being quoted and ya are right on one thing though if James wants the world to know who he is sleeping with let him say so lets not all of us just assume who it really is

Thursday 14 September 2006, by Zad :

He said to his convention that his priority is raising his children & has no time to date. Well if I was the girlfriend I would be really sad to hear that.. look like she is just an "extra" in his life & he sees her when he wants, not something too serious.

Thursday 21 September 2006, by devoted fan :

Could be why he is seeking outside the woman with a child who understands and keeps a low profile

Friday 22 September 2006, by Dary :

Thisis just the scariest most pathetic forum I’ve ever read in my long online life. JM fans worse than Harry Potter fandom? I find it hard to believe, but it is so.

Wednesday 27 September 2006, by Concerned :

I heard from his own lips that he has no time for dating. He is a single parent, sees his gf about once every 6 months for a couple of days and it is what it is. Nothing more. I don’t believe he has anything invested in this one and if he has another woman on the hook, good for him.

Wednesday 27 September 2006, by Xmas Puppy :

If you want to read what convention attendees reported at the time James made those remarks about older women, follow the link below to find those reports.

Thursday 5 October 2006, by devoted fan :

Maybe James hang up with older women is limited to those who act old.........cause his present lady friend he has been seen with acts just like him open and friendly and full of life

Monday 9 October 2006, by Anonymous :

I was at the QM event and as far as I can remember, I didn’t hear anything mentioned about her except for the comment about taking something other than his girlfriend to a deserted island because they would probably fight too much. Also didn’t see her anywhere either.

Saturday 14 October 2006, by Sophie :

I think he has found comfort in a distance relation. James and this girl don’t live together and they fight ???!!. whoaw

James doesn’t seem to understand that his relation with her will not work in the future. I have a distance relation : when we are together we don’t fight, we are sad because of the distance but there is no fight (we have bad temper ;-) ) and It is all the opposite ;-)

There is currently distance but they should be apart if they fight when together. Sad but realty It is utopian to think that their relation will work.

About these pictures They belong to Patricia. I don’t think Whedon has the authorization to share them. She shared her pics with one of her friends who put them on another forum.. ahah Some of you say that Patricia seems to be immature. Maybe. But for my part I don’t agree with you. In my opinion James is the only one immature in this relation. She is ONLY 20. She has the ’right’ to be immature ! Give her a break. James is 44, with children.. he should have thought with his head when he gave his number phone to a minor 2-3 years ago, a YOUNG fan blinded by his celebrity or his role of Spike who followed him in backstage and more if affinities. (irresponsible !!! there is another word for this kind of behavior...)

Tuesday 17 October 2006, by Sophie :

Come on Junie! He sees her more than every 6 months and pretty sure they have phone calls. Last year in an italian interview he told people they have "special" telephone calls ---- The journalist asked what kind of conversation and he answered "private things". That means what it means ;-) I think James tells him fans what they want to hear because he doesn’t want to hurt them with his private life.

Friday 20 October 2006, by Realist :

This account was written up after the cocktail party, banquet and concert on the QM Friday night after three fans got back to their room. They wanted to get it all down while it was fresh in their minds, and it was posted to Marsters_Sanctuary on Yahoogroups.

The account contains the most accurate, verbatim quotes of what James said at one premium table regarding his girlfriend. She wasn’t mentioned by name, but I think it can be assumed he was talking about Patty. . .

He looked fantastic. Beautiful skin, clear blue eyes, a few laugh lines. He didn’t look tired at all and had a lot of energy. He didn’t let the conversation lag, but took charge of it immediately.

His aura was open with nothing predatory, hard or harsh about it. He came across as wanting to please each person and trying his best to do so without compromising his own needs. . .

James. . .began by mentioning that he gotten a drink and had been bantering earlier with "Stevie" (with "Stevie" delivered with a slightly mock gay lisp). His drink looked like a Diet Coke.

"Steve keeps having to remind me, ’Do you want this drink or not?’ because I keep leaving it behind. It’s like the time I asked him to get my girlfriend and take her to a site. And Steve said, ’I feel like I have to do everything for you. What do I have to do, pimp for you now?’"

James’ expression was somewhere between wounded and defensive — the kicked puppy look. He gestured, palms up and open handed, and little-boy whined, "But it’s my girlfriend."

We don’t know how that one ended.

Then James said, "I don’t have a sex life."

"You’re not supposed to have a sex life," said Echo.

"You know, my girlfriend — I see her every six months for a couple of days. In the meantime, I can write to her or send her faxes or little notes and get those back and that’s great as far as it goes, but it is what it is. . ."

He didn’t finish it.

"I don’t have time for anything else because I’m a single parent. I’m not going to come in and tell the kid, ’Go on, honey and do your homework. I’m going to go out dancing now, but I love you and you’re the most important thing in my life — hey, did you see that hot chick?’ I don’t do that because I’m a single parent, and I can’t do that."

Saturday 21 October 2006, by Concerned :

Sophie, the convesation he had at the table with my group on the QM was NOT in th least responsible for asking him anything about his gf. He volunteered it and he did say they see each other every 6 month fo a couple of days and then they write, fax, email but no mention of phone calls. When was the Italian Interview? How long ago? I bet it was over a year ago. I think things have changed since then..

Sunday 22 October 2006, by Anonymous :

Sophie, I would love to read that Italian article. In an American interview he plainly said they rarely get the chance to talk because of the time difference. With James parental duties he can’t fly often to Germany. She is still in college so she can’t come to LA too often. I bet when they do get together the one who does the flying is exhausted and the quality of their time together isn’t that great.

People can’t have it both ways. Either she is immature and it’s a bad relationship that James should end or she is mature enough to be in the relationship which means she’s just as responsible as James is for the succcess or failure of the relationship.

Monday 23 October 2006, by Sophie :


I put the link to the italian article, if you can’t see it, that’s from in their scans. Interview of 2005. Yes, things can change in a year but if they meet twice a year, their relation is stagnating and dying.

You can’t say you really love someone you only see TWICE a year (how many days), can you ? You can’t share your life with someone you never see, can you ? You can’t comfort someone you never see, you can’t say your share, can you? You can’t share the difficulties you have in your life.. ok there are emails, .. but you can’t comfort with your presence. You can’t plan a future with someone you see twice a year because you will be bitterly disappointed. If you don’t see your lover more than one month/a year, you don’t know your lover even if you talk to him/her every day because you don’t see his/her daily behavior. Writings and real life are different things. Everybody knows that.. I thought James was smarter and she.. she is so young, she can be naive.

I hope "every 6 months" is a James’s expression to say every month (lol) because it would be sad. He has seen her 5 or 6 times in all their relation ? you believe that ??? That’s why I don’t believe that confidence on the QM to be the real truth, do you understand ? :) I should show you something, evidence but it’s not the right place. Soon on a Yahoo.

I read the marsters sanctuary but my writings in English are really bad so I read this place like if I was reading my gossip magazine and I have a lot of fun.

See ya.

Tuesday 24 October 2006, by devoted fan :

Why is everyone so concerned about him and Patricia I do think he has other interest and dont want to tell all you fools for fear ya would stock her.He has been seen with another woman and she seems to keep alow profile cause she has a child too So untill he tells us let his sex life be

Friday 27 October 2006, by wiccapet :

i wish you all would get a life , patricia , is not a child, when i was 20 i had 2 kids . so what he is 44 we like who we like age has not a thing to do with it. your he fans not his mothers.

Sunday 5 November 2006, by Jamie :

Whoa everyone, chill out, there’s no need for fighting here. Nobody has a right to judge this Patricia as nobody in here knows her. Cant call her nice, cant call her’re all kind of going on how she acts when you see her at these conventions, i’m sure its stressing, and some girls can relate, when you go places in public with your boyfriend, and everyone or someone thinks your boyfriend is really adorable and they start to act creepy like they are his girlfriend(s), it gets irritating. And if you arent judging based on that, you’re judging by the way she looks in pictures...obviously she cant be too bad a person if James is really into her. she’s obviously somebody he likes being around, or he wouldnt be dating her. He shouldnt care about what you guys say, or what anyone says, so chill out, you arent going to make a difference. So just leave it alone and let them be, right?

Monday 6 November 2006, by devoted fan :

Well spoken there Jaime..........nothing else need be said ya said it all

Monday 6 November 2006, by Jen in NM :

As far as Mr. Marsters’ comments regarding men preferring younger women, he’s just being honest. I think that any man who is looking to start a relationship is going to appreciate the beauty of a woman unmarked by age. A woman’s maturity becomes part of her beauty because of the things the maturity represents...self-assuredness and awareness, etc. For whatever reasons, Mr. Marsters’ may not be wanting these things in his women, therefore he finds the physical indications of their presence unattractive. It’s has nothing to do with whether he’s a good person or not. Also, as a women who years ago, when I was 18, was in a relationship with a man 27 years older than I was, I can tell you that it’s really not that big of deal. Yes, he had to be patient with my immaturity. He was, because he was getting plenty out of it...and not just a blast of youth whenever he was around me, the joy of "showing the world" as it were to a pair of clean eyes, etc. We had some things in common, some things not. Just like any other relationship. More to the point was that I hadn’t decided my views or likes/dislikes on so many things yet. That’s where the problem did come in. Our relationship lasted over 5 years, but by the end, I was feeling trapped. I hungered to learn and experience so many things, but he’d already learned and experienced all of them. I wanted out of his rut, and so it ended. You can agree or disagree, but I think you at least have to respect Mr. Marsters for being who he is and saying what is real, not just the things that people want to hear.

Saturday 11 November 2006, by Theresa :

Does anyone have that link that quotes that James said that men (and him) do not like women over 30?? :( I am going to be 27 sniff. ALso, how do people know that he had one night stands with his fans? Was there articles on this? I am also looking for the link that gives the entire conversation from the QM.

I read the song lyrics to that finer than gold song. If she really got mad at him for giving her a gold necklace, she and I need a few minutes in a room alone together. GRR. I will just keep in my fantasy bubble that they probably will break up soon anyway.. or its not as serious as it seems. sniff. Its hard to fantasize about him otherwise, much easier if you think he is single. :D

Tuesday 14 November 2006, by Patsy :

YogaLady, your interpretation about Finer than Gold is purely subjective. Where you interpret the song as her being angry about the present, I interpret it as him realizing that gold is not her colour before giving her the present.

And also, your rantings about Patricia’s attitude to fans is hogwash. Give me one example of her being rude to fans, excluding your conversation with someone who talked to someone that worked in the greenroom that told you she had an argument with James. I would like one firsthand account of the girl arguing with James about the fans or being rude to them. PS: Looking smug in pictures that she had no idea that were being taken does not count.:)


Tuesday 14 November 2006, by Meeee! :

People are still on that? Sigh...

Yes, James did say something about men being innately attracted to younger women. That is completely true, so don’t let people say he didn’t. However, it came out like, to loosely quote Spike, something you pass by on the Discovery Channel. As in it was as if he was repeating something he saw on the Discovery Channel to explain him liking younger women, fertility shape and whatnot. So while he did say it in a room full of women who may be considered no-longer-fertile, I have to disagree it came across as this dogmatic belief he held and that it was a pre-arranged plan to insult all these women. It seemed more like he felt he needed to explain it and it may be due to this biology-babble that he didn’t seem to think through anyway. It seemed to me that he realized how it came across too. Not too smart, James, but everybody does that.

As for why you won’t find transcripts? Well, it wasn’t a Q & A setting so it is understndable why people may say he didn’t say as much (they believe he didn’t). It just kind of came up as a discussion progressed, though people have somewhat given accounts just about everywhere. As for the truth to it? Well, it is hard to prove such absolutist beliefs which is probably so many people cling onto them. We’re still learning about biology and now it I find out men past forty are more likely to produce offspring with Autism regardless of a woman’s age. So maybe somebody should tell that to James. ;)

Tuesday 14 November 2006, by Rachel Summers :

1) As a bi chick, I have to say, Patricia’s gorgeous. The folks calling her ugly either aren’t really qualified to judge because they’re hetero, or just too jealous to see straight (so to speak). I mean..geez. She’s nummy. Sorry.

2) She’s young, okay, but she’s legal now in any country and sometimes May-December romances work out. And being against the relationship because there’s an age difference seems as short-sighted as being against a relationship because the people are different races.

3) Regarding her supposed behaviour toward fans, it needs to be remembered that while she’s dating a celeb, she herself isn’t one. I think we would all feel nervous if we were in that situation, with fans coming up to us...she probably wonders if people see her as a person or just an access point to James. Many posts here unfortunately seem to dehumanize her into the latter.

4) James is a big boy. Analysis and fanwank is all well and good, but let’s try to keep some perspective and not get overly protective of him—he can surely figure out his own love life. [Not pointing any fingers here, I don’t claim to be able to read anyone’s minds.]

5) It obviously bugs women who are closer to James’ age that he doesn’t date closer to his age. Understandable, but let’s face it, if one has the ability to date younger, one will probably take advantage of that and there’s nothing wrong with it (quote from Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon on why they all dated/married models: "Because we can.") One should not be chastised for simply taking advantage of perks and opportunities as they arise in life (assuming of course that no one is being harmed as a result).

Just some food for thought.

Tuesday 14 November 2006, by anony muss :

James has explained the lyrics to"" Finer Than Gold on more than one occasion, the lady in question did the right thing, put the necklace on, acted like she loved it but James could see that it didn’t suit her and was angry with himself for having made a poor choice.

However those who want to see the song as evidence that his girfriend is ungrateful ( or really that his girlfriend isn’t them) choose to ignore James’ own words on the subject.

At the QM James never mentioned his girlfriend in relation to the desert island question .. he didn’t want to take anyone with him because he wanted some alone time and with any other person the fights would start after a few days. I hope that JMLive release a DVD of the Q and A because I’m 100% certain of this .

I’ve met the lady in question, she was charming and a bit shy but obviously greatly enjoyed James’ performance ( it was at Words and Music ) and she was clapping and yelling and singing along and having a great time. I liked her style . . Oh and I was there for the whole " biological imperative" speech , James was explaining how men are programmed and doing the whole " hunter gatherer" thing, it was pretty obvious he’d seen something on The Discovery Channel and was expounding on the theory . He talks rubbish on occasions but it would have taken a very thin skin to take that discussion personally.

I certainly didn’t take it personally despite being the " wrong" side of thirty but then again I have a mirror and a sense of reality and am not some sad sack dreaming of "happy ever after" with a pretty celeb. Anyway " men are attracted to attractive women of child bearing age " is hardly headline news!

I notice that no one here ever mentions the story of how James once asked a girl out on a date and found out her age when they went into a club and she was carded. He put her in a taxi and sent her straight home and was horrified that she’d lied to him about her age .

But again that wouldn’t fit the whole " naughty James dating pretty young things" theory

They are both of age and what consenting adullts do with their lives is nobody’s business but the couple’s in question

BTW another report from the QM mentioned a table question where James answered that he writes love songs because he’s in love.. more so now than ever.

And at the Halloween event in London he talked about having been in love for over a year.

He’s got a girl

They’ve been together for three years

you don’t know her

it’s not you

it will * never* be you

get the heck over it and move on

Wednesday 15 November 2006, by Theresa :

Hey Junie

Thanks for replying. I think its sad that James made those comments, and for some reason it kinda hurts my feelings that he did. I really don’t know why, I mean, it shouldnt. I guess its just I would assume he would have a bit more respect for his fans and for people who are supporting him so dilligantly.

But anyway. Maybe he will grow up one day and realize that is a very silly concept. Personally, I think you are right, he was just trying to justify why he is with such a young girl. Maybe he feels guilty about it. Who knows. She doesnt make it very high on my radar screen anyway.

I searched for the one night stand bit, but all I found was some quotes from this board, and about Spikes one night stand with Anya, and of course the supposed imitimate encounters between Angel and Spike from that episode "power play". Doesn’t really matter, I don’t care. I am quite sure many actors do it. Also, I sure couldnt possibly say I would turn him down either. lol. Would I do that for anyone else? No way. ha.

Its nice to chat with other fans on here. It is really nice to share stories and talk with like people. I am still in love with BTVS, and it seems that its hard to find active fan sites. I can’t find any new fanfic that has been written lately. Plus, not to mention all my friends think I am a bit crazy for liking the show. : ) They are not fans! They cannot understand!!!!!


Wednesday 15 November 2006, by Theresa :

Hmm. This is confusing, I just saw like 3 new posts dated for 11/14, and now when I refreshed they are gone. Whats up with that? answer to Anon muss (which is one of these disappearing posts)

Yea maybe some people are jealous over her, and wish they themselves were with James. But hello, he is a celebrity, hundreds of women lust over him. Its not abnormal to have a celebrity crush. Its not abnormal to want to express your feelings and your opinions. Isnt that the point of this message board??? James is hot eye candy. I know I will never be with him, but that doesnt mean I won’t stop fantasizing about him! And no it doesnt involve lovely dates. It usually involves some kind of oil. ; )

I think everyone has a celebrity they really like or look up too. I also love Sarah Michelle Gellar. She however, is true a role model to me.

And I also respect him for being a talented actor and for being funny etc etc. I also hope that he respects his fans the same way. I mean, here we are supporting him, (not to mention talking about him right now lmao) the least he can do is respect his fans.

I am sure the person above, since I can’t find your post I don’t know your name, but you had said that what he said may have been taken out of contrast. I mean he is a guy. (no offense to guys reading this) but sometimes they can say stuff that sounds really horrible, but have no idea that they said it. We women can do the same to you guys.

I just wonder why exactly he feels the need to lecture people about something he may have heard on the discovery channel. lol. I think he was just trying to justify himself or something like I said earlier.

Thursday 16 November 2006, by Heidi :

Dear anony muss... Well put... That’s all I have to say about most of the other posts in this topic. :) All should just leave them alone and get over it. I respect James and him and Patricia are both legal age so who and what age girls he dates are none of our business...

Saturday 18 November 2006, by K :

Why are people so bent out of shape because JM’s in love with someone. I’m sure if he wanted anyone’s approval or blessing he’, wait............he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks cos he’s happy and in love. Good on him. People with the issues need to look to themselves and stop projecting onto JM and his, in my opinion, very attractive girlfriend. People happy and in love is a good thing, be happy for them and then maybe some of that good karma will come back to you. If not, well look what happens to Earl when he forgets about karma.

Monday 20 November 2006, by Theresa :

Why do people automatically assume you don’t respect James because you may not be totally impressed with his girlfriend? Of course people want him happy. But of course people have opinions too! Its not bad or wrong to have opinions. It doesnt make you have issues. Its not like he is ever going to hear what we have to say anyway. Its more of a talking to other fans. Thats all. I think James is awesome, and I am very happy to be a fan of his. I love his work, and I think he is very talented. Plus, he is hot. :P

Wednesday 22 November 2006, by Kekoah :

Subjective. Some think she is a pretty, smart and funny girl, others think she is an ugly and immature girl. Beauty is subjective. If James finds her attractive, you should respect his choice even if you think that you are beautiful, smart and perfect. You can’t judge the appearances. She is maybe the one of his life, maybe a future ex-girlfriend and then you will criticize the next one -You will always criticize.

You can’t tell the present or the future of their relation simply by looking at these pictures. So I don’t agree with your opinions even some smart comments I have read. You are not in their lifes. You only suppose that everything is perfect, you only suppose things. You don’t know.

You can watch the pictures, judging what you see but you can’t see what is behind the picture: their relation ... because you don’t know. How can you judge ? you have suppositions about James and his private life but you don’t know the truth, you don’t know if he is still with her, if their relation is perfect, if he/she is still in love, you don’t know. You can’t say that she is the one, you can’t say that he will never be with someone else, you can’t say that he only likes teenagers, you can’t say anything because you don’t know James, the present and the future.

Well I wasn’t here to write this :)

I have found a girl who sent to James what people on the Marsters_sanctuary, whedon and other places think of his behaviour with "little girls"; that "he is only attracted by girls between 17 and 20" and "that after 21 years old and women in their 30’ are too old and unattractive" - That girl was upset by your disrespect and wanted to show the lack of respect fans have for him. She also told him that she was disappointed if all this was true. I am sure he won’t answer but he or his manager will know.

People have gone too far in their comments because I have also a website about him and around 200 visitors a day. 8 people have asked me yet if he was only attracted by underage. One sent me links with teens "can you send this to James he will appreciate". Of course, I didn’t send but I sent the websites to the Police because it was pedophilia... what was I supposed to understand with this stupid behaviour?

When I ask why they do that, their answer is something like "ohh I read that James likes young girls, read this". I read your comments, insinuations, suppositions and others places on Internet.

What kind of reputation are you giving to James ? Be careful with your comments. You can destroy someone with suppositions; a lot of people believe that everything you say is gold, that everything written is true... so some fans don’t like James anymore.

Remember, you don’t know him even if you think that he disclosed important information to you in his lyrics or during conventions : he has a public image. Only his family, friends and lovers know the private and real him.

Saturday 25 November 2006, by FortyPlus :

Yeesh. I just stumbled on this discussion and wow. Pedophilia? For goodness’ sake, that is when you are attracted to children sexually. A guy who is attracted to girls in their late teens/early twenties isn’t a pedophile. He’s attracted to women, sexually. Girls that age have women’s bodies, not children’s bodies. Does it indicate some kind of problem with self confidence, emotional maturity, dealing with strong, independent women, or wanting to be idealized, etc? Highly probable, I’d say. But honestly, who cares? I enjoy James’ acting. So, he makes excuses for himself sometimes, and he’s not a very mature, confident man. Sometimes he plays one on TV or in the movies. And I enjoy watching him portray characters. I would never date him or set him up with any woman I cared about. But I’m guessing that is never going to be an issue.

Monday 27 November 2006, by Kekoah :

> Hi Fortyplus, woww I hope you understand that i have never said he was a pedophile. I should have read my message before sending to support it. Not a scoop but a lot of pedophile are attracted by teenagers so when you can read on this board or elsewhere that James likes teenagers, girls hardly legal or girls who look young, I think there is a problem because this (can) create confusion, conclusions in some people’s minds and as you can see on this board, comments slowly go too far ;

My main message was that people can destroy someone talking about things they don’t know anything about. An image (a public image or a picture) is what we see : the superficial, not the essential. We can’t give an opinion on something we haven’t seen in depth.

Now. About James and his maturity... I read this everywhere :-O. Why? Why do people judge him as an immature man or think he has a problem? We have many sides in our personalities. Sometimes we are mature, sometimes we are immature. I guess some people only want to see his weaknesses when they are looking for an answer about something they don’t like. Maybe there is no answer. Human is so complex. People should stop coming up with conclusions and should stop making up his personality based on suppositions of what people think because other people are naive and believe everything written. I only care about his acting too but when someone asks me why I appreciate a "pervet" I am upset/ I tried to understand why people insinuated that or had this conclusion. When you read some opinions, I understand that some people think he has a problem but what people think about him is not the truth because we don’t know the truth. I have just understood that the problem is not James, the problem are some (I hope "few") fans and their narrow-mindedness.

Wednesday 29 November 2006, by Theresa :

I like James. I crush on James. I am a typical swooning female fan. I collect autographs, pictures, movies and sound clips. I have almost all of the Spike action figures and probably near all of the collectable cards with Spike on them.

I have never been one to really care about celebrities that much. To me, most of them are superficial and shallow. However, the two celebrities I do care about are Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters. I like them for very different reasons, but I appreciate them both very much. If anyone asked me who my idol is, I would say Sarah for sure.

Now, with that out of the way, I will move on to my point. I am certainly not going to put James down in anyway, and I do not think I could even if I wanted too. Most of the words that come out of my mouth are sexy, hot, and wow. He is talented, and I like his music.

I do think that perhaps he does have a bit of confidence issues, or maybe just puts his foot in his mouth sometimes. Maybe he did not mean what he said...or people are taking it out of context. If he did phrase it in such a fashion, then I can totally understand why it may offend some people. James is certainly not a pedophile because he dates younger women. The girl is an adult now anyway. Heck, when I was 20 I was dating a 40 year old myself. Therefore, I really cannot talk. My only concern is the fact that I want James to appreciate all of his fans regardless if they are older or not.

Nevertheless, since I was not there to hear this stuff, I will just continue on thinking all is peachy keen and not draw conclusions. Although - I do not think people are giving James a bad rap by just saying their opinions about things. I mean James could have said "I hate the color purple" and everyone would be giving his or her opinion. It is just normal. It is not good to say that he is a pedophile though. That is just twisted and taking things waaaaay out of context.

Wednesday 13 December 2006, by Mack :

Well said. I think the only reason they say this is cause they really dont know him..I met him in person and he is an amazing man..........very warm friendly and open....and not all his ladies are young...just a few and hey any man gets lonely and urges y not take the opportunity if given I would So stop and think before ya speak there ladies..........and ladies his present lady is in her late 30"s early 40’s seen them together at a night club in Santa Monica

Friday 15 December 2006, by Angelina :

Sooo, Mack, what you’re saying is basically that the whole discussion is obsolete, because the girl in the pics above is already history? This is so funny. Everyone engages in a heated discussion and the whole topic is already null and void.... Shows just what we fans know, right? Absolutely nothing!

Saturday 16 December 2006, by Kit :

Devoted Fan, back in the summer, James had bought a new house and was having it renovated. In Modesto, which is 500 miles away from Santa Monica. So, why on earth would he just get up and leave with all that ruckus going on around his home to travel 500 miles away only to have lunch with some woman and her kid? Don’t believe me, check out the May Q&A on his website.

Mack, when did you see this 30 to 40 year old woman and James together? Again, I say, James lives in Modesto. That’s where his farm house was at. That’s where his new house is at. So, again I ask, why on earth would he travel 500 miles away from home to dance the night away with some woman in Santa Monica?

Even more so, your ’supposed’ sighting of James at a nightclub had to have happened after Devoted Fan’s ’supposed’ lunch sighting. Meaning that James was either on The QM or off filming PSILY in New York and Ireland.

It’s like you both have forgotten that he’s a single father who can’t be doing that sort of stuff. So, either the both of you saw someone who looked like James, or you’re starting stuff to just start stuff and sound important. Even worse, you both could be the same person.

I think he’s still with Patricia. Lucky girl. Pretty, too. Wish them luck. And I have a feeling that they’re still together. Just remember everyone, relationships have their tensions, it’s not about how many, it’s how they’re dealt with that makes the relationship work and age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

Saturday 23 December 2006, by Seb :

"Do we really believe that James is going to sit at home alone, while his honey lives thousands of miles away? If James is "just a guy" then there’s no way he doesn’t have a little something on his home turf."

Junie I pity you because you obviously have a very poor opinion of the male sex .

I can assure you that men are perfectly capable of maintaining a long term, long distance relationship and remaining faithful .

As one of the few men at a convention in Sacramento I was interested to hear James talk about going out dancing as a way of working off sexual tension helping him to stay faithful to his girlfriend who was living elsewhere at the time .

I’ve seen him with his current lady and talked to him about her , he’s in love, he’s happy and he seems like a decent guy with strong values.

I’m sorry if your own partners have cheated on you but please don’t tar all men with the same brush.

BTW what you call * yipping* I call an unhealthy and prurient interest in stuff that’s none of your damned business.

Maybe if you were happier in your own love life you’d waste less time bitching about the love life of someone you don’t know and will never know, no matter how many conventions you attend or photo opportunities you buy .


Tuesday 26 December 2006, by Seb :

Yes Junie, I admit that I was drawing conclusions based on your posts and I was trying to see how you liked the boot being on the other foot .

Consider how accurate my conclusions were ( hopefully , for your sake, not very) and then ask yourself if the conclusions you draw about Mr Marsters are likely to be any more accurate.

Monday 1 January 2007, by Anonymous :

I am deeply upset by this. Until I saw this I loved James with all my heart and soul...but now I am not sure. I guess he’s still just the same great guy, but some of what he said about women was just offensive, and it’s just wrong to date people that much younger than you and see nothing wrong with it. I know nothing has changed, but I always viewed James as a really nice I find out he dates people half his age and sleeps with lots of different people. I always believed him to be different to all the other celebrities who do all this stuff, and now I find out he’s just the same as him.

Wednesday 3 January 2007, by Theresa :

Anonymous, don’t stop loving James just because of some stuff you read on the message boards. I, too, was awfully offended by his remarks about women, but I think that a lot of fans here have decided he has a hoof in mouth disease. I think perhaps he sputtered out some junk to try and explain why he is dating that girl. I do hope that he treats his fans with respect.

I still, do not like the girl. I admit it, and you can throw flames at me for that. I know its jealousy. I know that. I know its silly, and I know that I will never have a chance with him. I know my opnions mean squat to him, nor will he ever meet me. I think its just much funner to imagine him single. with oil. ;) None of us really know if he is still with her anyway.

AAAAAAAAaand to that guy that responded to Junie, her opinions matter just as much as anyones here. I think the remarks you left were distasteful. I for one, enjoy reading her comments. :)

Tuesday 16 January 2007, by Anonymous :

When did this become an annex for the Marsters Wanktuary? What a cabal of women who seem to know JM better than JM knows himself. I guess one place to share their bile is not enough.

Wednesday 17 January 2007, by Angelina :

And even if James did all he is accused of in this forum, one-night stands, girls half his age, foot-in-mouth-syndrome, etc., he still deserves to be loved. Why? Because he has done nothing that others have not done a million times before, and it’s always within the laws. We are all humans with a lot of faults, and despite that, we’re forgiven and loved by family, husbands/wifes, kids, and friends on an almost daily basis. So forgive, love, and if anyone wants to know what is true, just watch him, listen to him, read the lyrics he wrote. A lot of answers are to be found there. I recommend the question and answer-database, there is a lot to be found, too. The link is on his official web-site. And then just sit back and look at that wonderful blend, he isn’t flawless at all, but he is beautiful anyway. I can appreciate a man who falls flat on his ass many times and stands up over and over again to continue trying. Loving an adult person that seems to be faultless and pure (impossible!) isn’t really a challenge to our souls, is it?

Tuesday 13 February 2007, by Anonymous :

I so hope is new album is coming out soon... we’ll probably find some answers there .. uhhh!

Tuesday 13 February 2007, by blondie_girl1231 :

Why can’t all you people get over this and leave it alone? haven’t you got anything better to do than ridicule JM and his girlfriend, what he does and who he dates is his business, not yours so why are you prying into his life and making accusations that are twisted and bitter. Are you trying to put people off him of something, these sorts of things can cause all sorts of uproar and nasty arguments, and another thing, have you looked at when this message was first replied to? No, well it was months and months ago, he might not even be dating her anymore, so what the big deal, if the age gap works for them then who are you to question it, it has nothing to do with you, you don’t know them, you may know everything about them but you don’t truly know them so why are you trying to darken his reputation be your opinions which you have no proof to? personally, i have been a JM fan for years and these silly little arguments and opinions arent going to make me love him less,for the actor that he is , and your opinions and debates arent going to change anything either, whats done is done, it’s in the past, stop raking it up and using it as personal abuse to him, find something better to do!

Saturday 3 March 2007, by Jenny :

"sobs sniffles" my hearts just fell out,tough" na i hope they are very happy and she will treat him right,it would be nice to see him happy..shes the luckyest lady on would of been nice if he got bck with his childs mother.oh well people looks like birthday cards only.oh and Geller is not ugly,she is Beautiful and is within enyway...If your in the uk enyone look out your window now the eclipse is happening


Friday 9 March 2007, by Crystal Pegasus :

I’m a James Marsters Fan. A fan of his acting, his songwriting, his stage performances. I think the man is incredibly talented and handsome. He has a very sensual aura about him and he seems to put everything he has into his public events. His private life is his and the only people he needs to share it with are those he calls loved ones and friends and not something his fans should judge him on or interfere in.

I’ve read through many of the comments regarding his girlfriend (current or not) and I find them terribly rude.

James was once asked that if he could choose between brains and beauty in a girlfriend, what would he choose and he replied brains because often beauty is boring. He is a very intelligent man and respects and admires intelligence in others. Also consider your own relationships, often someone you didn’t think of as very attractive became very attractive after you got to know them. So personality is part of a persons attractiveness. In these images, you can’t tell the personality of anyone. And, not everyone finds the same things attractive. I personally love men with dark hair and expressive eyes, but my best friend likes blonde men with perfect teeth! Everyone is different.

Who James dates is his business and the her age shouldn’t matter all that much as long as she’s over 18. Remember Woody Allen and his adoptive daughter, Hugh Heffner is surrounded by women he could be great-grandfather to and many Hollywood couples have quite a spread in their ages. The bottom line is... Does she make him happy? Does he make her happy? Do they take good care of the kids together? And really, even that isn’t part of our business. As fans we should support his career not his love life (of course any girl in her right mind wouldn’t kick him outta bed for eating crackers, but that’s just a lovely fantasy we can have without hurting anyone).

The hateful things and uncomplimentary comments regarding Patricia’s looks or age are hurtful and I hope Patricia shares James’ avoidance of the internet so she never has to read these type of comments. Who James dates, likes, loves is really none of his fan’s business.

James really doesn’t consider himself a sex symbol, he just wants to enjoy his personal life and his love life with a "good girl, one who rocks but has a decent heart" and if he’s found her in Patricia then I’m thrilled for him!

Friday 23 March 2007, by Anonymous :

i think we can give opinions but we are nobody to judge people, this discussion has gone too far, so please don’t accuse him of being something he is not because you can’t think out of the box or because your mind is too fucking rotten. let people be for god’s sake.

Saturday 24 March 2007, by Anonymous :

I am a fan of James Marsters and his work. I’m not required to be a fan of his girlfriend, and I’m not. James’ attitude seems to be, "She’s hot, I’m doing her. That’s all it is." I do wish he’d get some work so we could watch him act again.

Monday 26 March 2007, by Anonymous :

*James’ attitude seems to be, "She’s hot, I’m doing her. That’s all it is." * May I ask how you come to say this? Do you know her? Anyway, I imagine ’just doing here’ isn’t that easy from La to Germany...hehe

Wednesday 28 March 2007, by Anonymous :

ive heard of a friend that james is dating another women called virgina...she is closer to his age..also has 1 son!

Wednesday 28 March 2007, by Anonymous :

“"I do wish he’d get some work so we could watch him act again." Oh, wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing!? And, it would probably give us something much better to talk about than his girlfriend.”

Well so far since this thread started James has done two feature films ( Shadow Puppets and P.S. I Love You) and an audio book ( Grave Peril) and announced voice work ( Lex Luthor in Justice League) and a guest spot on TV ( Saving Grace) Plus two American events , a gig and a week’s worth of events in the UK.

I guess some people just care more about his love life than anything else

Which, when you come to think of it is pretty darned sad

BTW I was at the QM too and on our table James said he was in love, more so now than ever.

So you pays your money and you takes your choice

Thursday 29 March 2007, by Anonymous :

"James also said that he sees his g/f for a couple of days every six months, and, after 2 or 3 days, the fighting starts."

That would be very interesting if it were in any way accurate but sadly it’s another example of misreporting or rather of conflating two seperate answers. James was reported as telling one table that he saw his girlfriend a few times a year for a few days and they kept in touch by e mail etc because time difference made phone calls tricky .That’s the context of the famous " it is what it is" quote. Then there was a Q and A question about who he’d like to be marooned on a desert island with , he did not specifically mention his girlfriend in the answer ( though the questioner was prodding him in that direction) but said that there would be two or three days of bliss before the fighting started . In fact he seemed to quite fancy having the island to himself to catch up with some sleep and alone time.

Friday 13 April 2007, by curious :

hey tell us more about this Virginia and her old is the boy and where does she live,,,,,,,,,,Inquiring minds want to know

Sunday 15 April 2007, by caz :

Um......having trouble understanding what James’ personal life has to do with any of you. I felt queasy reading through all the bitching and whining about James and his girlfriend. Imagine how most of you would feel if you found a post doing the same thing about you!

Reading through the comments and skipping past those that seemed pretty immature it’s easy to pick the true fans from those who only like him for his looks!If you don’t like the choices he makes, then pick another actor to fawn over.

A true fan will support him whether, he’s gay, has a personality disorder, dates a younger girl or any of the things I’ve read that he ’supposedly’ does that some of you have mentioned in this post.

Monday 16 April 2007, by Curious :

Hey tell us more about this Virginia old is her son.......where does she live....come on give us the good stuff......I would love to see him have a women here in the states he can relate to and if she is closer to his age she is perfect.... would get all the gossip off him about young girls

Tuesday 17 April 2007, by Curious :

Hey someone mentioned something about that woman back in September of 2006........has anyone seen them together.........just curious

Saturday 28 April 2007, by Just a fan :

Why dont we all just leave it alone.........if he wants us to know about his women he will make it public..but right now I think he feels it is his business

Friday 11 May 2007, by Heather Meadows :


Good call! I have only been a fan for about a year now, can’t say i was much of a fan of anyone prior to that, not enough to actually look up forums and info online, but i had a very profound experience that began with JM’s music, and i became fascinated, because it was an experience I had never had before, so I began to research him, i was really shocked to see how ppl talked about his girlfriends and personal life. I had no idea people did that! If you DO care about James, and as a fan you DO care about them in one form or another, all you should care about is this: is he happy? Is he being treated well? (by everyone in his life, including professionally, which isn’t our business really, but, its human nature to want to know is someone you care about is being treated well) 3-is he healthy? (in mind, body and soul.) Anything else, we only need to know what he makes us privy to. What he wants us to know. And even then most of it we dont NEED to know, but if he wants to share it, fine. We live in a very sad state of affairs, in this tabloid society. Seriously, do we really need to know every detail? Of course not. Celebs are human just like us, imagine if total strangers wanted to know all the details of your relationships or private proclivities? There is no reason to want to know anything from a celeb that we wouldn’t want to know from a casual acquaintance. I kinda hope James never gets huge, because, if he got huge like say brad pitt, he would never get a moments peace.... and that is a very sad life... and he seems to be a good person, a good man, down to earth and pretty real...Getting seriously famous.. would really wreak havoc on him and his children’s lives... and i just dont wanna see that happen to the guy... i cant stand its happened to anyone, but some celebs start out as dicks and a-holes, James does not seem to be much of a dick from what I have seen, I’d hate to see info hungry fans turn him into one.

*steps down off soapbox*

Friday 22 June 2007, by Anonymous :

Well he does go for the darker hair types but he has dated Mercedes Mcnab(aka Harmony Kendall). And as we know, she’s a blonde.

Thursday 28 June 2007, by Anonymous :

Oh boy are you so wrong on that one.....his lastest companion is older than 20 and not a string bean so ya better get facts before ya open mouth and insert foot....they have been seen together alot

Saturday 30 June 2007, by Jessica :

He is still with Patricia. Stop saying stupid things.

Tuesday 3 July 2007, by Anonymous :

How do you know what he does...........Patricia part time maybe once or twice a year but hey he has needs so y would it be gossip or lies

Thursday 5 July 2007, by Jessica :

He told one of my friends during a photo session he has been in love with Patricia for years now. My friend was disappointed :-D Even if I don’t understand this kind of relation. They can’t know each other. How can he call this LOve? I don’t know. Immature. he tells everyone that he is in love, no one will make me believe he is unfaithful.

Show me proof that he has someone else in his life ?!. :-)

Saturday 7 July 2007, by Anonymous :

What ever if ya lived in LA and around the Santa Monica area ya would know

Thursday 19 July 2007, by Anonymous :

Could be just a friend......but he and this friend are awfully FRIENDLY.....if ya get the drift..they share food and walk hand in hand often ...and go to clubs together

Friday 20 July 2007, by Anonymous :

She is definately not Patrica she is a bit older........she also dose have dark hair but this in not Patricia....she dont even look close to the pics of her..and they have a small boy with them on occassion...the boy looks just like her.. and calls James by his name....yes i am a mini paparazzi....i watch for him everywhere

Monday 23 July 2007, by BoyintheMachine :

I can’t believe he’s 45 or so. I guess the real reason he is into young gals is the bathing in virgin blood, routine.

Man, if they ever have a Buffy reunion, Spike will need a cane, or a walker. Are vamps allowed oxygen tanks?

Oh, and do show your age with the dark hair. Might want to go back to the bleach.

Monday 23 July 2007, by Anonymous :

Patricia is a bit trivial looking, but definitely not ugly! There is something about her youth and exotism that I could see a man going for. The harder pill to swallow is the age difference; especially when you consider that one graduates high school at 19 in Germany, so for their first year together, she was probably still in high school. Oh James...

Thursday 26 July 2007, by Anonymous :

Friend saw him in Cardiff at a concert Saturday, July 21st. Patricia was there with a "ring-side" seat. He conducted the concert all the while looking up at her where she stood.

Thursday 26 July 2007, by Oh really :

Patricia was up in the balcony with the other V.I.Ps including many of the Torchwood cast) James sang a grand total of two songs to the balcony, Which since they were new love songs is only right and proper .The rest of the time he interacted brilliantly with the audience. I was there and report after report from other fans who were there has confirmed this. Unfortunately some fans believe that unless he makes eye contact with them personally throughout the show he is in some way letting them down. It’s all a bit tragic :)

Especially considering that with the stage lights up a performer simply can’t see the audience anyway

Yes dears you can hoist yer boobs up as high as you like , luckily for the guy on stage all he can see is shadows and house lights :) Let’s face it once you hit a certain age certain things are best kept covered :)

I loved a report of a previous gig where a fan was all affronted and claiming that James spent all of his time singing to his girlfriend ( which would have been a clever trick since she wasn’t there at the time )

Thursday 26 July 2007, by Myfanwy :

Living in a fantasty world is great when you’re a teenager . Once you hit thirty you really should try the real world, you know, the one where he is NEVER gonna fall madly in love with you, dump his unsuitable girlfriend and whisk you off to play happy ever after . And the more you keep going on and on and ON about his love life the sadder and more delusional you look. No matter how much yoga you use to keep your body in good shape. And no matter how much you try to cover up your insane jealousy with a thin veil of concern and psychobabble . And no matter how many smileys you use or how you try to look better by calling your bitching " yipping" you simply become a laughing stock.

The guy’s love life is nobodys concern but his own and his lovers . He did fine before you joined his fandom, he’ll do fine once you’ve moved on ... hopefully that will be soon because frankly this purile, prurient obsession got old long LONG ago :)

Monday 30 July 2007, by Anonymous :

The whole age thing does not creep me out as much as everyone cause i’m 16 and i’d hit lol. The only thing weird about the age thing is that he seem like a really mature guy in interview that i have seen with him so i just don’t see how he can have a mature conversation with a 20 yr old even if she is the smartest person in the world. And how the hell did you guys get all that info on their relationshp like how they met and how he slept with some of his fans after they met. And the Mike guy that wrote a whole essay about this needs to cool down we could care less about your life story

Wednesday 1 August 2007, by Anonymous :

"And how the hell did you guys get all that info on their relationshp like how they met and how he slept with some of his fans after they met."

they make it up, dear. That’s how they get that *information*, or they try to piece it together from what James says on the conventions. I don’t really think he’d announce cheating on his girlfriend though. And I’ve heard of many fans who make up stories of having been together with James, when all that is, is them wanting to, no more than that.

Saturday 4 August 2007, by Anonymous :

Well, I have met Patricia and got to know her a bit. She is an absolutely lovely girl and her and James seem very happy together. She is easy going and is not at all immature.

Sunday 5 August 2007, by Anonymous :

Why dont we all just leave James and his love life alone.....if he wants us to know about it he will let ya know so in the mean time shhhhh about it

Thursday 16 August 2007, by Spuffy Fan :

Wow. She’s slightly unattractive. But im happy for James if he’s happy to be with her. I dont like her. James should be with Sarah Michelle Gellar. (Even though she’s married damn it!)

Sunday 19 August 2007, by Theresa :

I still say I don’t care for her. I am glad James is happy, if you can say that they have a relationship. I can say I don’t care for her because I can.. so there. :P lol I think she looks crosseyed and has a big nose.

Sunday 19 August 2007, by goldenbean1029 :

I don’t find her attractive either. Nonetheless, James must see something else in her that we surely don’t see.

Monday 20 August 2007, by Katrien :

She is studying Fashion Design @ Trier in Germany. I’m really impressed because she has no style and she can’t draw very well.

I’ve seen some pictures of her on her blog _posted on the Marsters_sanctuary (Yahoo Group)_ and she is not attractive at all and really a IMMATURE girl ! Her favorite interest - the FIRST written on her profile - is to imitate people with Tourette’s syndrome : disgusting ! If it was humour, it’s not funny at all.

..... Writings are the best ways of learning on human .........

Is James happy ? We don’t know. You just speculate. How can he be happy with someone he never sees and maybe doesn’t know. Do they imitate handicapped people together ? .... pfff Maybe it’s just what he wants... fun with someone he rarely sees, a pastime when he has time. I stop, I’m speculating now.

I wish him the best for the future and BTW a Happy Birthday!

Monday 20 August 2007, by Anonymous :

maybe telling ppl he is with her or letting them think he is throws them off his real love life and maybe she is a good lay who knows any way who is his the way..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES

Tuesday 21 August 2007, by Dawn :

I just want to say i`ve been a fan of james for a long time now and if he`s happy then so be it,(even though that doesn`t stop me being jealous)P.S happy birthday.

Tuesday 4 September 2007, by Anonymous :

Most of these pics look either super imposed or FAn-girl type pics. He doesn’t seem to look as happy as she does. I have a feeling that she’s not in the picture anymore, or even if she is, probably not as much. Last THREE concerts I’ve seen of James he (1) completely screwed up his "Patricia" song...seemed intentional...(he messed up the chords, then he forgot the lyrics.) then the 2nd & 3rd time, he didn’t do it at all! Poor James has a history of women cheating on him, or just usuing him. He seems & says he’s happy with his life right now! So good for him. I wish he would learn the signs of this horrid grp of women & jsut steer clear!!!

Tuesday 4 September 2007, by Emeraldeyes1967 :

Im a rather new fan...but am utterly impressed by this actors sheer talent in many mediums...I began wondering who each member of the Buffy the vampire Slayer cast mates were either bethrothed to or with...mostly as general interest...but I have only stumbled across these few obscure pics...most actor/actresses have well documented sitings or relationship status with significant others...this is the only place I have seen mention of a steady person after his children’s mother...and am a little suspicious as to why??? Why only these pictures??? most actors/actress’s in interviews etc. mention whom they are just seems strange...and what seems stranger still is the ensueing gab or comments on if its true..or not...or happening...or should...frankly I feel a bit stumped at the mass outpouring of concern over an actors love life??? Really shouldnt it be about his work....the impact he makes as a person...and all while fame is so fleeting...someone mentioned Duran Duran marring models because they could.....LOL...I am thinking go guys!!! because I havent heard the faintest about them in years....fame like love is not always a finite thing...I say as long as someone has what they believe makes them happy...then is that not what its all about and what we all work toward...I happen to be 39..I dont look a day over 29..thankfully...Im a single mom....sometimes even when you have everything going for can be very lonely...I suspect...fame is also like this...alone in a sea of fans....I am saving to go to one con to see him ...mostly for my 10 yr old daughter ( shes crushed on him but Im not going as a fawning fan...more like an appreciative one of his artistic abilityin what he allowed my daughter and I to experiance in watching a collabrative effort of something beautifully created.... I will consider my self very lucky to experiance it...Please as fans we should appreciate the talent an actor brings to a breathe life into a role....after that hes simply just like all of us...exception he has critics...and those that follow his every movement...and yet is isolated with the exception of those he is close to....A New Fan

Wednesday 5 September 2007, by Angelina :

The presence of love can never bring badness about, all the problems in this world only ever exist for the absence of love. If you keep that in mind, no relationship of James can ever be bad for him, because he loves. And if we love James, we support him in every way possible and show respect for who he is. A beautiful human. A gifted artist, who has done more for his fans than any other celebrity I have ever heard of. Purify your souls, folks, and all of this is no topic to discuss at all.

Saturday 29 September 2007, by NO-NAME :

WOW this one sure has been quite for a while but i guess thats a good thing for James

Friday 5 October 2007, by I Wish. :

Didn’t Jerry Seinfield date Shoshanna Lonstein - who he met when she was 17 y/o? They dated 4 years I think - and now he’s married to Jessica Sklar. Just sayin’ he may grow tired yet. I met him in Atlanta in September. Nicest guy you’d ever want to meet! Personally, I was glad she didn’t make an appearance. He sang both Angel and Fall of Night! LOL!! But the boy is "intense" if you know what I mean. I don’t know where he gets his energy from - it can’t be all Red Bull and Starbucks!

Thursday 25 October 2007, by one of many :

By the way... she’s not his girlfriend anymore... she’s his wife! That’s what Al Britten told my friend at one of his own concerts. He was the pre-act at "The Cavern" in Liverpool in 2005. Honestly, I don’t like her from what looks can tell but that’s completely my own subjective impression. And yes, I am jealous, which does not mean I do not want James to be in a happy relationship. I just think they are not happy. James is funny, witty and smart and a big flirt but he’s a human being with the same flaws and problems and faux-pas’ as the guy with the strange eye-twitch next to you on the bus yesterday... or s.o. like that. ;-P We are his fans and (un-)fortunately James likes to share with us, but never doubt that we don’t get to see the private James. With anyone of us (and maybe P. atb.) he’ll be the "officially released version" of himself. Being a fan of James has taught me one thing - I can love him for his acting, singing and appearances at cons and his good looks. I can dote on him and hang his pictures on my walls but he’ll never be mine. I am a fan and that fact in itself will keep us at a distance. And finally I am happy with that. I don’t want to know the newest facts about him anymore. I can wait for the album. I am not going to see him live anymore and yet I am still a fan and whenever I hear any news career-wise I will take a close look and then turn around, live my own life and meet the guy next door for a coffee... in my sleep I can keep on dreaming...

Sunday 28 October 2007, by NO-NAME :

never believe everything ya until it comes from his mouth I myself wont believe it....he has many times said I dont need a wife it wouldnt be fair to her I travel too much and if they are married y is she still over there and he here in the states ya would think she would want to be here with him cause we all know he wont move there because of his kids and family

Sunday 4 November 2007, by I Wish. :

Yeah- I would have to agree... I would need more info. about that - perhaps a little "something" about it on his website from JM himself. I don’t have any delusions of being "Mrs. Marsters" or even his GF - I’m just a fan. So, whatever he chooses to do won’t affect me watching his acting or music career. But I will mention - he’s very friendly and loveable at his appearances... I know I enjoyed my hugs and kiss. (very sweetly on the cheek.) ;) I am curious - does Patricia ever come to the US to visit with him? Or is it always James visiting her in Germany? Anyone know of other visits? If she hasn’t - it seems a bit odd. Unless he is being protective of their relationship (being under scrutiny here in the US) or being protective of his son. I would be curious to know if she and Sullivan have ever met.

Thursday 8 November 2007, by NO_NAME :

Quote you said the word "VISITED" and those pic where how old 2 maybe 3 yrs old....I may be old fashsion but i always thought unless ur husband was military and at war ya lived together come one what is wrong with this picture if others agree with me that this is really weird speak up..........cause her in germany and him here makes no sense to me.....if she is in college so big deal heck we have great ones here too so thats no excuse either so ....if she is married to him she should be here

Thursday 8 November 2007, by hmm :

don’t think anyone knows if Patricia has ever met James’ son or niece. But, it’s *rumored* that she hasn’t. If you want more information about James and his g/f, you should join a Yahoo Group called Marsters_Sanctuary

Actually that should read

If you want more baseless speculation, unfounded gossip and petty, childish bitca ness about JM and his GF you should join a Yahoo Group called Marsters_Sanctuary

Tuesday 13 November 2007, by I Wish. :

LOL!! I’m not out to spread the "itchiness" really - honestly - just curious is all. It does seem a bit strange is all - their relationship. I guess it works for them. I’m only looking at it from my POV - it wouldn’t work for me. Just my on "interpretation" - she’s probably in school and he wants her to finish that. (May even be a point from her parents to him - I know it was when my brother and sister-in-law were dating. Her father said - in no uncertain terms - "she will finish college"! My brother didn’t argue! and my parents agreed also...:) ) And James seems to put his kids first. I waited a while before meeting my ex-boyfriend’s kids - until we knew we were serious - although it didn’t work out. I admire him for that. And it’s not cheap flying back and forth from the States to Germany.

The song "Fall of Night" - although he usually introduces it by saying he was wrong about the reasons behind the song - (and yes - I do realize it’s just a song) do hint that maybe it’s an "open" relationship or that he doesn’t mind if she needs it to be open. He comments "why do I need a wife - I already have kids" and "I travel too much" as if kids are the only reason people get married and a wife wouldn’t be more than willing to travel anywhere he went! (I would! ;) )I guess I’m more curious as to whether it will be enough. BUT! I guess it works for him! Men are different about this kind of thing anyway...

Tuesday 11 December 2007, by Anonymous :

I live in James hometown of Modesto and have seen him often and if he is still with Patricia he is soooooo cheating on her have...I have seen him with a women on many occasions and it isnt just friendly little love pecks I have seen him plant and he cannot seem to keep him hands off her he is always touching and that what I would call pretty close and just a little bit cheating

Tuesday 11 December 2007, by Anon :

I attended both concerts that James did in Cardiff, U.K ,and the July concert was attended by Patricia. She remained on the balcony until the end of the set and once in the green room, did nothing but kiss and hug him. I said hi to her as she stood beside me and she turned away from me and walked off. I just see her as insecure and unsure if people would use her as a way to get to James, although I didn’t appreciate the snub , it wouldn’t have hurt to just smile before walking away. Yes James does act differently when she isn’t around, but don’t most couples? My husband eyes up women and probably does the wolf whistling thing when he’s working, as I tend to have a laugh and enjoy male attention when I’m out with friends. At the end of the day, we’re in love and faithful, flirting is just that. James knows that his female fans love that part of his persona and will use it , heck why shouldn’t he. At his November gig he was more relaxed and he did have a lot of energy and he did flirt ... a lot, Patricia wasn’t there. Make of it what you will, but it did seem to me that he is more out going when she’s absent. If this is due to temper tantrums by the girl, I have no idea. Personally I think his private life should be private, that is what he wants.That is why there are not more photo’s of him with his son and niece on the internet and why there are not hundreds of pictures of him with Patricia.

Wednesday 12 December 2007, by anon :

I’ve met his girlfriend

She is lovely and in no way a child

She’s in her twenties and a poised, beautiful woman.

And frankly, having read some of the rubbish posted here I wouldn’t blame her in the least for being a bit wary of certain fans.

And the suggestion that he shouldn’t be seen with the woman he loves in public and that if she comes to events she should hide is stupid beyond belief . As is the suggestion that by talking about her he is signing away any right to privacy .

Insane troll logic!

Wednesday 12 December 2007, by biffsbabe :

I hope James is in a more normal relationship with someone who’s not just out of her teens and 9000 miles away. He’s a grown man, I imagine having a long distance relationship with a girl is difficult. So if he’s cheating, good on him. Hopefully the new girlfriend is out of her twenties.

Thursday 13 December 2007, by I can’t believe you wrote that! :

“The suggestion for her not to come to his events was in response to someone commenting about his/her privacy. If he is so concerned with being private about his g/f, then she shouldn’t be trotted around, like a prized horse, for all to see.”

Good GRIEF!! I have to say that this is one of the most deeply offensive remarks I’ve ever read on this or any other forum !

Friday 14 December 2007, by Anonymous :

Yoga Lady, come on. This is getting rather wanky, n’est pas? Parading her around like a prize horse? You have to be kidding me. So James is flaunting his girlfriend by merely being seen in public with her? Seriously, why are you so obsessed with Patricia? Do we really need to know everything about her? Isn’t the Sanctuary enough of a playground to stalk her. Why bring that bile here?

Friday 14 December 2007, by Anonymous :

probably cant go to MS cause they arent worthy of such a place of interest

Thursday 20 December 2007, by Anonymous :

TOUCHE!!!!! Well put love this comment ......I have seen her and she is definately not prize........ maybe just his brood mare .... but either way nothing to behold

Thursday 20 December 2007, by Anonymous :

Your comments reveal so much about you . And none of it is good . Nasty little comments from nasty little minds.

Tuesday 25 December 2007, by Anonymous :

irk!! what an ugly girl I hate exotic girl with big nose and strange eyes - I’m just jealous because she is fugly.. he has no taste LOL

he may be desperate ahaha I understand right now why he grabbed the ass of one fan @ collectormania. :-|

Tuesday 1 January 2008, by No comment :

I had to laugh at the comment about Patricia being paraded like a prize horse, because my next thought was " Perhaps she’s a good ride?" I know, I’ve got a dirty mind.

Tuesday 1 January 2008, by Sophi :

I am soooo jealous!!!!

Thursday 3 January 2008, by Anonymous :

I know, I’ve got a dirty mind. So, what’s wrong with that???

my next thought was " Perhaps she’s a good ride?" Either a good ride, or, no gage reflex. Either way, fun times for James! LOL I know, I’ve got a dirty mind. So, what’s wrong with that??? Did I say I thought having a dirty mind was bad? But though it may be fun for James it’s whether it’s fun for the female that I’m interested in. Pleasuring a man is fine, but what’s in it for us women?

Saturday 5 January 2008, by Anonymous :

Pleasuring a man is fine, but what’s in it for us women? Though I did read that he thought that a woman’s orgasm was her resposiblity not his. Perhaps that was misquoted?

As according to James I am a quater of a century (at 55 years old) too old to date, I did not think about him particularly when commenting. Why would anyone think it was a comment regarding his sexual ability?

Thursday 10 January 2008, by Gwen :

Any man, Marsters included, who’s pushing 50 and is going out with a young woman in her early 20s is seriously emotionally backward. It shows someone who is intimidated by his peers so he goes with people he can easily impress. If not emotionally backward, then chronically insecure and immature. She on the other hand is looking for a daddy substitute. Someone to take care of her and someone to make her feel more important. James Marsters’ fame does that for her. I don’t know them but it’s textbook psychology. This kind of thing usually ends badly but who knows maybe the fit of their mutual hang ups work.

Friday 11 January 2008, by Missy :

It shows someone who is intimidated by his peers so he goes with people he can easily impress. If not emotionally backward, then chronically insecure and immature.

Exactly! And when you look at who he hangs out with, his interest in young people does not limit itself to females. When he was with GotR, most of the guys in that band were still in High School. Recently, his new BFF seems to be Gareth Loyd something-or-other, from Torchwood. I’m pretty sure that Gareth is in his early 20’s. So, it seems that James has a difficult time, or, is not comfortable, hanging around with people his own age.

She on the other hand is looking for a daddy substitute. Someone to take care of her and someone to make her feel more important.

Yes again! This is evidenced in the song "Fall of Night" where James seems to think that Patricia was cheating on him. A significant line in this song is, "you tell me he reminds you of your dad." So, it’s obvious that this young girl is looking for a father figure in her life. She’s with James, who’s old enough to be her father, and, it seems she’s cheating on James with someone else who’s old enough to be her dad.

I don’t know them but it’s textbook psychology.

It really is.

This kind of thing usually ends badly but who knows maybe the fit of their mutual hang ups work.

This "fit of their mutual hang ups" would be considered as co-dependency. But, I really think it’s the geographical distance between them that’s keeping this relationship going. If they were in each other’s lives, on a daily basis, I think they would have split a long time ago.

Sunday 13 January 2008, by Gwen :

Five or ten years ago the age difference wouldn’t have mattered. James looked much younger then his actual age. It still would’ve showed something odd about them both but now he looks his age and the photos of the two of them look like a girl and her dad. I guess after forty the years just catch up to eveyone, TV stars included. He still looks very handsome but he looks almost 50, but 50 is the new 40 or so they say.

Sunday 13 January 2008, by Missy :

Five or ten years ago the age difference wouldn’t have mattered.

Ten years ago, Patricia would have been eleven, while James was 32, so, no, I don’t think that would have worked at all.

I think it really is all about how James feels about women, in general. There’s obviously some issues there, as he just can’t connect to someone his own age, or, even close to his age. Needing to be with someone 24 years younger, is just a sign of his own insecurities regarding women. Since his divorce, I don’t think he’s dated anyone over the age of 22. And, I really don’t think it’s about how he and Patricia look together. It’s more about, at her age, with her limited life experience, what can she offer him, in terms of mental, emotional, and intellectual support? When they first started dating, she, at 18, was really still a child. Even now, at 21, there’s still got to be a lot of figureing out who she is, finding herself, setting out her own course and path in life. James has an 11 year old niece that he cares for, and, a son ( about the same age) that he seems to be very devoted to. Is Partticia ready to take on the responsibilities of step-mom, to a couple of kids who are only 10 years younger than her?

It will be interesting to see where things go, once she graduates from college.

Monday 14 January 2008, by Pokercat :

Well, when I was 22, I dated a man of 42. We had a great time, but parted when he started to talk about children etc...

Can’t blame people for falling in love - no matter what age ;o)

Saturday 19 January 2008, by English :

I just noticed -10 years ago "James was 32 and she was 11"???? 10 years ago James was 35 years old!! I know he resembles Dorian Gray (without the portrait?) but the man is 45 you know, born in 1962. She’s 24 years younger than him, not just 21.

Saturday 19 January 2008, by One who cares :

Pretty soon with all his other events and things coming on this site will be we wont be able to post all our nasty little comments about James and his love life..........such will be a sad day cause i kinda like the way ur ppl bash Patty

Tuesday 22 January 2008, by wiccaplum :

james likes younger girls becuse they dont want to get married older woman do , and he has said he dosenot want a wife. he is happy , she is too bless them both.

Tuesday 22 January 2008 :

"22 January 2008, by wiccaplum james likes younger girls becuse they dont want to get married older woman do , and he has said he dosenot want a wife. he is happy , she is too bless them both. " Actually I would have thought that the older women who have had children (if they wanted any) and had often already lived as part of "a couple", would be the ones more likely to not be thinking of settling down or (re?) marrying.:)

Saturday 26 January 2008, by Alexiz :

Hmm...These pictures are old... Are they together NOW?

Saturday 26 January 2008, by wimbrel :

From a Radio Times Interview published yesterday

What have you been up to on your days off from Torchwood?

I do not have them. This is my one day off. I’m spending it with my girlfriend, Patricia, who is my secret weapon: we were doing a fight scene and all the fight crew were busy and I didn’t have the political power to get them to stop doing what they were doing and help me. So I showed the fight moves to my girlfriend and she picked them up in one pass, dude! So we were backstage doing the moves, and when I was in front of the camera we got it real quick.

The same with lines - I show up better prepared for this role than any other in my life. Just because anything that I do with Patricia is real fun. So if we’re doing lines or if we’re cooking dinner - whatever it is - it’s heaven. I just got a kiss for that - right on.

So yes

Still very much together :)

Saturday 26 January 2008, by English :

The comment that James made about his girlfriend finding it hot seeing him and Captain Jack kissing referred to the work done in July 2007 and she may have joined him in Cardiff in November 2007. The articles were written some time after the shooting of the action but there’s no way for us to know when that was. He certainly praised her in glowing terms, but who knows what the present situation is?

Sunday 27 January 2008, by Eyeore :

“He certainly praised her in glowing terms, but who knows what the present situation is?”

Previous to this interview, James was very hesitant to speak about his g/f, saying, at the Cardiff event, that he didn’t want to make her famous. There are some who are speculating that the only reason why he’s praising Patricia so much is to assure the public that he is not gay. Having done the kissing scene with an openly gay actor may have been jarring for James. Oh, and I do believe, this interview was done around the time the first Torchwood episode was filmed; that was in July. So, really, who knows how things might be between them now. But, if James really is as happy as he sounds in the interview, then may he and Particia have a long, happy life together.

Sunday 27 January 2008, by Alexiz :

:((((((((((Great! They are happy....Whell if they’ be it:((( I have no words...only tears...happy and sad tears Realy, if he is happy, then and I am too:(

Friday 1 February 2008, by English :

"But, if James really is as happy as he sounds in the interview, then may he and Particia have a long, happy life together."

If he’s seeing her only when he’s in Europe and when she can have time in the US, at the moment a happy life together might be something of an overstatement of the situation. It will be interesting to see what happens when she leaves college. (Or becomes a woman?)

Saturday 2 February 2008, by Eyeore :

“If he’s seeing her only when he’s in Europe and when she can have time in the US, at the moment a happy life together might be something of an overstatement of the situation.”

Maybe this is all James wants out of a relationship. Someone he can see when he feel like it, and, someone to call "my girlfriend" when talking to family, fans and friends.

“It will be interesting to see what happens when she leaves college. (Or becomes a woman?)”

There are those who would argue that being 21 years old, is a woman. Grant it, he started dating Patricia when she had just turned 18; that always made me uncomfortable. But, yes, I agree with you that, her graduating from college may have significant impact on the relationship....or not. Who knows?

Sunday 3 February 2008, by English :

(Or becomes a woman?)” My daughters are both older than Patricia and though they are legally women until they have their own families I’m afraid they will still be "my girls" and possibly longer than that too. While she’s at college/university she’s still a girl. Note, both my daughter graduated with 2.1s Very intelligent but still "My girls". ;)

Monday 4 February 2008, by A Friend :

I think the statement becomes a woman means when she has passed 30 cause that seems be his cut off point for dating...If she makes it this far power to her she has done better than most cause he dont keep GF’s very long..........I have know James for mnay yrs........I live in his home town and have seen it many times

Tuesday 5 February 2008, by Eyeore :

“I think the statement becomes a woman means when she has passed 30 cause that seems be his cut off point for dating...”

Hmmm, interesting! I guess considering when someone is a woman is a very subjective thing. Depending on individual circumstances, a young female might be forced to mature earlier in life...i.e. having deadbeat parents and having to take care of younger siblings, or, being a run-away and having to survive on her own, possibly living on the streets. I guess is really depends on the females overall life experiences and level of intelligence that will determine how "womanly" or "worldly" she is.

From things I’ve read and heard, I get the impression that Patricia is still very young, mentally and emotionally. Having only graduated from High School two years ago, I believe she took a year off and did some type of internship at a communications company, and only this past year, has entered fashion design school. I don’t think she’s lead the "hard knocks" type of life that would force her to grow up quickly. She really was just a young fan-girl when she met James.

“If she makes it this far power to her she has done better than most cause he dont keep GF’s very long..........”

But, to hear James tell it, it’s the girlfriends that are always breaking up with him. He makes it sound like he would never have broken up with any of his previous g/f’s, that they left him.

“I live in his home town and have seen it many times”

I’m very curious, what, exactly, have you seen?

Thursday 7 February 2008, by A Friend :

Lets put it this way a Lady never kisses and tells but.........James isnt as innocent as ppl may think.......he had quite a few ladies in school and has a few here in town on the in particular he has been seen with on many occasions here in town.......i know her name but will never telll because he asked me not to..........he wants to keep her sort of a secret for the media i guess

Friday 8 February 2008, by Pinky :

If James is really keeping a secret girlfriend on the side I think he’s finally smartening up. His big mistake was flaunting his extremely young German girlfriend at some European convention and then talking about it. For a man his age it was very unseemly and unwise. Too many questions about her age and when they first got together. It doesn’t take a math genius to figure she was right on the line of the age of consent. He was being a man thinking with his johnson and a skewed sense of right and wrong. Secret or not I hope this other girl is at least a little bit older.

Saturday 9 February 2008, by English :

Re the messages from "Pinky" and "A Friiend" one wonders if perhaps Patti is his "display" girlfriend, for show and to prove how he is young (at heart?) and desirable? Possibly reality is not the same as the show? I guess she would be a good smokescreen for a RL love interest. Then the question is who was playing around or was the focus of the "navel gazing" songs? Patti or MsX?

Saturday 9 February 2008, by A Friend :

Yes actually she is anywhere to 5 to 10 yrs older .depending on how old Patty really is.......I am not sure exactly how old Patty is cause I have heard 2 or 3 different ages for her......but the one here is at least 29 or orlder......and i too hope he is getting a bit smarter............James is a very sweet man but ur right he does think with his Johson always has even in school.........

Saturday 9 February 2008, by Eyeore :

one in particular he has been seen with on many occasions here in town.......i know her name but will never telll because he asked me not to..........he wants to keep her sort of a secret for the media i guess

I’m sorry, but, I just don’t believe this. It was just reported that Patricia has been on the set of the Dragonball movie, with James, and the two of them are inseparable. It was also reported that she was on the set of one of his Torchwood episodes, where she helped him with stunts and lines. So, either he’s using her terribly, or, he’s very much in love with her. James has never seemed like someone who would use people. While I’m not thrilled that she’s so much younger than him, or, that she was a fan, things do seem to be working out between them. If it’s what James wants, and, if this is what is going to keep him happy and healthy, that’s all that should matter.

Saturday 9 February 2008, by Eyeore :

I am not sure exactly how old Patty is

Patricia is 21 years old. Her birthday is April 18. When she met James, she had just turned 18, the week before.

Sunday 10 February 2008, by Believer :

i believe he could have other interest but keeps Patty close so he can reassure himself that he can still get younger woman to care even if he is 25 yrs older .........makes us guys feel good knowing we can get the young chicks ..........come on ladies lay off the man just because Patty is out in the public and stuff doesnt mean he cant get something on the side in the old home town..........heck a guy can only go so long with out a lady

Sunday 10 February 2008, by English :

This talk of his girlfriend on the Dragonball set, were they inseperable because she couldn’t stay long and was it actually Patti? I just saw girl friend, that might just mean a female friend/relative possibly. Though I’m sure that Patti would love to be there, isn’t she supposed to be a student? That usually (well in most countries) means one has to spend just a little time studying. (Her subject, not James, though I admit studying James wouldn’t be a chore for anyone surely. :)

Sunday 10 February 2008, by Eyeore :

This talk of his girlfriend on the Dragonball set, were they inseperable because she couldn’t stay long and was it actually Patti?

I guess no one, but the person who reported this, knows for certain.

“isn’t she supposed to be a student? That usually (well in most countries) means one has to spend just a little time studying.”

Yes, she’s supposed to be studying fashion design at some College in Germany. Maybe she’s on her Spring Break.

Monday 11 February 2008, by English :

Eyeore said "Yes, she’s supposed to be studying fashion design at some College in Germany. Maybe she’s on her Spring Break." Spromg Break in Fevruary? I know Germany is in Europe, The temperature is under 10C there at the moment, it’s 44 - 33 F. Doesn’t sound very Spring like to me. She could have arranged time off from college, perhaps for the cultural experience which might sound better than going off with my lover?

Tuesday 12 February 2008 :

I am studying in Germany and there is a semster break right now (February and March). Though she is at college I suppose it is likely to be the same for her.

Tuesday 12 February 2008, by English :

It still doesn’t seem very spring like in Germany. Still I guess that when she’s cold James can fly her off to join him.. I wonder if she’ll join him in the UK for the events in late April early May? It’s well after Easter, which is when UK students will be off lectures.

Wednesday 13 February 2008, by skyler :

James and his chick make a pretty cool couple but honestly, how old is she? She looks to be in her mid 20’s which would put her about 20 yrs younger than him- yikes, a little cradle robbing eh?

Wednesday 13 February 2008, by tekker :

OK, I like James Marsters but having a girlfriend who is 21 (and to start dating her at 18) is really kind of sick. Maybe he’s making up for not having dates in high school (he said it not me) but the thought of hooking up with someone so young makes my skin crawl. Also, if half of what people here say about her is true (the neckalce story) she sounds like a user/loser. He always seemed to be more intelligent than that. I’ve actually lost some repect for him as I’m typing this message. Sorry James, but that’s just wrong, man!!

Wednesday 13 February 2008, by Missy :

James and his chick make a pretty cool couple but honestly, how old is she? She looks to be in her mid 20’s which would put her about 20 yrs younger than him- yikes, a little cradle robbing eh?

She’s 21 years old, James is 45 years old. He’s 24 years older than she is. Easily old enough to be her father! But, this is nothing new for James. Since he divorced his wife, who was the same age as he is, he’s been with one 18 year old after the other. I can’t say that I’ve ever heard about him dating anyone over the age of 22.

Thursday 14 February 2008, by English :

Sometimes I think that part of James is imitating Peter Pan, the Boy Who Never Grew Up. The part of him that cares for his son and niece is resposible and adult, but sometimes the childlike/adolescent side comes to the fore. A multi facetted man/boy!

Saturday 16 February 2008, by Babydoll :

How could such a beautiful man be with such an ugly woman. James you should reconsider looking for a much beautiful woman you can basically have any one you want Why her? what makes her so special?

Sunday 17 February 2008, by Missy :

Why her? what makes her so special?

First off, she was the age that James likes most—18. Second, according to James, it was she who pursued him. Something about exchanging phone numbers...he lost her’s...she got his wrong, then took 6 months of dialing different combinations of numbers, before finally reaching him. He must have felt very flattered, having an 18 year old girl, track him down like that.

Sunday 17 February 2008, by Heather :

Personally I feel that this man has worked hard to look as gorgeous as he is, and if he wants a 20 something aged woman then he can have her.

Monday 18 February 2008, by Eyeore :

Personally I feel that this man has worked hard to look as gorgeous as he is,

Worked hard in what way? I remember him being asked about his beauty regimen and he said that he didn’t do anything special to look the way he does. He said he has good genes.

Wednesday 20 February 2008, by I Wish. :

AHA! Her birthday is April 18th. That makes her an Aries... I don’t know gals - an Aries-Leo combination is called "a match made in the heavens". They will get along VERY well - truly.

Saturday 23 February 2008, by Sceptic :

20 February 2008, by I Wish. AHA! Her birthday is April 18th. That makes her an Aries... I don’t know gals - an Aries-Leo combination is called "a match made in the heavens". ong VERY well - truly.

A match made in heaven is great,, but it may only br tue in heaven, wand they are on Earth and only see each other occasionally, which IMHO is a large factor in this relationship lasting so long (for James). I do hope that he can find happiness in the long term, but how long term this will be (in terms of their life together, if they ever actually get together) is perhaps in question.

Monday 25 February 2008 :

I agree Sceptic - I wouldn’t last that long! I don’t "do" long-distance relationshiips - I have too many trust issues! But if they ever get past the distance - say after she graduate - could be a very good match.

Tuesday 26 February 2008, by mara :

Hmmn. Are we mad that she’s so young? Or that someone we would like delivered bedside, spread on toast, with fresh orange juice, is flouting our fantasies? Me? I think he’s a better actor than the work he’s doing—or even getting submitted on. But better a german fashion student than an LA bimbot. We should all get a shot at the big L—love, I mean.

Tuesday 26 February 2008, by Suzy :

Hmmn. Are we mad that she’s so young?

I don’t know if people are mad, that she’s so young. But, I do think some people think it’s unsavory, for a 45 year old man to be dating someone who is young enough to be his offspring. I mean, 24 years difference in age is really a big difference. Also, from what I’ve been reading, it seems that Patricia was just a fan, who was actually picked out, by one of the other band members of GotR, to go backstage and hang out with the band. This, sort of, makes some people believe that she is nothing more than a groupie. Whatever. James is with her right now, and, he seems happy, so, I guess that’s a good thing.

Saturday 1 March 2008, by Confused :

I agree that it is a good thing that James is happy. However I’d like the boy to be with someone who will make him happy for the rest of his life, if that’s what he wants. But I’d like to know why 26 February 2008, by mara Hmmn. Are we mad that she’s so young? Or that someone we would like delivered bedside, spread on toast, with fresh orange juice, is flouting our fantasies? Me? I think he’s a better actor than the work he’s doing—or even getting submitted on. But better a german fashion student than an LA bimbot. We should all get a shot at the big L—love, I mean. Better a German fashion student? There is something better about German fashion students, that means they can’t be bimbots? Germany is better than LA for producing quality females is it mara? Or do you assume that a Fashion student is some sort of class above other people? Just a little confused here.

Monday 3 March 2008, by Suzy :

Or do you assume that a Fashion student is some sort of class above other people? Just a little confused here. I think mara is making a generalization. Believing that all women who live in LA are bimbots, as well as believing that, just becasue Patricia is a student, she isn’t a bimbot.

Monday 3 March 2008, by Confused :

I think that generaisation is somewhat of an under statement. Perhaps insult to all the women in LA might be closer, but as I’m British I don’t really care how much other countries get insulted. :shrugs:

Saturday 8 March 2008, by Sceptic :

If as Steve says, James is spending almost two weeks in London, perhaps he’ll be spending part of the time with his young lady/girl? Because from the current itinary there are two concerts, one event and photos and signings at Collectormania. James has been busy though, he deserves a rest and time with those he loves.

Saturday 8 March 2008, by Eyeore :

If as Steve says, James is spending almost two weeks in London, perhaps he’ll be spending part of the time with his young lady/girl?

I’m sure he will be, especially since that will be right around the time of her birthday. It wouldn’t surprise me if she attended some of the events he’ll be doing.

Sunday 9 March 2008 :

8 March 2008, by Eyeore If as Steve says, James is spending almost two weeks in London, perhaps he’ll be spending part of the time with his young lady/girl? I’m sure he will be, especially since that will be right around the time of her birthday. It wouldn’t surprise me if she attended some of the events he’ll be doing.

Well let’s hope that they don’t have a row until the end of Collectormania, or at least until after the gigs are over. Happy James makes for good gigs, unhappy James, not quite so much fun. I expect that they snatch every chance to be together at the moment. I wonder if she’ll move to the US to be with him if/when she graduates?

Monday 10 March 2008, by Eyeore :

Well let’s hope that they don’t have a row until the end of Collectormania, or at least until after the gigs are over.

Hmmm, this is an interesting statement. Do they row often? I’ve heard that James can be very different, from performance to performance, but, I didn’t think that his g/f had anything to do with that. What can you tell us?

Monday 10 March 2008 :

If you read up om the reports of the British gigs James has done Eyeore, you will see how his performance and the focus of it changes depending on his relationship. Sometimes singing certain songs he has been almost in tears, notably when she was absent and around when he wrote London Town and Finer than Gold.. That is one thing I do envy the US gigs over, she visits the UK much more frequently (and easily) than the US. On the other hand that is undountedly one of the reasons that James likes spending time in Europe so much.

Thursday 13 March 2008, by taggin :

Listen, I was a huge James Marsters fan until I started reading about his focus on dating 18 year olds after his divorce. Midlife crisis much? Does he drive something "red, shiny and shaped like a penis"? But I digress, if his current girlfriend/child actually threw a gold necklace, that he gave her ,back at him because it didn’t go with her complexion — all I have to say is - what color is she, purple?? What complexion looks bad with a gold chain? If you ask me (and I know you didn’t) this girl is a spoiled bitch who knows how to manipulate men. As for James, I hate to say it but, he really must be an incredibly insecure person to need 18 yr. olds to make him feel all manly and by the sounds of it, he’s pussy-whipped. He has plummetted off of my radar. A guy in his mid 40s dating a girl who just turned 18 (cradle-robbing) is beyond creepy no matter who you are, what you do, how popular you are, what you look like, or how much money you make. His ex-wife is looking smarter every day.

Thursday 13 March 2008, by racketter :

I can’t take all the people who write in here and say "gee, as long as he’s happy everything is OK". You know what, it’s not OK for a 45 year-old man to date nothing but 18 & 20 year olds. It’s actually kind of perverted. That’s right, I said it! Half the people that say it’s OK would be tripping if their 18 year-old daughter came home with a 45 year old man. Just cause he’s famous doesn’t mean it’s OK. Grow up!

Friday 14 March 2008, by Junie :

“You know what, it’s not OK for a 45 year-old man to date nothing but 18 & 20 year olds. It’s actually kind of perverted.”

I completely agree with you. In fact, there are a number of people who used to be fans of James, but, dropped out of the fandom once they found out that he was dating an 18 year old. I think his behavior is just a reflection of how messed up he is, regarding women. Having my 18 year old daughter date a 45 year old man??? Perish the thought, however, at 18 she is legal and there wouldn’t be a blessed thing I could do about it.

Friday 14 March 2008, by wiccaplum :

junie, what kind of fan were you ever? # 1 patricia is going to be 22 april 18 not a child , and i can see why he likes younger ladys you older ladys are jaded . you think all people have to fit your way or no way. i feel sorry for you. you should like him for his acting & singing not his personal life its not like he is a criminal ,but you sure like to make him out to be one

Saturday 15 March 2008 :

Re 14 March 2008, by wiccaplum ...and i can see why he likes younger ladys you older ladys are jaded . you think all people have to fit your way or no way. i feel sorry for you. you should like him for his acting & singing not his personal life its not like he is a criminal ,but you sure like to make him out to be one Thank you for your condemnation of the entire group of "older ladies" here, I have never condemned James for liking younger girls, though I did comment that as Patricia is younger than both my daughters, so of course I see her a little more than a child. But thanks for telling me that I am jaded and that you with your wealth of knowledge and experience have come to this conclusion without meeting or knowing me. I expect better judgement from my children, but then they are university graduands and 23 & 28 years old.

Saturday 15 March 2008, by junie :

“its not like he is a criminal ,but you sure like to make him out to be one”

In what way am I making him out to be a criminal? Please point out exactly what it was that I posted that makes him a criminal? YOU are the one who is associating his name with the word "criminal" not me. Sure, I pointed out that his behavior leads me to bleive that he has issues with women, can’t relate to women his own age, feels more secure and comfortable with younger women; I can’t get any clearer on this. And why get in my face about what I said, I was simply agreeing with racketter and taggin, why don’t you comment on what they posted?

Saturday 15 March 2008, by nibblet :

But thanks for telling me that I am jaded and that you with your wealth of knowledge and experience have come to this conclusion without meeting or knowing me. I expect better judgement from my children,

That’s rich coming from someone so judgemental about a man you don’t know and a woman you don’t know and have never met .Maybe your children would expect better judgement from their mother ?

Sunday 16 March 2008, by taggin :

OK, I’ve got to come to Junie’s defense here. The fact is, if James had just happened to meet this young girl and they hit it off and had a lot in common, MAYBE, I’d think it was OK. The truth is, that he has dated nothing but 18-20 yr. olds since his divorce. That’s making a concerted effort to get young women (really young) - which is kind of sleezy. Also, he actually said at a convention, that ’all men are only attracted to women in their 20s or younger’. That, is bullshit, pure and simple. He apparently felt the need to justify who he dates. Anyone would find someone nice-looking, in shape, and in their 20s , attractive (physically) but it’s incredibly rare to find any true common ground with that person on which to base a relationship. Let’s face it, his son, probably has more in common with his girlfriend than he does. And another thing, when it comes to celebrities who make their living off of fans watching their movies and shows, I think it’s perfectly OK to be concerned with what they do in their private life. When I decide to be a fan of someone, it’s because they’re a good actor AND a decent person. Lastly, why does anyone assume that those of us who don’t like the fact that he dates only 18-20 yr. olds are all middle age? Cause you’re wrong if you do. If James thought his relationship wasn’t a little off, he wouldn’t be mad about the pictures being shown and would just talk about his girlfriend , instead of being vague about it. It’s clear James has issues that he needs to address.

Sunday 16 March 2008, by Sceptic :

15 March 2008, by nibblet But thanks for telling me that I am jaded and that you with your wealth of knowledge and experience have come to this conclusion without meeting or knowing me. I expect better judgement from my children, That’s rich coming from someone so judgemental about a man you don’t know and a woman you don’t know and have never met .Maybe your children would expect better judgement from their mother ?

It is judgemental to think that someone the age of my children as also being a child? Wow!! I must be a horrible person mustn’t I? I was one of the ones that said if the relationship was what they both wanted at the moment there was nothing wrong with it. Your right I guess, to say that something is not really my business is (in some eyes) a cardinal sin.Or did you think that everyone that forgets to put a nametag or doesn’t want to is all the same person?

Sunday 16 March 2008, by riftsurfer :

The truth is, that he has dated nothing but 18-20 yr. olds since his divorce. That’s making a concerted effort to get young women (really young) - which is kind of sleezy. Also, he actually said at a convention, that ’all men are only attracted to women in their 20s or younger’.

1.Actually he has dated women of various ages since his divorce and for several years didn’t date at all.

2. He said nothing of the sort at that convention and your putting it in quote marks is disingenous . He was talking about the theory of the biological imperative which makes men more likely to be attracted to women with the )( shape than the ( ) or even the II . So that means that men are programmed biologically to be attracted to the traditional curvy shape of a fertile woman . It’s about fertility . It wasn’t about age it was about body shape. Also he was talking about something he’d watched and found interesting on the Discovery Channel, not about his own preferences.

And he’s very open about his current relationship and talks about how his girfriend is his muse , but I wonder how many of us would like to have our private photographs stolen and spread round the internet ? And our private lives discussed in this manner .

I really do wish that some of the posters here would spend more time sorting out their own issues and less time fretting about the issues they’ve invented for a man they know nothing about.

Monday 17 March 2008, by Junie :

“1.Actually he has dated women of various ages since his divorce and for several years didn’t date at all.”

Yeah, various ages—18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and maybe topping it off at 25! *hehe* And the year’s he didn’t date, wasn’t he putting into practice, what the song "Bad" describes???

Regarding the "biological imperative" speech, you are spot on with the ( ), )(, [ ], however, while he didn’t actually say that older women were undesireable, it was implied; at the very least, many women in the audience took it in a very negative way. Whether this was his opinion or something he was just regurgittating something he watched on Discovery, he never mentioned watching anything, or, said that his theories were based on anything he watched on TV or read in a book. How are we supposed to know that these opinions weren’t *his* opinions? In his defense, there were a number of fans who said, "Oh, he must have been watching something on the Discover Channel, to come up with this stuff." But, NOTHING was ever actually said about him watching anythiing. There was never any transcript of this Q & A, so, over time, I’m sure there’s no way to quote him accurately. However, I was there, and the overall concensus from many of the other women there was, he has little use for older women. Now, considering the ages of the women he dates, I’d say, for him, "older" is anyone over 25!

Monday 17 March 2008 :

What amuses me is the fact that my beautiful intelligent daughter (who James exoressed admiration for, without knowing her age) is 28. I always said She was too old for him. :) (She said HE was too old for her, as "He’s old enough to be my FATHER!!" But isn’t. :(, ;)

Monday 17 March 2008, by taggin :

To Riftserfer, Just to be clear " " indicates a qoute. While ’ ’ indicates that one is paraphrasing, which is giving the idea of what was said, not the exact qoute. Lesson 1 is now over.

Monday 17 March 2008, by cabinfever :

Unfortunately, the truth is that James has not dated women his own age. When he got divorced he dated an 18 yr. old (for about 3 yrs.) and hasn’t picked them much older since then. It’s OK if you’re a fan of James but you should understand that a lot of people don’t think too highly of his dating choices. I agree with the post that talked about how your reaction would be if your 18 yr. old daughter came home with a 40-45 yr. old man. And as to the post that talks about it being his private life, well, like taggin said, if you make your money off of the people that watch your stuff, you should expect people to want to know more about you. Anyone who goes into the entertainment industry is well aware that their private life could be discussed, so they should "act accordingly" or accept the consequences.

Monday 17 March 2008, by winter bird :

To Anonymous: I’ll have to agree with you, your daughter IS intelligent if she said James was too old for her!! lol

Tuesday 18 March 2008, by Riftsurfer :

17 mars 2008, by taggin To Riftserfer, Just to be clear " " indicates a qoute. While ’ ’ indicates that one is paraphrasing, which is giving the idea of what was said, not the exact qoute. Lesson 1 is now over. Thanks for the lesson ,it would have been interesting if it wasn’t entirely wrong.

Back to school :)

"quotation marks" indicate directly quoted speech Direct quotations are another person’s exact words—either spoken or in print—incorporated into your own writing.

Indirect quotations are not exact words but rather rephrasings or summaries of another person’s words. Do not use quotation marks for indirect quotations.

Quotation within a quotation Use single quotation marks for a quotation enclosed inside another quotation. For example:

The agricultural reporter for the newspaper explained, "When I talked to the Allens last week, they said, ’We refuse to use that pesticide.’ "

Wednesday 19 March 2008, by Just Me :

Thanks for the english lesson Riftsufer.....but.who really cares.......who said what in proper is just here to express opinions

Wednesday 19 March 2008, by taggin :

To Riftserfer, Of course, you missed the point again. Firstly, I didn’t use a quote within a quote AND the point was that I was NOT directly quoting him. You really must have a lot of time on your hands. Get some friends, or a hobby, or a dog.....

Wednesday 19 March 2008, by max tudor :

I’m sure a lot of people are going to be pissed off by this post but, so what! Marsters is nothing but a big phoney. Here’s why: 1) He acts like he’s so well-read and intelligent when all he has is a high school education (got kicked out of Julliard). Now that would be OK if he didn’t strut around pontificating like he was a Rhodes scholar. 2) He always talks about raising his son, how his wife left him (to raise his son without her) and how everything he does is about his kid. Well, I have no doubt that he loves and adores his son, however, it should be said that his son lives with his ex-wife who has done a terrific job of raising him. She the one responsible for the kid and he should give her some credit. 3) He talks to fans like he’s really interested in them and projects this "I like people for who they are" attitude and how it’s great to be a "freak" but the real situation is that he’s an insecure, middle-aged man having an extended midlife crisis, who will only date women half his age (or younger) to make up for all the times in high school he couldn’t get a date because he was a geek. He wouldn’t date a so-called "freak" if his life depended on it. (The high school stuff he said at a convention). So, all I can say about James Marsters is GROW UP, your act is getting old (just like you).

Thursday 20 March 2008, by Eyeore :

I’m sure a lot of people are going to be pissed off by this post but, so what ! I’m sure some will, since most James fans are a little OTT with their love and devotion to him. As far as I’m concerned, you can say whatever you want, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. But, there are some things I’d like to clear up.

Marsters is nothing but a big phoney. Marsters is an actor, and does whatever he needs to do to sell tickets to his events and have his fans coming back to see him, over and over again. I’ve never had any doubts that he’s acting, when he’s with his fans, but, so does every other celebrity that does conventions and personal appearances. I don’t fault him for doing his job really well.

He acts like he’s so well-read and intelligent when all he has is a high school education (got kicked out of Julliard). Now that would be OK if he didn’t strut around pontificating like he was a Rhodes scholar. No, he never graduated from Julliard, but, I do believe he has more than a H.S. education. In any case, even if all he has is a H.S. education, he can still be "well-read." There are many people, in the world, who are self-taught, simply by reading. I do believe James is a voracious reader.

He always talks about raising his son, how his wife left him (to raise his son without her) and how everything he does is about his kid. Well, I have no doubt that he loves and adores his son, however, it should be said that his son lives with his ex-wife who has done a terrific job of raising him. She the one responsible for the kid and he should give her some credit. James has never said that he takes care of his son. He has admitted that his son lives with his ex-wife, and, he has given her credit to her for doing a fantastic job raising him. James takes care of his niece. She’s been living with him for the past 5 years.

He talks to fans like he’s really interested in them and projects this "I like people for who they are" attitude and how it’s great to be a "freak" but the real situation is that he’s an insecure, middle-aged man having an extended midlife crisis, who will only date women half his age (or younger) to make up for all the times in high school he couldn’t get a date because he was a geek. He wouldn’t date a so-called "freak" if his life depended on it. LOL. I’m going to have to agree with you on this one. I don’t believe that James would give a second look to a woman/girl who was overweight or unattractive. Also, his consistency in dating women half his age is a little bizarre. But, it’s his mid-life crisis and there’s really nothing anyone can do about it. If he’s happy in his relationship with Patricia (or any younger women), that really is his business and nothing we should get too crazy over. Truth be told, I don’t think he’s a very happy man at all. I think he pretends to be happy, or, wants everyone around him to believe that he’s happy, but, I think he has issues and demons that will haunt him for the rest of his life, no matter who he’s involved with. So, all I can say about James Marsters is GROW UP, your act is getting old (just like you). Yes, he is getting older. I wonder for how much longer will he be able to attract 18 year old girls. And, as immature as he is, how much longer will Patricia be with him. With each passing year, she gets more and more mature (one would think), while he will always be the way he is now. But, I could be wrong, and Patricia is not maturing, as she gets older, and they will have a long, happy relationship together.

Thursday 20 March 2008, by donya :

Geez, Eyeore, I don’t think when Max said James wouldn’t be seen with a "freak" that he actually meant overweight/unattractive women. That’s freakin’ harsh. The "freaks" that James talks about are usually the folks that are a little outside the mainstream in their thinking, style of dress etc. And I do think that James only has a H.S. education and there’s nothing wrong with that but Max has a point about the pontificating. Just cause you read a lot doesn’t mean that you know a lot. lol

Friday 21 March 2008, by max tudor :

As far as I’m concerned, you can say whatever you want, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. But, there are some things I’d like to clear up.- Eyeore

Well, Eyeore, I can’t say that I agree with you completely but that was a really good post. Of course, he’s still kind of a poser to me. LOL

Friday 21 March 2008, by Eyeore :

Geez, Eyeore, I don’t think when Max said James wouldn’t be seen with a "freak" that he actually meant overweight/unattractive women.

Out of all the women James has dated (or been in relationships with), and there have been many, have you ever seen him with someone overweight or unattractive? James has a very specific type—very young, petite, exotic looking, long hair. He seldom veers off of this track. ....that was a really good post—max tudor

Many thanks. And while I’m here, would you care to describe what you meant when you said James wouldn’t date a freak? In your opinion, how would you describe a freak?

Saturday 22 March 2008, by Patricia :

perso elle est hideuse y’a que c’est yeux qui sont encore mais le reste eurk!on voit touuut ses défaut quand elle est de profil!!beuk! James mérite mieux que ce vieux thon!=S

Saturday 22 March 2008, by Just me again :

Man this site is getting as bad as Marsters Santuary........gets pretty deep there too

Saturday 22 March 2008, by max tudor :

And while I’m here, would you care to describe what you meant when you said James wouldn’t date a freak ? In your opinion, how would you describe a freak ? OK, what I meant by "freak" is some of the, I guess, "outlandish" people that are at some conventions (ie women w/shaved heads and 1 or 2 braided tails on their head, people who dress as characters from the show - a lot). That’s just an EXAMPLE, please. no one take offense. I do admire folks with the guts to "be who they are" and I personally don’t think of them as "freaks". James always seems to be drawn to these people at Q&A or even at concerts, making positive references to "freaks" and including himself as one. While, unfortunately, a good number of those people MAY be unattractive or even overweight, my general idea of what James refers to as "freaks" are the off-beat, dare I say "visually odd" folks. HOWEVER, having said that, I agree 100% with Eyeore that James wouldn’t be seen with any overweight and/or unattractive women. He actually answered a question about that once. Someone asked if he would date a pretty woman with who he had nothing in common or an unattractive woman with whom he had a "connection". He said he pick "the latter" but I think we all know that he was giving the PC answer and that hell would freeze over the day James dates an unattractive or overweight woman.LOL Hope I haven’t been too wordy.

Saturday 22 March 2008, by Eyeore :

Someone asked if he would date a pretty woman with who he had nothing in common or an unattractive woman with whom he had a "connection". He said he pick "the latter" but I think we all know that he was giving the PC answer and that hell would freeze over the day James dates an unattractive or overweight woman.LOL

Of course he was going to be PC. He’s smart enough to know not to alienate hundreds of his fans by saying, "Oh, no, I’m only going to date beautiful women." When he’s really thinking about what he’s saying, he can and does say the right thing.

I haven’t been too wordy.

Not nearly as wordy as I was. ;-)

Wednesday 26 March 2008, by English :

22 mars 2008, by Eyeore Someone asked if he would date a pretty woman with who he had nothing in common or an unattractive woman with whom he had a "connection". He said he pick "the latter" but I think we all know that he was giving the PC answer and that hell would freeze over the day James dates an unattractive or overweight woman.LOL Of course he was going to be PC. He’s smart enough to know not to alienate hundreds of his fans by saying, "Oh, no, I’m only going to date beautiful women." When he’s really thinking about what he’s saying, he can and does say the right thing.

Of course there are times when James appears not to stop to think. :) Well, aren’t there? Too old to date at 30!! He’s lucky some women don’t have the same standards isn’t he? LOL

Thursday 31 July 2008, by Kracken :

I’ve got to agree that "burned" is full of horse sh*t with her story about spending the night with James but she definitely got the description of his manager right on the mark - "squirly" (squirrely ?). I think slimy weasel is a more accurate description but I can live with "squirly".

Wednesday 6 August 2008, by Heather :

Why do we all care so much about who James is with?

I mean as long as he’s happy we should be happy for him. It’s hard enough to find someone to be with in this busy (and sometimes crazy) world. And whether he chooses to be with a 22, 24 or whatever aged woman it shouldn’t really matter. Everyone is different. And from what I’ve seen of him he is 45, but he acts younger than that. That’s who he is.

Can’t we all get along and talk about how gorgeous he is? :-)

Monday 11 August 2008, by I Wish. :

Hope he’s in a better mood for Dragon Con in Atlanta. I did notice he hasn’t posted an invitation for a fan cocktail party like he did last year. Wonder if he is taking precautions against what happened at the Rift. That’s too bad. Hopefully he’s rested up and in better spirits. And hopefully - he won’t bring the GF.

Thursday 14 August 2008, by Keystone Z. :

OMG, has anyone else been to the Yahoo! Marsters Sanctuary site? They are out of their minds. I think that they actually know how many times James chews his food, what kind of deodorant he uses and how often he scratches is ass! Being a fan is is all well and good and going to conventions is cool but that group has an almost sick obsession with everything about James Marsters. They act like they know him just because they’ve gotten 4,000 autographs from him. WAKE UP CALL, you don’t "know" a person or have any kind of "relationship" with them just because you follow them around and pay to get autographs and pictures with them. Holy BizarroWorld! In all fairness, I will say that it wasn’t everyone on that site that seemed "out of touch", there were about 3 people posting there who seemed to have a firm grasp on reality. Check out the wierdness for yourself!

Wednesday 20 August 2008, by Loyal High School Buddy and Long time Friend :


Wednesday 10 September 2008, by I Wish. :

Well - I DID indulge my adolescent fangirl fantasies and went to Dragon Con and had a BLAST! (You should go Alchemeira - I’m older than you - I think you would LOVE it!)

I was very pleased to see a very rested and relaxed James. He looked "healthy" and acted "normally". That I know of there are no "weird convention stories" about James from Dragon*Con - i.e. all the weirdness that happened at the Rift.

He did not imbibe very much at the party - was perfectly well-behaved. And everyone had a GREAT time!!

Patricia wasn’t brought up at all that I can remember. He may have said, "my girlfriend" in one Q&A panel - but if he did I don’t remember. And his fans never ask about her...LOL!

He did mention something in a panel with Michael Rosenbaum about "crazy mothers". I truly hope none of the things above about child abuse are true. That just breaks my heart! But I have heard the stories about his mother wanting to be a nun etc. That in and of itself is abusive (to deny your children love).

But I was happy to see him happy - or at least appearing happy.

Tuesday 14 October 2008, by ariusG :

OMG! I can’t believe the cement-headed thinking of some of the people that post here! Things like (and these are not quotes just the general message of some posts): ’Hey, guys, it doesn’t matter what James does cause he’s a good actor, and cute too.’, or ’It doesn’t matter what he does, it’s his business’, or worst of all (and this is from a posting) ’It doesn’t matter what we mere fans think...’. Are you freakin’ kidding me?!? First of all, I don’t care if he’s an actor. It’s still sick to start dating an 18 yr. old, just graduating high school, when he’s in his 40s. Would you feel the same way if he was your mailman and was dating your daughter, with that age difference? I really doubt it. Being an actor or good looking doesn’t make it any less disturbing. As far as it being his business, well, yes, it is but he also chose to work in a field that’s in the public eye so he better learn that what he does is going to be talked about. Finally, about us being "mere" fans, ah, HELLO! he has no career without his mere fans! It’s like some of the posters think that he’s better than us because he’s on tv and we are merely his fans. The truth is he is merely a middle-aged man having lots of issues and one big, honking midlife crisis. He’s a good actor and a handsome guy but he is as screwed up as people get! Get a grip, folks!

Tuesday 13 January 2009, by I Wish. :

So - is he still dating her? LOL! Just messin’ with ya’ll! - Seriously - we need new pictures! :D Anyone headed for New Jersey in February?

Friday 23 January 2009 :

ok like i was in love with james since the first time i saw him on ’Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and when i heard him sing on the musical episode ’Once More With Feeling’ it made me love him more! Him and Patrica look adorable together i mean i wish i was her lol, but its his choose in women. He has choosen a beautiful girl and she does look very kind. I mean all the people that are putting her down are just jealous and you know you are,but its not bad to be jealous cause i am to and im women enough to admit it i mean look at him!Although i have to say i loved you james with that shocking blonde hair of yours, but thats only cause i like the blonde guys.

Wednesday 11 February 2009, by zoe mcbride :

love’s what counts.

Monday 2 March 2009, by rodin :

This whole thing is old news. The point is, being touched or having issues with being touched are no excuse to date high school girls. They have these people called therapists that can help you with your "issues’. My bottom line is - I think James is a good actor and nice to look at but he has HUGE issues he should learn to deal with. As a earlier post said, he is a middle-aged man having a whopper of a midlife crisis. He also must have some real inferiority or low self esteem issues to constantly need a child-like partner in his relationships. I don’t think he’s a horrible person but he probably is anything but happy and should get some serious help.

PS. He’s now filming "Alien Western" for the SciFi channel — he also needs a new agent — NOW!! His career is going to tank if he doesn’t find a manager with HIS best interests at heart. I think his current agent sees him as a cash cow!

Monday 2 March 2009, by Cazran :

I think the people that have problem with James dating a girl when she was just 18 isn’t just about the age difference. Some people here say ’what about Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones or even Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart?’ etc. The difference is this: Those women were ADULT, LIFE-EXPERIENCED WOMEN. We can assume that they have some life experience (not just out of high school) and are confident in themselves and in dealing with life in general. For a man in his 40s to start dating an 18 yr. old, is not the same thing AT ALL. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong but the fact that there is a difference between an 18 yr. old high school girl and a 30+ year old independent working woman should not be ignored. Sadly, love does not conquer all of life’s problems.

Saturday 18 July 2009, by I Wish. :

Well, and on any given day James can tell you just about anything! Have you noticed that? He’s a teense "flighty" about life! It could have been the night before he said that, he and the GF had a little tift. Then the next day - he’s written another ( sap-sucking) song about their relationship. (Not crazy about the romantic songs he writes...)

I recently started dating a man 9 years younger than me. I didn’t know I would have such trouble with age! I was really flattered - but sometimes I’m downright embarrassed! It’s very weird being the oldest in the relationship! He’s pretty mature for his age - fairly level-headed and goal-oriented but still - there are little things that sneak through every once and a bit that remind me - I’m the older person in the relationship. So, I do have to wonder what it’s like for people who have 20+ years between them?!? Good luck to James if he can make it work - from a woman’s perspective - it’s been interesting...

Monday 24 May 2010 :

They are engaged now.


Tuesday 6 July 2010, by I Wish. :

Anyone had close encounters with Patricia at any of the recent USA Conventions? Just wondering if she’s traveling with James to the cons and concerts...?

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