Saturday 20 December 2003, by Lora Anderson :

I loved that series. I was sick when it went off the air. I seen it advertised on T.V. that you could buy the DVD some where, Does anyone know where?Firefly was the best. Someone didn’t know how to rate movies very well.

Wednesday 14 January 2004, by Aaron :

I just bought the series on DVD and have to wonder who the supposed geniuses at FOX are to have canceled this show. Fourteen episodes in all, some of which were aired out of order and some of which were not even aired at all. The justifaction of not even giving a series a chance to find its fan base is a common trait among these TV executives, FOX in particular. Remember, this is the very network that canceled Harsh Realm after only three episodes. It’s a wonder any show has a chance on that network and it’s amazing how often a show, that isn’t a horrendous pop-culture sitcom or some sickingly redundant reality show, gets the boot. A word of advice to genuine creators of good shows. There are much more open minded networks who appreciate something new and who would no doubt give a new and different show a fighting chance. If you want to see first hand what I mean, watch Firefly. Such rich characters that could have become something great as well as a show that would have taken the viewer on a superb journey. I should know having watched Joss’ other shows. He has a natural born talent for making you feel for the characters. You watch Firefly and you’re there. You are a crew member of the Serenity. Joss, you are a great talent among peers who don’t get it. Here’s to hoping that your next series is given a fair and fighting chance.

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