Saturday 30 June 2007, by Elayne Greaves (real name) :

Please, please, please, pleeeeeeeease.......ditch ’Buffy’ (who watches it anyway?) and bring back FIREFLY (for the adults).... I’ve worn out the DVD’s, seen the movie 72 times - AND WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks, Elayne Greaves Alice Springs Central Australia

Sunday 16 September 2007, by Tricia Webb :

I have to agree with Nathan’s choice of his favorite episodes of Firefly, or at least one, "Out of Gas", which gave the back story of the crew. Then my other favorites, of course "Trash" for the obvious reason (scene of him sitting naked on a rock in a desert) and "Objects in Space" for showcasing the characters, the really strange and badly twisted bounty hunter, Jubal Early, and River’s reading or misreading of their thoughts and emotions and the viewer getting to see her mistaking a gun for a tree limb. It is also the source of one of her best quotes, "she understands; she doesn’t comprehend".

Joss Whedon’s writing, casting and directing are superb. He is not given his due credit. The Firefly television series and the movie Serenity are his best work and I do not understand why they—that would be "The People with the Money and the Power" did not GET IT. It was fun, imaginative and had interesting characters. I was and remain an avid fan, too bad I hold no sway with those "People".

These comments are an anwser to this article : Interview with Nathan Fillion - Dreamwatch Magazine 107

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