Monday 8 May 2006, by Janine :

Hi, I run the Hex website -

I highly recommend this series , please all give it ago as we are pleading so much that the the ratings will be big and that we may get a 3rd season or mini movie or something to tie up all the loose ends :(!.

If you don’t enjoy s1 that much (6eps) as i wasn’t that fussed about it please try s2 as it goes in a totally differant direction (e.g away from the whole british buffy tag it got) and has many twists and turns and amazing new charectors!.

Hope you all do take a look Janine xxx

Monday 8 May 2006, by Caoimhin Moonled :

Only seen Ep 1 and it was very good. BtVS-level good, I dunno yet, but Buffy never had a Dead Dyke Girlfriend!

Monday 8 May 2006, by kelvin :

It is fantastic, I bought both box sets ( and I don’t normally do Box sets). What other series could you feel sympathy for a lesbian ghost? Enjoy!

Now the bad! they cancelled it!! falling ratings, it needs one more series or at least a couple of tv movies to wrap everything up. So My American Bretheren kick up a stink, make a fuss and go ballistic, work on Sky one from your end and we will work from this end.

Monday 8 May 2006, by SUSAN :

I saw some of the episodes of "Hex" and didnt mind it...I still dont know why ,when it first came out it was called.. the UK version of "Buffy the Vampire slayer"..Hex it slightly more darker,more into the occult/witchcraft....Than Vampires and demonds.....

Monday 8 May 2006, by Anonymous :

i managed to watch half of the first episode of the first series before turning over as it was quiet frankly rubbish. Is nothing like Buffy whatsoever except it having a female lead and is a ’bit spooky’!

Monday 8 May 2006, by older vampyr :

It took me just the first episode to know that I will watch the rest of them. And I was right!!! Won’t spoil it for you, so watch and let me know how you get on.

Wednesday 24 May 2006, by Anonymous :

All I can say is "there are no words" - Hex is fantastic - Its got everything you need - even a lesbian ghost!!! It has a great selection of characters - it is seriously flirtatous and sexy, has great humour and it offers something which similar programs don’t - you’ll see what I mean when you watch it (don’t want to ruin it for you). Its just fantastic!! But we really need you help with this one.... they aren’t planning a series 3 and i’m afraid that it has left a lot of us brits feeling a little hurt and a little lost!! so i’m appealing to you all to give it a go - I made my best mate watch it and she usually hates those kind of programs but now she is hooked.......and a little angry at me for getting her hooked to a program they’re currently not continuing! But I’m thinking that with all your help.....we might just get them to change their minds!! Just a note - you need to watch both series one and two as they are very different (yet very the same) - you can’t watch one without the other.

Saturday 3 June 2006, by Anonymous :

Hex is fantastic show. It ruled during it’s two seasons. However, Season was fantastic but the ratings were not good. Sky One did promote HEX well ack in it’s first season, but did not promote it when in it’s second. I think fans of bufdy and charmed will like this as it has an element of both. This show never got the success it really deserved, i just hope it finds away into America people’s home as it did mine for two seasons.

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