Thursday 13 July 2006, by SUZY Q :

Yes I heard that wearing an olden days corset can make you waist smaller...But you have to wear it every day ..pritty much for also makes you eat less because ,if you eat too much the corset gets tighter and very uncomfortable....But if thats what you desire a tiny little waist..go for it...But women in the 18 century suffered for that little waist..So much that so many women in that century used to faint..because half the time their corsets were so tight, too breathe was not an option ..But that was considered feminine for a lady to pass out, if they got excited or upset, thats why so many carried a very stylish fan the poor girl who fainted.but that was sure we have learn’t to know our waist cant get too small....back then they even had ribs removed so they can have desired fashonable tiny waist..hold on !!!!has fashion really changed all that much...since the 18 century ..we are still trying to get that perfect so call body frame to fit these tiny clothes..even going under the knife to get the perfect body.......but really what is perfect....or is it just to look like the modells who wear these clothes...personally i like what i look like..i dont have a teeny tiny waist, but im happy..are the ones who wear these teeny tiny jeans happy...they cant be ..because they are obsessed with being slim. making every one else obsess about it making these clothes....that normal people cant fit into...thats why so many teens are starving them selves to look like these people..and wear these clothes..being teeny tiny i bet isnt all what its cracked up too be...i think id rather be me.!!..and walk right past those tiny jeans....let some one else obsess to how they are going to get into those jeans etc....

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