Thursday 3 August 2006, by Anonymous : didn’t

Thursday 3 August 2006, by Anonymous :

Season 3. Angel became a wuss.

Friday 4 August 2006, by Anonymous :

Season 4. It was the worse.

Saturday 5 August 2006, by Sarah :

I think the whole Angel/Cordy/Connor thing was when Angel jumped...that was just gross, it was like Connor sleeping with his mother, and, Cordy acted like a big ho. Even more so, Angel jumped when Angel & Cordy got together. On BTVS in season 1 & 2 Angel and Cordy were played with (Cordy flirting with Angel) and, he had NO intrest in her, I think that was one of the worst things they could have done (putting Cordy & Angel together) it was just wrong...and how would Buffy have felt if she knew Angel & Cordy were together? (Yea, I know ppl are out there going what about Buffy and Spike) I find it odd that Buffy never really found out much about Angel after he left .(i.e. Connor, Darla, Cordy) I think that Angel made a big turn around with season 5 with a little help from Spike. By the way season 5 of Angel is the best!

Thursday 10 August 2006, by Anonymous :

It didn’t. Cordy and Connor were cute. Connor’s crush on Cordelia was mirroring Angel’s. When C/C "did it" you weren’t supposed to fixate on them, you were supposed to recieve a hint that Cordelia was changing. It was a sad moment marking her eventual change into evil..

Thursday 24 August 2006, by Anonymous :

well-bloody-well said anonymous (10th Aug)

it didnt, and those who like to make these sort of statements about C/C or anything, well, just dont have a full grasp of the greatness of the show. They just arent smart enought to understand it fully. Poor them!

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