Wednesday 9 August 2006, by Anonymous :

Typically moronic IGN review. If they took one minute to think about the target market for this documentary (which, by the way, is pretty damned good overall if you want the story of the fans themselves), the people buying the DVD will almost undoubtedly know the things being referred to at least in passing... and is it really that hard a concept to get behind that they were confused by ad’s that didn’t match up with what they got without having to see the ad itself?

The documentary is the fans tale, by fans, for the real `hardcore` fans. It’s not a big budget big production thing. The average person *isn’t* going to be the one ordering this DVD and IGN seem to utterly fail to take this into account. No, the documentary isn’t perfect by any means but they’ve done a fairly great job. It’s about the fans, not about the show or the movie. I am not entirely comfortable enough to call myself a Browncoat, but I understood enough of what I would be getting with Done the Impossible to realise that it was specifically the story of the fans themselves, and that that story deserved to be told. The hell with IGN if they didn’t realise the context of the thing they were reviewing beforehand.

The fan’s did the impossible, and that makes them mighty. Anyone who wants to hear the details of their extraordinary friendships and struggle, and understands what they’re getting, check it out. It’s not the greatest thing ever but the love and heartfelt nature of the docu’ you can almost feel.

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