Wednesday 3 December 2003, by isa_ :

J’adore trop cette couverture .. A quand en France

Friday 12 December 2003, by joe bloggs :

Wow, a Buffy book composed completely of quotes is an awesome idea. I’ve always loved the dialogue on the show. In fact, I frequently use some lines whenever I find myself in a situation that is appropriate, and that is usually often because I know a lot of the lines. For example, in the episode "Helpless" when Buffy kills the bad guy she says, "If I was at full Slayer strength, I’d be punning right about now." She does not say, "If I had the Slayer’s powers, I’d be punning right about now," as you mistakingly printed. I only wanted to point this out because I thought it was important to inform you, especially since you are trying to promote a Buffy quoting book.

These comments are an anwser to this article : New BTVS Book : The Quotable Slayer

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