Wednesday 15 February 2006, by Vicki (X) :

thank you very much for your thoughtful article on angel vs. spike. you eloquently laid it out there - without the emotionalism that we spike lovers are prone to. because you are so right on - just not fair. you forgot to mention the fact that angel’s soul WAS A CURSE people!!! whereas spike went and sought out his soul to be a better person. i always abhored the scoobies for their harsh cruel treatment of spike. and it gets me mad at joss for putting that sensibility out there. did he not think about how that inequality would be perceived or did he just not care? boo! i have many issues with joss and his treatment of spike and the women characters in general as well. yes, he created a wonderful universe, but i think he put some bad energy out into the world. my own opinion is that the artist IS responsible to his audience and i think ultimately he screwed us.

he messed up in a HUGE way with the ending of buffy. he showed us this beautiful character in spike. we watched him evolve over 4 seasons and we loved him so much. millions of us became huge supporters of the buffy/spike relationship. we became so invested in that relationship. in season 7 it was almost as much about spike as it was about buffy. Joss knew the show was ending. he could have gone out on a really high note with buffy and spike, but instead he went for the knife to the gut: "no you don’t but thanks for saying it". it literally sickened so many of us when those words were spoken. The whole vibe could have been changed by having spike simply say "thank you". it would have been that simple - and he would have provided a huge healing to millions of loyal faithful viewers (who, by the way, put him where he is today). I simply do not understand him doing that knowingly and thinking it was OK. it was NOT OK - it was a really bad, evil thing that will karmically kick him in his butt and i believe he will deserve it.

A friend pointed out to me that in S5 of angel when he had the flashback to S7 of buffy in the Hellmouth, he did NOT replay that little scene - maybe by then he realized he did a bad, bad thing. too little, too late, tho’ Joss.

but again, thanks for this very thoughtful piece.

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