Wednesday 6 September 2006, by Jess :

I’ve known this trivia for a while. Another interesting thing is during an earlier episode of Dawson’s Creek, Joey and Dawson are watching the chase scene from "I Know What You Did Last Summer" with Sarah Michelle Gellar. There’s quite a few tye in’s from each. :)

Wednesday 6 September 2006, by Anonymous :

Wow! Buffy and Dawsons are my two all time fav shows. I NEVER knew katie holmes was cast as buffy, what a shocker. she used to be my all time dream woman- till she married that space alien.

another connection - buffy dances at the prom to ’wild horses’, the sundays cover of a stones classic - which also appears in Dawsons, cant remember where though.

Friday 8 September 2006, by jules :

Plus Pacey mentions a hellmouth in one of the episodes. An Angel link, christan Kane is also the boyfriend of gretchin in an episode too.

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