Sunday 17 September 2006, by KnightFire420 :

"Joss was originally planning for many secrets to come from Book’s body. What happened to River? Who are the Reavers? What is Blue Sun? Etc...."

Nice theory but here are the problems. We know what happened to River. We know who the Reavers are. The Blue Sun is also known. Who they are no but what they are yes.

Oh and the last one...

There isn’t going to be a sequel! Get over it already!

Sunday 17 September 2006, by Anonymous :

Great theory except... the war is long over. Sending a preacher out to the hostile outer planets? Really not a great plan to keep someone safe. Nice little idea, but why is this reported as news..?

Saturday 20 September 2008, by wolf of shadowz :

I like this theory. And hope that they do make a sequel. It always seems that people like to pull down theories with some merrit rather than using there imagination to ponder the possible and impossible.

Tuesday 12 January 2010, by M@F6 :

A very interesting theory. The thought that I had was that Book was an operative, in the High Command organizing the attack on Serenity (the moon). After seeing close-up the aftermath (rotting corpses in in the 10’s of thousands. Book belief in the righteousness of the Alliance is broken, he wanders ’cross the ’verse to find the Abbey which takes him in. He studies, cooks, and takes on the name "Book" (he had no name as an Operative). When he finds it his time to leave he sees the name Serenity on the ship and believes it is fate.

FF several years

The operative from the film "Serenity", broken and searching for meaning wanders into the Abbey.

This is just my theory. Probably there will be no movie in it. Maybe a graphic novel.


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