Sunday 24 September 2006, by ryan delph :

that was awesome! we need a spike series with those credits! that was amazing

Monday 25 September 2006, by LoehnWolf :

That I have to say was pretty damn impressive..seems the only way we’d get our show is if the fans put it together themselves.Great job!!!

Monday 25 September 2006, by Anonymous :

i don’t like spike, and i wouldn’t like him to have his own series, but although it hurts me to say so, that video was pretty good

Thursday 28 September 2006, by Jo :

That was impressive! This is the only way we will get a SPIKE show, if fans put it together themselves. That was so well done! I loved it.

Tuesday 3 October 2006, by Sarah :

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was AMAZING although if there was a Spike show I’d hope Iyari Limon wouldn’t be in it, and I don’t know about D.B. Woodside either, what about bringing some Angel characters over such as Illyria?

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