Wednesday 25 October 2006, by flora_reilly :

I find it appalling that the very people who made Firefly/Serenity the success that it is are being persecuted by these legal vermin. And I realize that all of my name calling and outrage will not change the situation. But I believe that something needs to be done from not only the fans who supported Whedon in all of his projects, but by Whedon as well to prevent this type of action from occurring again. It is ludicrous, and in my opinion, the perfect example of biting the hands that feed you. Without the fans, and the fan fiction and fan art there would be no support for Serenity or any other succesful TV/film project and no money for Universal and its lawyers. The new definition of Greed is "Universal." So very sorry 11th hour is experiencing this horror, and I hope something can be done to

Wednesday 27 December 2006, by Michael :

Dude, he was SELLING them. Of course it’s illegal. He was making money off of our love of Joss Whedon’s creation, and it wasn’t going back to Joss or Universal, the only people who could create more of Firefly. You should be outraged.

These comments are an anwser to this article : Universal’s legal action against 11th Hour, the Firefly / Serenity fan artist

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