Saturday 3 February 2007, by Chris :

Yeah saw this coming. Warner Bros ( the makers ) are very ( VERY ) picky. When one little thing does not go their way they pull plugs and throw there toys around. Sad thing is Wonder Woman will end up going downhill from here on. ( I hope i’m wrong ) But good news is we’ll get more Joss minded projects now. ( meaning more joss’s own ideas less studio )

To prove how picky Warner Bros are ..... David Goyer ( who made the Blade movies and co wrote Batman Begins) was to make the big screen version of "The Flash" ( for warner bros ) He’s now off it ....Same reasons as Joss.

There’s even a rumor over at Paramount that Lost Creator J.J Abrams is off the new Star Trek Movie ( same reasons as above )

Studios loss I say... for all 3 guys.

Saturday 3 February 2007, by Anonymous :

This sucks. It didn’t feel right a few days ago when word broke that Warner Bros. had bought the other script, even if the official word was because they didn’t want the potential suit should any of Whedon’s stuff resemble their stuff. Now we know the truth.

Or do we? This project has been in the works for next to forever, and every time something happened, Warners trotted it before the media as if "NOW we’re moving forward. No, really, this time it will happen." They made Joss’ involvement into a huge media event, and now they’ve fired him. So they’re making a big deal about this script, but will they use it? Or is it just another media event to keep people excited about Wonder Woman even though it’s not going anywhere?

I’m no longer excited about Wonder Woman. I think Warner Bros. is going to find that the biggest chunk of buzz that was going on about this movie was that Joss Whedon was a part of it, because except for the Lynda Carter era, she’s never been one of the more beloved comics at DC. And there are a lot of us who feel the best person to keep Wonder Woman from turning into the next Elektra, Catwoman or Supergirl was Joss Whedon, and now he’s no longer involved.

Saturday 3 February 2007, by Endorill :

I have to say my interest in seeing this film has greatly declined. I also have to hope this means you will have some time to devote to Angel spin off projects and the like. Whatever you decide, we, the true fans are with you.

P.S. Science does not make the world go round. It merely noticed and reported on the fact.

Saturday 3 February 2007, by Anonymous :

Good for him! If they are not satisfied using his talents and knowledge of the genre to create this movie (which I don’t believe is strong enough to make the impact that Spiderman, X-Men, Superman etc) then he is better off somewhere else. Maybe now he will have time to concentrate on that "other" franchise he know the one. :)

Monday 5 February 2007, by Anonymous :

That’s too bad I had high hopes for his version of Wonder Woman.

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